Teaching and Learning Philosophy

The aim of education at Dominic College is the development of reflective, creative and responsible thought and the creation of life-long learners who appreciate and use their God-given potential.

It is vital to the College that what is taught, and the ways in which it is taught, should inspire the students to value themselves, to recognise, accept and develop their individual gifts and talents and to encourage others to do the same.

At Dominic College we believe in the education of the whole child academically and spiritually, as well as physically, culturally, socially and emotionally to ensure that each of our students are fully equipped to achieve incredible goals.

At the beginning of 2014 The Principal was pleased to provide parents with a copy of Dominic College's Teaching and Learning Philosophy.

'This is our articulation of our beliefs, values, and pedagogical framework as well as an articulation of desired graduate capabilities.' Ms Gilligan wrote to parents.

'It has taken 18 months to develop this and we now have common ground to authentically critique pedagogical practice in the College and collaboratively design meaningful and relevant learning experiences for students. This is a crucial document – the basis to further develop educational practices that support and enhance student learning at Dominic.'

You can view and download an electronic copy here: Teaching and Learning Philosophy