Activities for School Improvement

Nine Strategic Activities for School Improvement

According to the Australian Council for Educational Research, and as highlighted in the National School Improvement Tool (NSIT), highly effective schools are ensuring that:

  1. There is a strong and explicit improvement agenda for the school which sets measurable improvements in outcomes for students
  2. Hard data on student outcomes is tracked, monitored, discussed and is the basis of planning.
  3. The school culture promotes learning ­- high expectations of every learner and a commitment to academic excellence permeates the entire school.
  4. Teachers are experts in the subjects they teach and have very high levels of pedagogical knowledge.
  5. There is systematic curriculum delivery and the Curriculum Plan makes explicit what (and when) teachers should teach and students should learn.
  6. Differentiated teaching used as a strategy for engaging every student in learning is promoted.
  7. There is a commitment by every teacher and every leader in the school to identify and implement better teaching methods.
  8. The school applies its resources in a targeted manner to meet the learning needs of all students.
  9. The school actively seeks partnerships with parents, families and other educational institutions, businesses and community organizations to enhance student learning

Dominic College is doing better in some of these domains than others. Our aim is to make us a high performing school in each of these domains. We have our College community’s support and commitment to achieve this.