Dominic College Commemorative Installation

In 2021, a simple commemoration was developed to acknowledge the original custodians of the lands on which Dominic College has been built – the muwinina people. Wooden poles, sawn from forest trees have been used to remind the College community of the destruction of the muwinina people. The commemorative plaques states:

These lands, now called Dominic College, are the lands of the muwinina people, who belonged to the oldest continuous culture in the world. The muwinina people protected these lands and used fire to clear their lands and hunt wildlife, thriving for thousands of years.

Our motto is ‘Live by the Truth’ and we acknowledge the devastating impacts of invasion and colonisation upon the muwinina people resulting in the destruction of their people, their culture and their forcible removal from these lands.

We live with this tragic and shameful history of lutruwita (Tasmania), and the extermination and loss of the muwinina people. Despite this, Tasmanian Aboriginal people – the pakana people have survived and their children are now part of this school community. We acknowledge and respect them as First Nation Peoples with special rights and we honour them.

The muwinina people, called Mount Wellington kunanyi and we too look to kunanyi – their ancient and steadfast mountain and we remember the muwinina people. We pray with hope for justice for the pakana people and commit to reconciliation between our peoples.

Beth Gilligan Principal ~ Dominic College

Reconciliation Action Plan 2021