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Information is sent home in a variety of ways, in a student's diary, a parental mail-out, via a student's class or pastoral teacher, or from the office, or through the new Parent Paperwork program.

Please notify the Business Office if you are a Dominic parent/carer who has for some reason missed an important mail-out, and especially if your contact details (address, mobile, email) have changed.

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P&F Colour Run - Friday 9 April - Reminder

A reminder that the P&F Colour Run is on tomorrow afternoon (Friday 9 April).  This event is for student participation only - parents are welcome to come along as spectators.

Students may wear appropriate free dress however those participating in the Colour Run are recommended to wear a white or dark PLAIN t-shirt to maximise the colour effect. 

Dark pants and closed-toe shoes suitable for running are to be worn.  

Students travelling home on buses should bring a towel or a change of clothes.

We hope that students enjoy this fun and colourful way to end the term.

Student Photos Reminder

A reminder that all student photo envelopes are due back tomorrow, please.

Reporting Student Absences

We are currently experiencing some issues with our student absentee phone line.

Until advised otherwise, to report a student absence please contact 6274 6000 and ask to speak to a staff member.

Thank you.

3-6 Swimming Carnival

Hi all,

Please find attached the most current program for the 3-6 Swimming Carnival that will occur on Thursday 4 March at the Clarence Pool. 

There are still some relay teams to add to this program from our House Meeting that was held this week. If you see any issues with the events your son/daughter is in please email our K-10 Sport Coordinator Miss Talia Stopp ([email protected]).


Mr. Cameron Golding- Director of HPE K-10 

Attachment: Program_2021_60388ddb67b0f.docx

Free Dress Day - Relay for Life Fundraiser P-10

A reminder that this Friday 19 February is Free Dress Day for Prep-Year 10 students with a $2 donation as a fundraiser for Relay for Life. 

Years 6-10 will also have the opportunity to order pizzas on that day.  All proceeds go to Relay for Life!

7 - 10 2021 Assessment Schedule

Dear Students, Parents and Carers

Please find below links to the 2021 Assessment Schedules for each year level in 7-10 for 2021.The schedules provide you with a weekly overview of assessments for each term for each subject. Assessment due dates may change and teachers will notify students if this occurs.

Sincerely yours,

Janet Marcenko

Coordinator of Teaching & Learning 7-10

Wednesday Afternoon Tennis Sessions- Year 3-6

Dear Parents,

Thanks for letting me know your son/daughter is keen on the Wednesday sessions at the Glenorchy Tennis Club, 8 Alcorso Drive Berriedale, that start this week and continue for 3 weeks (18/11, 25/11, 2/12). 

The session runs from 3.30 pm-5.00 pm every Wednesday for the 3 weeks and are run by the experienced coaches from Tennis Tasmania. I know it will be hard to get out to the courts by 3.30 pm with the busy traffic on Tolosa Street but just do the best you can and if you are a little late just join in upon arrival. 

A reminder that parents supervise their own son/daughter at the venue or arrange for the supervision of their son/daughter with a family member or friend. A Dominic staff member will be present at the venue on the day also but is not there to be supervising all students. Parents are also reminded that medication that is required needs to be taken along by those individual students, this is vitally important, especially for Asthma and Anaphylaxis or anything of a life threatening nature. 

Upon arrival at the venue please listen to instructions from the coaches that are present. Students should wear their Sport Uniform to school on the days they have afternoon tennis. All equipment is provided but please do remember to bring a drink bottle, hat, and sunscreen. 

The coaches have asked us to group the players into groups of 8 so this has been done and emailed out to parents. Refer to the email for this information. 

Thanks again for your commitment to improving your son/daughter's Physical Literacy by having them involved in these sessions and if there are any issues please do not hesitate to contact me on the below details. 


Mr. Cameron Golding- [email protected] or 62746089

Director of HPE K-10 

Tee ball Information

Hi All,

Attached is the Tee Ball information for Dominic Teams.


Mr. Cameron Golding 

Attachment: 3_4_JSSATIS_Mixed_Teeball_Roster_2020_Draft_5f9e9f0cecd28.docx

Primary Basketball Championships

Hi All,

Please find attached the relevant documents for the Primary Basketball Championships for 2020.


