Recent Information Sent Home

Information is sent home in a variety of ways, in a student's diary, a parental mail-out, via a student's class or pastoral teacher, or from the office, or through the new Parent Paperwork program.

Please notify the Business Office if you are a Dominic parent/carer who has for some reason missed an important mail-out, and especially if your contact details (address, mobile, email) have changed.

Year level specific notices are often published via the Dominic College App. Download the App to your device to view these notices.

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Current Notices

K-2 Bravehearts parents session

Dear parents

On Wednesday 27 June 2018, Bravehearts will be running a parent session at 8.45am in the Magone Building (on the main oval). This session is for parents of students in Kinder - Year 2 and will run for about 20 minutes. 

The parent session aims to inform you about the program that your child will be involved in and offer ways that you can reinforce the critical messages and teachings of personal safety. 

You should have received an email outlining details of the program. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us via phone or email.

Yours sincerely 

Mrs Allison Lowe and Mrs Olivia Stephen - Coordinators Pastoral Care K-6

Year 10 Mid Year Exam Timetable

3-6 Catholic Cross Country Information- Friday 8 June

Hi Parents,

Attached is the relevent information about Friday's 3-6 Catholic Cross Country. A reminder that this event is optional and parents need to supervise their own son/daughters at the event. Your son/daughter only made the team if they finished in the top 8 (see attached sheet for team).

Also for those who do attend on Friday you can arrive and leave at the time you wish as per your event on the day. This is up to parents discretion. 


1. Information for the day

2. Course Maps- 3/4 and 5/6

3. Dominic team


Mr. Cameron Golding- Director of HPE K-10 and K-6 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: 2018_program_and_information_5b15ec13d0f4c.docx
Attachment: STCPSSA_Year_5_6_Course_5b15ec4515e37.docx
Attachment: Dominic_Cross_Country_Team_3_6_2018_FINAL_5b15ec4d744fa.xlsx

Dominic 3-6 Cross Country Team

Hi All,

Please see attached the note and team for the upcoming interschool cross country events for the 3-6 Dominic team.


Cameron Golding- Director of HPE K-10 and K-6 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: Note_1_2018_JSSATIS_Cross_Country_Dominic_team_5b15da2210097.docx
Attachment: Dominic_Cross_Country_Team_3_6_2018_FINAL_5b15da2af0ec9.xlsx

Heart of the Matter brochure

 Towards the end of May a brochure was mailed home to parents. A digital copy of the brochure can be viewed here:

The letter accompanying the mail out is reproduced below:

21 May 2018

Dear Families

The Heart of the Matter

Please find enclosed your copy of Dominic College’s updated Strategic Directions and Plan, The Heart of the Matter.  It contains highlights of our plans for improvement and development of the College for the next four years, which will ensure that our community and College continues to thrive and achieve.

The Strategic Directions and Plan are set out under four areas of priority – Our Mission, Teaching and Learning, Community, and Resources and Systems.  The plan highlights our values which are central to enabling our community to grow in faith, skill and knowledge.

I encourage you to review and reflect on this booklet, and as always I welcome any feedback our valued families have to offer as we implement the plan.

Every blessing on you and your family from all of us at Dominic.

Yours sincerely

Ms Beth Gilligan - College Principal

NSJSA Saturday Soccer Roster

Hi all,

The NSJSA Saturday Soccer Roster can be found in a couple of places:

1. Follow this link- 

Make sure you type in your son/daughters age group and go to the correct date/round.


 To easily view the JUNIOR rosters online please try the Game Day App.  To setup the app, please do the following:

 - Download App from AppStore

 - Open Game Day App

 - Press the "+" in the top right hand corner

 - Select "Football"

 - Select "Association"

 - Search for "FFT"

 - Select "FFT - Northern Suburbs Junior Soccer Association"

 - Select Age Group

 - Select Team

 - Press Star with the "+" in the top right hand corner

 - Enter the Team name

Please use either of the above methods for NSJSA rosters in 2018. 

Kind regards,

Cameron Golding- K-6 Sport Coordinator

 - Press OK

JSSATIS Netball Rosters

Hi All,

Attached are the 3/4 (Wednesday afternoon) JSSATIS Netball Roster and the 5/6 (Thursday afternoon) JSSATIS Netball Roster.

Please note the UPDATED teams are also added on the last page of the roster.


