Music Tuition Enrolment

Terms and conditions for participating in the Dominic College Individual Music Tuition Program.

1. Payment Plan: Payment arrangements are made directly with your instrumental teacher. An account covering lessons for the whole term will be sent home via email to the person nominated responsible for the account within the first few weeks of term. Payments are to be made in advance and are to be paid within two weeks of receiving the account.

If you wish to make other payment arrangements, please discuss this with your teacher. Please note that GST is not included in the fee.

2. Payment Method: You can pay the account by  direct debit or cash, directly to the instrumental tutor.

3. Late Payment: If payment is late you may be charged a late fee of $20. If you have any problems with payment, please contact your teacher as soon as possible, as your teacher may suspend lessons until payment is made.

4. Missed lessons: You will not be charged for missed lessons if you notify the teacher well ahead of time: this includes excursions and approved absences. In the case of illness, you should notify the teacher early on the morning of the absence or the night before. If your teacher is absent you are not required to pay for that lesson. The missed lesson may be re-scheduled or the fee for that lesson will be deducted from your next account.

5. Contact: The teacher should always be personally notified using their private phone number or email. Avoid using the College office, as often they will not be able to pass on information to your teacher.

6. Cancellation: If your child wishes to discontinue lessons, you must give four weeks noticein writing or payfor four weeks tuition. This also applies to the end of a term e.g. if you have decided to have only one term of tuition, let your teacher know four weeks before the end of the previous term.

7. Attendance: It is important that your child knows their lesson time and remembers to attend. If your child needs help in the first few weeks to find the Tuition Room, please discuss this with your teacher and they will be happy to assist. Younger students will be collected from their classroom by their instrumental teacher.

8. Instrument: It is important that your child owns or has access to an instrument to play. If you do not own or have access to an instrument, it is possible to buy or hire an instrument through one of the music retailers. (It is possible to re-sell instruments.) Dominic also has some instruments available to borrow.

9. Practice: It is extremely important that your child takes time every day to practise his/her instrument. Your child will need your support in this. A helpful approach is to ask to hear them play their pieces. Be strong about limiting television and computer / electronic games. Fifteen minutes a day for beginners will enable your child to make good progress, the lessons easier and more enjoyable.

10. Books: It is essential for your child to bring her/his music book to every lesson. It may be necessary to make a copy of your child’s pieces to leave at school for those times when the music book is forgotten.

I have read and understand the terms and conditions for participating in the Dominic College Individual Music Tuition Program