Mr. Cameron Golding- Director of HPE K-10 

Attachment: 2020_Primary_School_Draw_South_5f9e9e042543c.pdf
Attachment: Primary_Basketball_Championships_Games_Dominic_College_7_8_November_5f9e9ea5f1f5d.docx

3-6 Girls Cricket

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Year 3/4 & 5/6 cricket is scheduled to commence next week. Please find the teams below and the rosters attached.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind parents of the importance of following each schools COVID-19 protocols. It is also important that you, please, contact me on [email protected], no later than 9am the day of a match if your child is unable to play. This allows time to ensure there is enough players for the match to proceed.

All matches will be played at Soldiers Memorial Oval commencing at 4pm.

We wish all students the best in their participation in this roster.

Kind regards,

Talia Stopp

K-10 Sport Coordinator


3/4 Girls Cricket - Coach: Rowan Heggie
Jonievis Kamara (3)
Amelia Newman (4)
Carmen Gill (3)
Isabella Triffitt Haney (4)
Halle Heggie (4)

Georgia Kelly (4)
Nicola Kelly (4)

5/6 Girls Cricket - Coach: Greg Sanford
Ellie Sproule (5)
Ruby Direen (5)
Daisy Lincoln (5)
Lexie Sanford (5Y)
Sally Ho (5)
Poppy Lincoln (6)
Grace Gallaher-Gore (6)
Sophie Clay (5)

Attachment: JSSATIS_Girls_Cricket_FIXTURE_Yr_3_4_2020_V1_5f8fec942b2f1.xls
Attachment: JSSATIS_Girls_Cricket_FIXTURE_Yr_5_6_2020_V1_5f8feca411a52.xls

5/6 Touch Football

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Year 5/6 Touch Football is scheduled to commence next week. Please find the teams below and the rosters attached.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind parents of the importance of following each schools COVID-19 protocols. It is also important that you, please, contact me on [email protected], no later than 9am the day of a match if your child is unable to play. This allows time to ensure there is enough players for the match to proceed.

We wish all students the best in their participation in this roster.

Kind regards,

Talia Stopp

K-10 Sport Coordinator


5/6 Touch Football Maroon - Coach: TBC
Samuel Anis (6)
Jack Dillion (6)
Schiecha Bone (6)
Lachlan Braslin (5)
Sally Ho (5)
Kyan Cubit (6)

5/6 Touch Football Gold - Coach: Ms O'Grady
Charlotte Monroe (6)
Zac Pfitzner (5)
Callum Kelly (5)
Ryan Erends (6)
Madeline Dimsey-Nolan (6)
Joshua Vautin (6)

Attachment: Copy_of_FINAL_COPY_2020_JSSATIS_Touch_Football_Rosters_5f86ba41e570c.xlsx

Krispy Kremes Fundraiser

Dear Parents, Teachers, and Students,

Unfortunately, due to a lack of flights into Tasmania from Victoria, it has been confirmed that Krispy Kreme is not able to facilitate our fundraiser for this year due to COVID-19 restrictions.

We are unable to guarantee a successful order moving into Term 4 and therefore have decided to cancel our Krispy Kreme order for the year.

We are working on refunds for each family from Wednesday, August 12. 

K-6 Refunds:
Delivered to each child's classroom in a sealed envelope to be collected from teachers by parents, unless there is an alternative option arranged by the parent and teacher.

 7-10 Refunds:
Students are able to pick up their refund from the 7-10 office in a sealed envelope. The administration staff will send an SMS to parents to inform them that the money has been collected.

 We thank you for your understanding during these unforeseen times.

Ms. Kiera Farr

3-6 JSSATIS Basketball

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Year 3-6 JSSATIS basketball is scheduled to commence next week, Tuesday 11 August. Boys basketball will be a play on a Tuesday afternoon and girls on a Thursday.

Please find rosters, team lists and COVID-19 protocols attached to this notice. This information has also been sent home with students as a hard copy today, Tuesday 4 August.

