Learning at Home

Remote Learning Delivery Model

We would prefer teaching students in a face-to-face model, but these unprecedented times require teachers, teacher assistants, students and parents to be flexible in our approach to learning. We aim to employ best practice to create a dynamic and positive environment for remote learning designed to foster student learning. This is not online learning where teachers deliver digital learning for consumption but instead our model supports high quality learning through interactions, collaboration and inquiry. Interactions are vital in supporting effective learning in a remote learning environment.

Levels of Interaction

Learner - Content Interaction

  • Involves engaged and active learners which features inclusion and differentiation to support the needs of individual students.Students will be provided with a variety of stimulus for learning.

Teacher - Learner Interaction

  • Includes real-time teaching through video and audio.Quality feedback is a strong feature of this interaction.Students are encouraged to contact their teacher by email if they have any questions about learning activities.

Learner - Learner Interaction

  • Facilitated through discussions in video conferencing and forums.Online platforms create opportunities for group work and collaboration using.

Learner - Interface Interaction

Our three online platforms for remote learning were chosen as the best tools to support learning:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Seesaw

Students will need to take responsibility for completing tasks when not engaging in a real-time lesson.

Teacher – Teacher Interaction

  • Teachers will continue to have Collaborative Team meetings, share planning and pedagogy to best support remote learning.

Teacher – Parent Interaction

  • The College will continue to regularly communicate with parents through Email, Pastoral Care Notes, Phone calls, Microsoft Teams video conference meetings, mail outs, Facebook, Newsletter, Website and the Dominic App.The Classroom or Pastoral Group teacher is the first point of contact if any issues arise.

Preparing for Remote Learning

Our staff have prepared extensively to support our students in learning remotely and we are confident that the curriculum can continue to be delivered in a remote learning environment.We have thoroughly tested our platforms and have prepared learning activities to support the students in learning across all subjects in their timetable.

Guidelines and Expectations

Parents and Students have been provided with the following to support remote learning.We encourage you and your child to read these together.

Expectations for Students Online PlatformsOnline Learning Guidelines StudentsOnlline Learning Guidelines Parents

Weekly Wellbeing Challenge for Students K-4

Expectations For Students Online Platforms

Online Learning Guidelines Students

Online Learning Guidelines Parents

Weekly Wellbeing Challenge For Students K 4

Weekly Wellbeing Challenge For Students 5 10

Library Resources Services And Programs Doc

Learning Station

We encourage you to set up a suitable learning station with your child where they have access to all the materials they need, including their device for online learning.This should be a quiet place where they can concentrate and where a parent or carer can be in close proximity to supervise or support their learning, if required.Display the timetables and guidelines and expectations documents for easy reference.

Routines and Attendance

Parents are advised to continue normal routines by having students dressed and ready for their morning connection on time each morning.

Parents are asked to support their children in engaging with their daily connection as per their timetable.

If your child will not be in attendance please call Student Services on 6274 6000 and leave a message or email [email protected]

Student Services staff will be placing follow up telephone calls with parents to resolve absences as necessary.

Helpful Video Tutorials

How to access SEQTA Learn

How to access SEQTA Engage

How to access SEESAW for families

How to access Microsoft Teams

Booking Parent Teacher Interviews

The SOBS (Schools Online Booking System) is used by the College to book Parent Teacher interviews. Teachers have set up their availability and parents can then make bookings to suit their own availability.

Steps to log on to SOBS and book an interview can be found in this helpful document.

SOBS Instructions Document

Wellbeing for Students and Families

Families and students may access a list of websites that can provide information, advice and strategies to help manage wellbeing and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wellbeing Coronavirus