Mr. Cameron Golding- K-6 Sport Coordinator 

Attachment: 34_Netball_Roster_JSSATIS_2018_5af8d56cc1de0.xlsx
Attachment: 56_Netball_Roster_JSSATIS_2018_5af8d5742654f.xlsx

Primary Waterpolo Roster

Hi All,

Attached is the Waterpolo Roster for all teams in the 2018 Waterpolo season.


Mr. Cameron Golding- K-6 Sport Coordinator 

Attachment: Roster_2018_Season_5aeba866ac681.pdf

NSJSA Soccer Note 3 - April 5 2018

Hi All,

Please find attached the note that is going home today to all players. 



Attachment: NSJSA_Soccer_Note_3_5ac595829e465.docx

NSJSA Soccer Rules

Hi All,

Please find attached the soccer rules for U/6-U/11. In the U/12 roster full soccer rules apply. 


Cameron Golding- K-6 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: Grass_Roots_Football_Rules_U6_U11_5ac5750fbbf80.pdf

NSJSA Parent Code of Conduct and Ground Directory

Hi All,

Please note the important attachments:

1. The Player, Parent and Coach Code of Conduct. An important document that must be abided by for the whole NSJSA season. Please read it carefully and discuss this with your son/daughter.

2. The NSJSA ground directory for information on where all grounds are located. Toilets will be available at all ground whilst matches are being played, this is a NSJSA requirement. 


Cameron Golding- K-6 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: Codes_of_Conduct_and_Sportsmanship_Note_5ac573253cb5b.docx
Attachment: NSJSA_2018_Ground_Directory_5ac5732cb3aa1.pdf

Past Notices

Course Maps for tomorrow's JSSATIS Cross Country

Hi Parents,

The attached course maps have been sent home with students previously but are here for your perusal as well. 

The carnival is tomorrow at the Rokeby Police Academy. The team is also attached as a refresher of who made this interschool carnival. Times for events can also be found on the course maps. 


Mr. Cameron Golding- K-6 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: Dominic_Cross_Country_Team_3_6_2018_FINAL_5b209a65b5354.xlsx

School Banking

Please be advised that due to the Student Free day on Friday 8 June, the school banking will be processed on Thursday 7 June.  

Uniform Shop Closed today Wednesday 30 May

Due to staff illness the uniform shop will be closed today.  Any enquiries please go to the uniform shop page which can be found on the Dominic College website.  Apologies for any invoncenience this may cause. 

Email to K-6 parents 21 May

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This afternoon at 12:20pm the Year K-6 students were evacuated from their classrooms due to a small fire in the K-4 Boys Toilets.

No injuries to students nor staff were sustained and the College’s emergency evacuation processes were followed leading to a calm and orderly evacuation.

We thank the teachers and students for their patience as the situation was dealt with. Students returned to class in a very short space of time.

The cause of the fire is being investigated and our initial findings show that there is no need for parent concern regarding student safety.

If you have any concerns or questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards,

Mr Stephen Casni - Deputy Principal


K-2 Cross Country 2018

The K-2 Cross Country will be held on Wednesday 23 May 2018.  More information attached. 

Attachment: Cross_Country_K_2_2018_5af91cd737939.pdf

Years 3-10 Cross Country

The Inaugural Year 3-10 Cross Country will be held on Friday 25 May 2018.  More information attached. 

Attachment: Cross_Country_DC_Year_3_10_Parent_Note_1_2018_5af91c1aafe87.pdf

A Splash of Colour! - Kinder to Year 6 School Disco

Dominic College Parents and Friends

A Splash of Colour!

School Disco Friday 18th May

6.00pm-7.30pm Kinder – Year 1 in the Oratory Space

Year 2- Year 6 in the Little Theatre

  • There will be NO pass outs for students, once in the disco, they are to remain in the disco until collected by a parent or guardian promptly at conclusion of event.
  • Bathroom visits will be strictly supervised.
  • Dominic Students ONLY
  • Parents are invited to the adult only area to catch up where tea, coffee & biscuits will be available for a gold coin donation.

A small canteen for each group will be open for the purchase of: Chocolates 50c Small Chip Packets 50c Bags of Lollies $1.50 Finger Lights $1.00 Jumbo Glow Stick $2.00 Water provided


The floor can become quite slippery, please consider this when choosing appropriate footwear.

Tickets $5 each. Please purchase your tickets using the link below.

For Enquiries and alternative booking arrangements please email

Music, Refreshments, Parent Space.

