Our Culture

Our Dream, Vision & Mission

Our dream We dare to dream of an exciting learning community in which each person is valued, nurtured and challenged to achieve incredible goals.

Our vision Dominic College will be a community that welcomes; that nourishes our Christian values; that prepares for life; and a place where friendships are forged within a spirit of joy and hope.

Our mission Dominic College aims to prepare individuals to embrace the challenges of life and understand that relationships are based on openness and acceptance of others. The example of Jesus Christ and the life of Don Bosco are our foundation. Our College values reflect those of the Gospels, exemplified in Jesus' life:

  • Love and service;
  • Respect for oneself, each other, the Faith, property and the environment;
  • Honesty in word and action;
  • Responsibility for conduct, appearance and commitments in and out of school;
  • Diligence in class work and homework;
  • Safety for all in work and play.

The College values enable our College to be a place where students experience and develop a sense of personal worth. Students who take an active role in extra-curricular activities and projects, and help those in need, will enrich themselves and the College. Our students are encouraged to be considerate of others and are given ample opportunity to develop leadership and decision-making skills, through "buddy" systems, peer support and leadership programs, student representative bodies and community service activities. Dominic College promotes the growth of its students towards the realisation of their human potential and their full stature in Christ.

We are a community that welcomes all its members and encourages both students and staff to live and work together in a friendly, respectful and harmonious manner. The College provides a supportive but challenging atmosphere, which stimulates each student's search for truth and helps them appreciate their own and other cultural traditions. We have a responsibility to empower students to cope confidently with the changing and diverse nature of society.

We inspire students to acquire knowledge and skills and to become examples of Gospel Values in their personal and communal lives. With the support of parents, our College Community aims to enrich students' relationships with their fellow human beings and with God through instruction and their school experiences.