How to apply

Applications for Enrolment

Applicants for all year levels must complete the Dominic College Enrolment Application Form and submit it along with the relevant supporting documentation (listed on the Enrolment Application Form) and a $50.00 enrolment application fee to the Business Office.

Enrol Online

Enrolment Application Form (Printable PDF) -> Includes medical forms that may be required if your child has a serious or life-threatening medical condition or allergy, or requires medication to be administered.

Enrolment Application Form (Printable PDF) -> Excludes medical forms

An enrolment application is available from the Business Office or can be posted to you using the form below.

Enrolment Enquiry Form

Enrolment Process

An enrolment application is submitted to the Business Office.

  • Enrolment applications can be submitted all year round for any year level and year of entry. It is never too early to apply for enrolment.
  • Kindergarten and Year 7 enrolment applications are highly encouraged to be submitted at least 12-18 months prior to the date of commencement to ensure they are received before the closing date.
  • Enrolment applications for other year levels for the following year are highly encouraged to be submitted by the end of Term 2 prior to the year of commencement.
  • During the school year at times enrolment vacancies do arise in some year levels. Families are encouraged to submit enrolment applications asap in preparation for these potential vacancies.

The College Principal reviews enrolment applications frequently throughout the calendar year.

If a place is available, applicants are interviewed by the College Principal or Deputy Principal.

Successful applicants will receive a formal letter of offer.

If the College is unable to offer a place the applicant will be put on a wait list. Applicants placed on the wait list will be notified of this and will be contacted by the College if a place becomes available.

The College is governed and administered in accordance with the traditions of the Salesians of Don Bosco. The College is a comprehensive, non-exclusive school with a non-competitive academic enrolment entry.

Enrolment at Dominic College is an invitation to parents to work in authentic partnership with the College to develop their children as young people of faith, in a Catholic community of friendship and in an environment committed to educational excellence.

Priority enrolment will be offered on the basis of the faith of the applicant and their family, on previous ties with the College, the family's relationship with the College and broader Church and in particular, the needs of the family, the applicant and the College.

Enrolment Principles

  • The College works with and shares the common goals of the local mission of the Catholic Church; enrolment principles and practices are therefore aligned to and congruent with the Archdiocese of Hobart Enrolment Policy and guidelines.
  • Students will only be accepted into the College and the enrolment sustained if parents are prepared to actively support the life, ethos, identity, directions and policies of the College.
  • The enrolment process is an opportunity for the College and families of applicants to discuss and reflect on mutual values.
  • The selection of students will be made by the College in terms of the needs of the College, its ability to cater for the needs of prospective students and in compliance with relevant State and Federal legislation.
  • The Catholic purpose and identity of the College promotes equity and accessibility to enrolment. The acceptance of applications from economically disadvantaged families will be dependent upon the capacity of the College to support the number of such families enrolled or making enrolment.
  • In the event of transfer applications from other Catholic schools, parents will be made aware that consultation will occur between schools and transfer from their current Catholic school will be on the recommendation of the Principal of their school of origin.
  • All enrolment applications must be supported by the relevant and requested documentation; and the acceptance of an application form will not guarantee an enrolment interview or an offer of enrolment, irrespective of the date of lodgement of the application.
  • Enrolment will depend on a number of factors which may include the academic and social balance of the students currently enrolled, the gender ratio, availability of spaces, the ability of the College to provide a suitable pattern of studies, the capacity of parents and the student to support the ethos and expectations of the College.
  • The Principal has the discretion to accept students as a matter of priority who are deemed to have special circumstances, especially those who are in some way disadvantaged or marginalised.
  • Enrolment is ultimately at the discretion of the Principal; the College reserves the right to take into account the College's ability to serve the educational needs of each child applying for enrolment.
  • Enrolment is subject to families accepting and fulfilling the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment at Dominic College.

Enrolment Policy

The Enrolment Policy can be found on our Policies page by following the below link.

Policies | Dominic College