Student Goal Setting

Currently our teachers are preparing for our Year 3-10 Student Goal Setting Day on Monday 18 July this year. This is a great time for students to set goals for themselves in conjunction with a teacher and their parents.

Almost all successful people have one quality in common and that is the habit of goal setting.

Goal setting helps students to stay focused and positive, plan to overcome potential roadblocks and learn how to breakdown big projects into small doable parts. This is why we have built this important exercise into our annual calendar.

Academic goals will be the area where most students should focus their goals. These can emerge from students considering their strengths and areas of development. Their mid-year academic progress report can provide the best basis for student reflection.

Goals associated with diligence, work standards, completion and quality of work are the kinds of goals students might identify. Time management and school work and life balance may often be an area for student goal setting.

A set of student goals may be as simple as:

  • Read for 30 minutes every night before going to sleep
  • Put two hours aside every Saturday afternoon for homework and assignments
  • Do Maths revision for 20 minutes while I eat breakfast
  • Do timelines for completing every assignment I am given so I meet the deadlines

For younger children, goals are often about developing greater independence. I remember that for my daughter, when she started school, one of her first goals was to be able to be dropped off and walk into school by herself, carrying her school backpack properly.

It can be helpful for students to display their goals and put these up in a number of places at home such as on their bedroom door and on the kitchen fridge as a constant reminder of their targets this year.

I am really looking forward to working with the students and parents I will be meeting for their goal setting sessions this coming Monday.

Beth Gilligan

Principal Dominic College