Year 7 Camp

Written by the Dominic Media class.

On Wednesday 22February the second group of Year 7 students embarked on their first Year 7 camp to Gumleaves Adventure Park.  It was a bumpy ride to get there with the bus being late, and a few stops having to be made which only added to the anticipation and the excitement of the students.

The bus was alive with singing, talking, laughing and big smiles as the students awaited the adventure, but the excitement on the bus was nothing compared to the energy when they saw the entrance sign. There were a few unbelieving faces but mostly a large buzz of happiness with every student rushing off the bus as soon as the doors were opened. The camp began with the smell of a good Aussie barbeque and then the students were ushered in to start with an Ash Wednesday Mass.

This is what some of the students had to say when they were asked what they were most looking forward to about the camp.

The flying fox and spending time with friends. - Jordan Bailey

Getting to know all the kids in more detail. - Mr Chris Wright

Kayaking and time with friends. - Breanne Knott

Getting to know all the Year 7s’ names and their interests. - Miss Jacinta Pearce

Where the second Year 7 group started with the Ash Wednesday Mass the first group ended. It was a long two and a half days filled with fun, laughs and teamwork. A great togetherness was achieved, with new friends being made and the nervousness that they started with now gone.

They had stayed two nights of which they experienced cabin and outdoor life, with a tent site being set up so they could still experience ‘roughing’ it.  During the camp the students got to experience many activities like; the beach, kayaking and the flying fox just to name a few. Many students and teachers mentioned the rush of the flying fox and the screaming that could be heard camp wide. It is safe to say that the students enjoyed all the new experiences that came with the once in a lifetime Year 7 camp.

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