Please note: Due to the ever-changing COVID-19 situation, schools have strict policies and protocols in place to ensure everyone's safety. These are different and vary dependent on the venue. Please ensure you are familiar with the protocols for the relevant school prior to the match. Any matches played at UniGym against Mt Carmel will also require parental permission for a temperature check to be conducted on students entering the venue. Non-adherence to protocols may result in the request to leave the venue.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me via phone, (03) 6274 6000, or email, [email protected]

Kind regards,

Miss Talia Stopp

K-10 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: TFS_Covid_Safety_Plan_5f28e79881454.docx
Attachment: Dominic_College_Term_3_Basketball_COVID_One_Page_Info_5f28e7be98f1f.pdf
Attachment: Nagle_Centre_Guidelines_one_page_jssatis_5f28e7d5588fc.pdf
Attachment: SHC_JSSATIS_Protocols_5f28e7d80a903.pdf
Attachment: Mt_Carmel_Safe_Return_to_Sport_Basketball_5f28e7e27e0ef.pdf
Attachment: Collegiate_Gym_Basketball_COVID_19_Management_Poster_A4_visiting_school_5f28e7f53089f.pdf
Attachment: JSSATIS_Basketball_Rules_2020_1__5f28e8034ebf9.docx
Attachment: JSSATIS_Girls_Rosters_Final_2020_5f28e8109e912.xlsx
Attachment: Term_3_Sporting_Teams_3_6_5f28e871bebfc.pdf
Attachment: JSSATIS_Girls_Rosters_Final_2020_5f583bba22235.xlsx
Attachment: JSSATIS_Boys_Rosters_Final_2020_Updated_5f5863368fdd1.xlsx

Principal Update Dominic College Families 23 May, 2020

23 May, 2020


Dear Families,

 Greetings to all of you as we prepare for our K-10 students to return to the College on Monday 25 May.

Firstly I want to extend my gratitude to all families for your outstanding support during this difficult time when we had the majority of our students (85- 90%) remaining at home in the last seven – eight weeks. I am also grateful to those families of essential workers who worked constantly in collaboration with us to ensure that their children, being supervised at school, were focused and motivated.

Parent and Carers Health and Safety Expectations

As we recommence fully on-site, we continue to ask our families to work in partnership with us in the best interests of the health, safety and well-being of all in our community. To assist the College we ask that you carefully observe the following requirements that will implemented:

It is very important that you read these expectations that provide directions regarding drop off and pick up, avoiding entry into classrooms and the request not to congregate outside classrooms. They also cover the imperative to keep your child at home if and when they are unwell.

Minimizing Visits to the College

It is important that we restrict community access to the College. We are unable for example, to reinstate Parent Help or assistance programs in our K-6. Our Mama Margaret Kitchen Program which relies on such assistance has been temporarily discontinued.  

College Activities

Whilst we are privileged to have our students and staff fully back on site for face-to-face teaching and learning, the risks and dangers of COVID-19 continue. There are many student-based activities that are not yet permitted by our public health authorities and state government. These include assemblies, performances with audiences, excursions, inter-school sports, camps, masses, Launch into Learning etc. HPE classes will be conducted as normal.

There are also many measures we have needed to put in place to restrict and control group interactions and numbers in groups generally across the College.

Hygiene and Cleaning

We will continue to promote and be vigilant regarding students’ personal hygiene and the need for regular hand washing and coughing and sneezing protocols. A regime of classroom and playground equipment cleaning procedures will be in place and the management of library books on return. Students are asked to refrain from bringing unnecessary personal equipment or possessions to the College. 

Electronic Devices K-10

As you know, our regular one:one laptop program is confined to students in Years 5-10. Students in these year groups will continue to bring their devices to and from the College.

We have decided that K-4 students will return their iPads and laptops to their classrooms on Monday where they will be kept and used as one of a number of learning tools for the remainder of the year. Students and staff have particularly found the use of programs such as Seesaw and certain apps highly supportive of students reaching their goals.

It also enables us to quickly re-commence remote teaching and learning for all students, should this situation eventuate in the near future.