Proudly Brought to you by Dominic College Parents and Friends.


BBQ Fundraiser

Dear Parents,

On Friday 29 June I am travelling to Samoa as part of the Cagliero Immersion for 2018. This incredible opportunity will allow me to contribute a donation to allow education programs to continue in an overseas Salesian community.

I will be holding a BBQ lunch at school, for the students who would like to order, on Wednesday 9th May.

Students have the opportunity to purchase a sausage in bread for $2.00 or a hamburger in bread for $3.00. 

If your child is interested, please fill in the section sent home via ParentPaperwork recently, by Friday 4 May to help us organise the food for the BBQ. Please send money to classroom teachers by Tuesday 8 May to ensure that your child’s order is completed.

Thank you again for your support,

Madelyn Carver

Mother's Day stall

Dear Families

On Wednesday 9 May 2018, the Parents & Friends are running their annual Mother’s Day stall.  Students will have the opportunity throughout the day to visit the stall with their class to purchase a gift.  All gifts are $4 each.  Children are able to purchase more than one item. 

If students wish to purchase a gift, they need to bring $4 IN A NAMED ENVELOPE/SNAP LOCK BAG and give it to their teacher.  Teachers will distribute the money back to the children as they go to the stall.

They may purchase more than one gift if they wish.

As always there will be some lovely gifts available for the students to choose from.

Kind regards,

Mrs Allison Lowe and Mrs Olivia Stephen - Coordinators of Pastoral Care K-6

NSJSA Soccer Roster for this weekend

Hi All,

Please find attached the soccer roster for this weekends NSJSA primary soccer matches. 


Cameron Golding- K-6 Sport Coordinator 

Attachment: NSJSA_Soccer_Roster_Round_3_2018_5ae90750c1dd0.docx

Welcome to Term 2

Dear Parents, Guardians and Carers,

I am writing to send greetings for the commencement of Term 2 and to thank you for your ongoing  partnership with us and ready support. We are always trying to improve our communications across the community and I hope the College Newsletter continues to be a weekly source of news and information.

We also have a social media presence and I want to ensure you are aware of it.

The College has a Facebook page:

As Principal, I have also established a Facebook Page this year to provide another perspective:

For Old Scholars in our community we have the Dominic Old Scholars Facebook as well:

Please do ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ our College and Principal Facebook pages especially so you can access all the news. I look forward to your on-line presence. As always, I greatly appreciate every opportunity to connect.

My best wishes and warm regards,

Beth Gilligan - Principal Dominic College

3/4 and 5/6 JSSATIS Netball

Hi Everyone,

Please find attached the note for Year 3/4 and 5/6 JSSATIS netball that was sent home last Term. 

The roster will be out soon and more information will be sent home by Mr. Golding in the next week.


Cameron Golding- K-6 Sport Coordinator 

Attachment: Dominic_Netball_2018_note_1_5ae698ef67272.docx

NSJSA Roster Week 2

Hi All,

Please find attached the roster for the NSJSA soccer for this weekend. The balance of the roster (14 weeks) will be sent out at the start of next term. A reminder there is this match this weekend and then no more matches until the weekend of May 5.


Cameron Golding- K-6 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: NSJSA_Week_2_Roster_14_April_Weekend_Final_5ace9e961a567.xlsx

Parent Teacher Interview Bookings

Bookings for this round of Parent Teacher interviews will open on Thursday May 12. 

Attachment: ParentGuide_T1_2018_5acd9eeb6452d.pdf

ANZAC Day: Dominic College and the community

​This year ANZAC Day falls during the upcoming Term 1 school holidays on Wednesday 25 April. It has become a tradition at Dominic College that all students are asked to represent the College at ceremonies at Glenorchy, Hobart, Lenah Valley, Pontville or New Norfolk. This is a day of national ritual and commemoration of sacrifice undertaken for our nation. It is a day during which large number of students, looking wonderful in their formal uniforms, participate in ANZAC Day marches and ceremonies.

Information has been sent home to families via Parent Paperwork, which contains a digital form which will allow parents to let us know which venue students will attend on ANZAC Day.

Glenorchy – Parade and Wreath Laying
• Assemble outside Glenorchy RSL at 10:15am
• Main Parade 10:30am
• Service 11:00am

Hobart – Main Parade & Wreath Laying
• Assembly for the Hobart ANZAC Day parade starts at 10:30am in Macquarie Street, and the Parade commences at 11:00am at the Town Hall, and proceeds to the Cenotaph on the Queen’s Domain.

