Creative Arts

The Department of Creative Arts offers subjects in Drama, Music and Visual Art to all Secondary students in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10. All students in Year 7 study these subjects as an introduction to each discipline. Students can then choose various electives, including Dance, Drama and Visual Art, in Years 8, 9 and 10, and Media Arts in Years 9 and 10.


Dance is one of the most fundamental forms of human expression. It exists in many forms and styles, and can be engaged in by students with different learning abilities and cultural backgrounds. Dance improves co-ordination, strength, flexibility, balance and stamina and it develops confidence and self-discipline. Cultural appreciation and artistic and aesthetic value are explored, through physical and non-verbal methods.


Drama engages the imagination, demands creative thinking, and allows participants to reinvent themselves. Drama involves performers and audiences alike in interpreting meaning and developing skills of critical appreciation. Drama works are social and historical texts that make a vital contribution to individual, social and cultural identity. Drama gives students the skills to become performers, audience members, writers, producers, directors, designers, stage-managers, lighting and sound operators, and critical reviewers of dramatic processes and works.

Media Arts

Students are directly involved in making and analysing media products, and understanding how they are produced, circulated and understood. Media offers students practical experience, enabling them to develop production and technical skills in a range of media including digital, print and film. Students examine how media is used for different purposes, and the impact that different forms have on audiences. There will be the opportunity for students to pursue special interests in areas such video, television and multimedia.


Students learn to play an instrument of their choice, and also learn to read and write conventional music notation. They also perform for a variety of audiences and are exposed to music from a range of cultures and traditions. Students are encouraged to specialise and develop a strong sense of musical identity as they progress through the elective music program in Years 8-10. Extension opportunities are provided in the school concert band and a range of other musical groups.

Visual Art

Visual Art allows students to realise their creativity, develop visual perception, process and formulate ideas, and develop fine motor coordination skills. As the learner becomes independent, competent and self-motivated to produce art works, they also make choices that reflect their personal values and emotions, in relation to their aesthetic intentions.