We are increasing our charging capacity in Years 1-2 through redistribution of our Year 6 in-class chargers. These students, with their reputation for excellent responsibility, will be asked to ensure their laptops are charged at home every night.


Parent-Teacher communications will continue to mostly be via phone, Microsoft Teams Meetings and email. We ask for your patience with teacher responses in particular. With remote teaching and learning, our education staff were more available to answer email far more quickly. A return to regular and full teaching and learning days will mean a return to our College expectation that teachers and learning support staff will respond to email within 48 hours of receipt unless it is an emergency.

Student Progress Reports

Families can expect to receive student progress reports in the last week of this term. Our staff are highly committed to this and our scheduling of the student-free staff day, after the long weekend on Tuesday 9 June, provides us with the opportunity to moderate student work samples and prepare for comprehensive reporting. We greatly appreciate your family support of this framework. Vacation Care provided by the Dominic Early Learning Centre will be available on this day.

College Climate and Culture

Tragically, across the world people continue to die daily as a result of COVID-19. I’m sure that you’ll agree that this is not a time for frivolity and there needs to be a seriousness in the way we approach our health and safety expectations. We are all called to be quietly calm as we re-commence on-site, face-to-face teaching and learning at the College.

As students return, we need to ensure that we have shared high expectations of students, including their uniform and appearance standards. We are committed to quickly re-establishing daily routines and clear boundaries.

Commendations to our Students

Our students - your children, deserve the highest praise. They have demonstrated outstanding flexibility, adaptability and resilience. They have been genuinely committed to being responsible learners and produced high quality work.  Their good cheer and patience in understanding and accepting community restrictions has been quite extraordinary.

Many of our students have enjoyed the freedom and independence of working remotely and for some it will be challenging to return on-site. However, I hope that all of our students will find great pleasure in re-uniting with their friends and our staff.


The importance of community cohesion and unity continues to be foundational to our capacity to respond in the best possible way to this next phase of response to COVID-19. We call on God to guide us through this journey and daily pray for our students and you their families. God bless all of us at Dominic College in this endeavor.

 Yours sincerely,

Beth Gilligan


Dominic College


Principal update - Dominic College Families 8 May, 2020

 8 May, 2020


Dear Families,

I hope you are all well and I extend my sincere appreciation for your ongoing support of your children’s education and commitment to Dominic College.

Firstly I commend all families for the outstanding response to the event of COVID-19. It has been extraordinarily challenging for all in our community and I am proud of our staff, students and families for their commitment to continuous teaching and learning.

This afternoon, the Premier of Tasmania, Mr Peter Gutwein, together with the Minister for Education Mr Jeremy Rockliff, have announced a desire and commitment for students to return to face-to-face learning in their classrooms on-site this term. This is excellent news which we welcome. The Premier has emphasized the utmost importance of following government health advice to keep all in our community safe.

Return to School - Term 2

The Premier has indicated that he wants all school students back in classrooms by 9 June. Whilst he has given some flexibility and a level of autonomy in decision-making, he has indicated that Year 11 and 12 students and K-6 students must re-commence on-site learning on Monday 25 May. Within the parameters of the Premier’s flexibility, afforded to Catholic and Independent sector schools, which have much smaller numbers to transition back to school, all students (including Year 7-10 students) will commence their return to Dominic College on Monday 25 May.

As a K-10 school on one site, with teachers K-10, there is no need for a staggered approach to our return and it is in the interests of our students and manageable on our site, for us to return together, as soon as possible on Monday 25 May.

Further Changes in Staff Professional Planning

The opportunity to hold an additional teacher and teacher assistant preparation day will be now held on Friday 22 May, prior to recommencement. This is to ensure our classrooms and facilities are ready and set up appropriately for our students and we have reconfigured our curriculum planning to move back swiftly, without interruption, to face-to-face teaching and learning. To facilitate this, Friday 22 May will now be a student-free day.

Professional Learning for staff, scheduled on Thursday 4 June and Friday 5 June will now be cancelled to enable two full weeks of face-to-face teaching and learning. We will hold only one professional learning day around this time and it will be on Tuesday 9 June to enable teacher moderation of student work and collaboration around assessment tasks and discussion of student progress for reporting purposes. Vacation Care will be available for families on each student-free day.