Lenah Valley – Parade and Wreath Laying
• Assemble at RSL car park at 8:30am to move across to Lenah Valley Primary School at 8:40am
• March starts at 8:50am with service to follow

New Norfolk – Parade, Wreath Laying, Flag Bearers & Helpers
• Assemble at the bottom of High Street between 10:15-10:30am
• Main Parade 10:45am
• Service 11:00am

Pontville/Brighton – Lay a wreath
• 11:00am Service
• Assemble at Pontville Memorial Park (Corner Brighton & Ford Roads)
• Games/Activities & Picnic/BBQ after the service

Year 7-10 House Athletics Carnival

Dear families
The Dominic College Inter-House Athletics Carnival is to be held on Tuesday 10 April at the Domain Athletics Centre.  This is a normal school day and an important part of your child’s school life. We encourage full participation and ask for your assistance in promoting this event as a positive way to participate in the life of the College.  Students are required to wear full sports uniform to and from the Domain but are encouraged to wear HOUSE COLOURS at the carnival.More information is in the attached letter.
Ms Kiera Farr - Acting Sports Coordinator

Attachment: Letter_to_Parents_students_Ath_Carnival_2018_5ac6ca4fbdcdf.doc

NSJSA Soccer Roster Week 1

Week 1 of the NSJSA Soccer Roster is attached. 

Attachment: Round_1_Roster_NSJSA_2018_6_7_April_5ac43bd3e1404.docx

Year 5 Camp - Contact Details and Reminders

Year 5 Camp contact details and reminders - 4-6 April 2018

Attachment: SKMBT_C55418032914300_5abc5dc73b4b0.pdf

2018 NSJSA Soccer Season - Dominic College

Prep - Year 6 Soccer Teams and other information

Attachment: SKMBT_C55418032114280_5ab1ced03c7c2.pdf

Dominic College presents Stephen Biddulph

Dominic College in collaboration with the Dominic College Parents & Friends is very proud to present 'An Evening with Steve Biddulph'.

We have been very lucky to secure Steve Biddulph as a guest speaker at our College. He will be presenting his world famous presentation on Raising Boys at the College on Wednesday 11th April at 7:30pm.

Steve Biddulph is one of the world’s best  known parent educators. A psychologist for 30 years, he is now retired but continues to write and teach.  His books, including The Secret of Happy Children, Raising Boys, The New Manhood and now 10 Things Girls Need Most are in four million homes and 31 languages.  They have influenced the way we look at childhood and especially the development of boys and men. 

Steve’s live talks have had a remarkable public response, reaching 130,000 people.  Many people express surprise at how moving and emotional these talks are, as well as how much fun.

This is a ticketed event for parents, staff and friends of the College. Cost of the tickets is normally $25.00 per person, but the Dominic College Parents & Friends and the College have agreed to subsidize tickets for our parents by $5.00 each, therefore tickets are $15.00.

This is a fantastic opportunity for our entire Dominic College Community. Many of Steve's teachings have been incorporated into our EMPOWER program and we believe this will be an amazing learning opportunity for all families.

“We regret babies and children are not admitted to the talks”.

Tickets can be purchased from the following link:

If you would like to see the flyer about Steve's presentation please click the link below:

I hope to see you all there.


 Andrew Pritchard, Director of Pastoral Care K-10

Dominic College Parents and Friends Easter Raffle

Easter Raffle -

Tickets 50c each, Donations Welcome of Easter Eggs & Bunnies, Easter Candies, Easter Toys & Teddies, Mugs & Baskets, as well as any types of vouchers.

Raffle Drawn 28 March 2018

Attachment: Easter_Raffle_2018_B_W_version_5aa1d9d996908.docx

College Photo Envelopes Reminder

A reminder that student photo envelopes (and family photo envelopes) are due on Tuesday 13 March, to the K-6 or 7-10 offices.  Every student must return their OWN envelope to the office before photo day even if you are not purchasing any photos.

7-10 Students-Tuesday 20 March

K-6 Students & Kinder Family Photos-Wednesday 21 March 

Photo envelopes and money will not be accepted on photo day or after Tuesday 13 March.  Late orders must be posted to Pied Piper Studios, PO Box 128, New Town. 

Hobart Cartoon Camp during holidays

Attached is some information for parents about the Hobart Cartoon Camp in the April holidays.

