The Stations of the Cross Reinstated

In 2003 a devastating fire destroyed the Dominic College Chapel. The Chapel was opened and blessed on November 24, 1957 by Archbishop Guilford Young. To the College community’s dismay, the beautiful life-size paintings of the Stations of the Cross, located on fourteen large glass windows around the Chapel, were lost in the fire.

These Stations were installed in 1963 and were considered a modern approach to stained glass windows at the time. It took the artist, George Browning, a deeply religious man, devotee of religious art and art editor for several religious magazines, 18 months to make. Every image portrayed and every individual represented was moulded only after careful study of biblical archaeology and an understanding of the Gospel and the tradition surrounding each event.

The new and present College Chapel, designed by old scholar and architect Elvio Brianese, was blessed and inaugurated in 2007. Since then the College has been considering the best way of re-establishing the Stations of the Cross.

Fortunately, the College had photos and slides of the old Stations and, with the aid of modern technology, we have been able to reproduce each Station, framed in a glass display case with LED lighting, in a way that has closely replicated the originals and their stained glass effect.

Last year, in honour of the bi-centenary of the birth of Don Bosco (1815-2015), the College initiated a process to develop the Stations of the Cross for the College Chapel.

Last week, these Stations of the Cross were installed in the Chapel and now give us a wonderful connection to our past. It is hoped that future generations of students and their families will be inspired by the story of the passion and death of Jesus Christ, while also remembering the kindness and generosity of those who made it possible to have the new Stations installed.

Each station is available to be sponsored by an individual or a family currently associated with the College or associated in the past.

Beth Gilligan

Dominic College Principal