More information regarding our support for the safety and well-being of all students and staff will be further outlined in the near future.  It is very important we remain committed to students staying focused on their learning remotely until they return to school on Monday 25 May.

Families are encouraged, to continue to keep their children remote learning from home. On-site supervision will continue for the next 9 school days. Between now and 21 May, families are reminded, that if they are an essential worker or unable to supervise their child at home, to advise the College if they need onsite supervision, using the email:  [email protected]


As the Premier has indicated today, all schools will continue to support students who are considered at high risk of COVID-19 to remain at home during Term 2. More information will be provided to families in due course regarding this.

I take this opportunity to extend my sincere ongoing gratitude for the dedication and goodwill of our families during these extraordinary times. To unfold our planned recovery as a state and nation, we need to remain faithful to our commitment to individual and collective safety.

There will remain future challenges, but in unity we can effectively move forward with confidence into the next phase of our state and national response to COVID-19 and God willing, the road to recovery.

Yours sincerely,

Beth Gilligan

Beth Gilligan

Principal Dominic College

Dominic College Principal Update - Families 26 April, 2020

Sunday 26 April, 2020

Dear Families,

I hope that you and your children are well and that our students have rested and are ready to recommence learning remotely on Monday, 27 April.

I am very confident that we are well placed to deal with this unprecedented situation of having to deliver teaching and learning remotely. I am sincerely grateful to all families who have worked with faith and trust in us to do the very best by you and your children. Your ready support has been gratifying and your acceptance, without complaint, of the reality of our situation has been encouraging to me and all of our staff.

Directives from the Tasmanian State Government – Response to COVID-19

How schools operate is delegated by the Commonwealth Government to the states and territories. The different states are managing their response to COVID-19 according to their context and that includes directives to their schools, including measures around social distancing, as well as proposed and staged return to school dates.

As a registered school with the Tasmanian Office of Education Registration, and bound by the Tasmanian Education Act, it is and will be the Tasmanian Government directives with which Dominic College must be compliant. As of Friday 24 April, the directives to Tasmanian parents and schools have not changed other than in the north-west where schools will be temporarily closed.

On last Friday 24 April, the Tasmania Premier, Mr Peter Gutwein, reiterated the state government’s directives:

‘In terms of students around the rest of the state. Schools will be open, and our advice to parents remains the same in those other regions as it was prior to the break. If our children can learn from home, this is the best place for them to be, noting that we do not expect parents to be experts. There’ll be teachers who continue to lead students’ learning.

School sites will however be open for students who cannot be supported or supervised to learn from home, for example due to parents’ work commitments. Your child’s teacher will provide you with learning activities and tasks to support that learning at home. The learning that is provided has been designed to meet your child’s needs, and the Education Minister will say more about this later today.’

The Tasmanian Minister for Education, Mr Jeremy Rockliff, later on Friday 24 April, further indicated:

‘Keeping children at home and supporting their learning where possible is the best thing we can do to support Tasmania’s response to COVID-19.

However, school sites will be open for students who cannot be supervised or supported to learn from home, for example due to parents or carers’ work commitments.’

Readiness for Term 2 and Provision of Information

Our teachers and teacher assistants have worked with great focus and dedication to be ready for remote teaching and learning. Last Monday 21 April, each family received information via email from our Teaching and Learning Coordinators – Mrs Jane Doyle (K-2), Mrs Sue Cunningham (Year 3-6) and Mrs Jan Marcenko (Year 7-10) outlining the details of Remote Teaching and Learning. We hope this has given you clarity about the operational nature of this framework.

On Friday 24 April, our Coordinator of Teaching and Learning 7-10, Mrs Jan Marcenko, emailed our 7-10 families, a comprehensive overview of the areas and units being studied by students in each subject in 7-10. These overviews provided by our Heads of Faculties, again are to enable all families to know the exact areas of study being explored and covered this term.

