Technology and Applied Studies

The Department of Technology and Applied Studies offers Digital Technologies, Food Technology, Materials Design and Technology to all year levels and Introduction to Vocational Education and Training subjects for Year 10 (Guilford Young College RTO No. 1129). In Year 7 students are presented with these subjects as an essential elective to give them a basic introduction. Through this experience they can make an informed judgment as to whether to pursue one or more of the Technology and Applied Studies classes in Years 8, 9 and 10.

The experiences inherent in design and problemsolving in the use of technologies can be applied across the curriculum.

Digital Technologies/Information Technology

This subject provides Year 7 students with foundational knowledge in the area of Digital Technologies. In Year 8 Digital Technologies is offered as an elective. Students further develop skills they have gained in Year 7 along with learning new skills in programming through game-making, app development, image manipulation and robotics.

Students can select Information Technology subjects in Years 9 or 10. They will have the opportunity to further their skills in their particular areas of interest in programming, web site development and robotics as well as using design skills in areas like desktop publishing, image manipulation and multimedia,. Students can also select Robotics & Game Making to focus on developing programming, design and problem solving skills in these particular contexts.

Food Technology

In Years 7 and 8 Food & Textiles Technology students are introduced to the kitchen and given some basic cooking experiences. An introduction to textiles is also provided. Students who select Food Technology in Years 9 and 10 further expand their knowledge through the preparation of more extensive recipes. Nutrition and diet constitute a considerable part of the course. Introduction to Hospitality (Vocational Education & Training) is recommended as preparation for students considering a career in Hospitality.

Materials, Design & Technology

Materials, Design and Technology is largely practical in nature with a theory component. These courses encourage students to develop an understanding of the design process by producing a variety of items using different materials and technologies.

By progressing through the course and looking at design principles and participating in increasingly challenging design opportunities, students gain a sound understanding of design history and its relevance to contemporary design. Students also gain an appreciation of vocational opportunities. Students wishing to enroll in an Introduction to Construction or Introduction to Engineering Pathways (Vocational Education & Training) will be given the opportunity to do this early in the year. For more information about the Introduction to Vocational Education & Training courses please go to the relevant pages at the end of this section.