Keeping Children Active in School Vacation Breaks

During school holidays and long weekends, students can slip into very passive activities such as watching television or DVDs, playing on the Xbox or spending hours on Facebook.

We need to encourage children to have a balance of soft recreational pastimes with greater physical activity. I’d like to suggest some of the following activities that many of us can use with our children:

  • Helping in the garden – children can have part of the garden as their own
  • Helping to organise a family barbeque or picnic
  • Practising skills like soccer, catching, throwing, skipping or hitting a ball against a wall, or flying a kite
  • Playing with the family pet
  • Going fishing
  • Helping to organise a garage sale
  • Making an obstacle course and competing with their friends and siblings
  • Do a bay or beach walk or bike riding on our cycle tracks around Hobart

There are also a range of fun indoor activities for children and young people that stretch their creativity:

  • Having a cooking day (especially repeating recipes used in our Mamma Margaret Kitchen Program)
  • Drawing or painting artworks (a chalk mural on the driveway can be amazing)
  • Making a scrapbook on something the children are interested in researching
  • Listening to music and dancing
  • Playing board games or card games
  • Writing stories and poems
  • Making up their own play and performing it for you and the rest of the family
  • Logging on to Mathletics or Online Maths and doing a session of mental arithmetic every day
  • Keep reading a book every day

Children and teenagers actually love having their parents focusing time on them. I hope that our Term 1 break is an active and happy one for all members of our school community.