Attachment: Hobart_April_Cartoon_Camp_2018_5a971435e8d8a.pdf

JSSATIS Soccer Rosters

Hi all,

The Year 1/2, 3/4, 5/6 girls and the Year 1/2 boys roster is attached. There has been some changes to the 1/2 girls roster as of the 28 February so please use the attached copy as the most relevent. 


Mr. Golding 

Attachment: JSSATIS_SOCCER_FIXTURE_2018_FINAL_5a95e7e50bbea.docx

Year 9 The Calling

Emails have been sent home to families of Year 9 students regarding the Rite Journey - The Calling.

On Thursday 22 February, Year 9 students attend an overnight experience as part of their Year 9 Pastoral Program. ‘The Calling’ is the first of seven unique steps of The Rite Journey program that form a contemporary Rite of Passage, aimed at honouring your child’s transition into young adulthood.

As a Rite Journey team, we have worked to ensure The Calling is a special, memorable event for your child that will act in positively transforming and supporting the transition into young adulthood by providing conversation around what it is to be a respectful and responsible man or woman in society.

Whilst all of Year 9 students will participate together in this overnight experience, The Calling is a rite of passage to be experienced differently for young men and women. As such, girls and boys will be separated for the duration (except for sharing together dinner).  An itinerary has been sent home with a permission receipt.

The Pastoral Care team

Year 1/2, 3/4 and 5/6 Girls Midweek Soccer (JSSATIS)

Hi All,

Please find attachd the information for the Year 1/2, 3/4 and 5/6 Girls soccer teams in the JSSATIS midweek roster.


Cameron Golding- K-10 Director of HPE and K-6 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: 2018_Girls_1_2_3_4_and_5_6_Soccer_note_1_5a8a25fbce5a1.docx

Year 1-2 Boys Midweek Soccer (JSSATIS)

Hi All,

Please find attached the note for the midweek year 1/2 boys soccer (JSSATIS).


Mr. Cameron Golding- Director of HPE and K-6 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: 2018_Boys_1_2_Soccer_note_1_5a8a0a9747ca1.docx

VET parent and student info evening

The Southern Tasmanian Catholic Colleges Trade Training Centre is holding a combined VET Information night for VET students at the Glenorchy Campus of GYC on Thursday 1 March at 7.00pm. This invitation is open to all students who are interested in enrolling in a VET course in 2018 and attend the Colleges of the STCTCC of which Dominic College is a member. It is a requirement of enrolment in a VET course that all VET students and at least one parent attend.

At Dominic College the students in the following electives are invited to attend the VET Information Night at GYC Glenorchy Campus:

VET ConstructionVET EngineeringVET Agrifoods 

Students who are interested in enrolling in a VET course should have received or will soon receive the following Course documentation:

Enrolment FormContractStudent Handbook

At the VET Information Night, the requirements and expectations of the course will be fully explained along with an opportunity to ask questions. Tours of the GYC facilities will allow you to see the opportunity students will have to continue their VET Pathway at GYC in Year 11 and 12.

Year 7 Swimming Trials

A reminder that on Tuesday 20 February and Thursday 22 February at 7am at Glenorchy Pool we will be holding tryouts for the Year 7 swimming team. We will be selecting approximately 6 boys and 6 girls to represent the College in the Southern and State SATIS swimming carnivals to be held in March. The tryouts will consist of some structured warm up time, and then several timed-races will be held, depending on the events for which students wish to be considered. Students may try out for as many events as they wish.

We encourage any students who participate in club/squad swimming, those who performed well in primary carnivals, and anyone who believes they are a strong swimmer to come along and try out! The trials will run from 7-8am.

Students are required to make their own way to the pool. A Redline bus will transport students from the pool to Dominic at the conclusion of the session, where breakfast will be provided.

A number of students have already registered their interest in these trials. An information and consent letter is on Parent Paperwork. Any students who are wishing to come along and participate in the tryouts will need to have a parent/guardian complete the online consent form. If you are having any issues with Parent Paperwork or the online consent form, or if you have any questions, please contact me

Miss Kiera Farr, Acting 7-10 Sports Coordinator

Year 3-4 Boys Cricket

Hi All,

Please find attached the initial note for 3/4 Boys Cricket. 

We are seeking 3 more players so if your son is interested please let me know. 


Mr. Cameron Golding- Director of HPE and K-6 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: 3_4_Boys_JSSATIS_Cricket_Note_1_5a84ed18ccc81.docx