Subsequent to this, our Director of Teaching and Learning K-10, Mrs Selina Kinne, ensured that each family was posted by mail,  a set of Student and Parent Guidelines, Student Expectations, a Library Guide and an EMPOWER Well-being Chart as well as each student’s Individual Timetable, highlighting Real-Time Teaching sessions. If you have not received these, then please contact [email protected] to ensure we get these to you as soon as possible.

Our Deputy Principal, Mr Steve Casni has worked with dedication with our K-10 Administration Coordinator, Ms Erin Spencer to ensure we have on-site provision of supervision and support for students of our K-10 families of essential workers and those students who cannot provide supervision at home. These families received via email, on Friday 24 April, a comprehensive set of directives and instructions regarding their children coming on site.

It is imperative that parents follow these directives. This is not a time for socializing and catching up with parents of other children. As you know, we are applying strict protocols regarding drop-off and pick-up of students. In the interests of the safety of all in our community, parents and carers are asked to move carefully and swiftly onto and off the College site.

Communication between the College and families is more important than ever and families are requested to be proactive with us if their circumstances change and they withdraw their children from On-site Remote Learning or need to utilize our On-site Remote Learning. Please provide us with 24 hours’ notice as a minimum. Ideally we would hope for as much notice as possible. Again contacting [email protected] or phoning the College is our procedure.

Remote Learning and Contact and Support

Students’ classroom and subject teachers and Pastoral Group teachers are always the first point of contact for communications. They will welcome your communications.

Through re-deployment and employment of additional staff, our E-Learning Team has been expanded to do all we can to support our students and families. Our Helpdesk is readily available via phone: (03) 6274 600 or email: [email protected]

We have worked to put all our information, including video tutorials of our learning tools on our web-site. These are here at:

It might be useful for you and your children to bookmark this link on your web browser.

College Communications

Teachers will continue to communicate with families as much as possible. We will continue to produce our weekly College Newsletter and our College Facebook Page will remain active. Please send any news to [email protected]

We hope that all in our community will remain well and highly connected to the College. Working together in partnership and discussing any concerns immediately is foundational to the best interests of our students.

We are a wonderful school community because of the caliber of our students, staff and families and a shared commitment to the Mission of the College. We are certainly working for the same goals – the best educational experience and learning outcomes for each and every individual student.

I will continue to keep families up-to-date with any developments or changes in our circumstances, particularly directives from our state government to schools.

Every best wish and continued prayers for you and your family as we commence Term 2.

Ms Beth Gilligan


Dominic College

Principal Update -Dominic College Families - Friday 10 April 2020

Friday 10 April, 2020

 Dear Families,

 Greetings to all of you as we enter the Easter weekend. It is my hope that you are well and that your children have enjoyed the first four days of their extended Term 1 break.

 As you know, this past week, all Teachers and Teacher Assistants worked remotely for the four full days Monday – Thursday, off site at home, and have very successfully trialed the use of our online tools for our professional learning, team planning, meetings, and practice teaching.

When we re-commence school on Monday 27 April we will commence Term 2 with confidence, and commitment. We are anticipating that most families will be able to keep their children home and we will have a percentage of those families of essential workers and those unable to provide supervision, who need ready support for their children from the College so they can go to work.

 Important Family Needs Survey of Off Site and On Site Learning

On Wednesday next week, 15 April, a survey link will be emailed to all families. It is vital that every family at the College completes this survey by 9.00 pm on Friday 17 April. 

We need to identify which students will continue to learn at home, and which students will need to have their learning supervised on site.

 Completion of this survey will be fundamental to our capacity to organise appropriate supervision by our casual relief staff who will support any students who need to be learning onsite at Dominic in Term 2. 

 Holiday Break Training in our On-Line Platforms for Students and Parents

 Next week, we have organised for parents and students to access training in the platforms we are using for remote learning in Term 2:

  • SEQTA Engage and SEQTA Learn
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Seesaw

Small group training will be available through Microsoft Teams during the Term 1 holiday break. Training for up to 4 participants at a time will be offered each day from Wednesday 15 April to Friday 24 April at the pre-scheduled session times below:

Parents & Students Daily
9:00 am – 9:30 am
9:35 am – 10:05 am
10:10 am – 10:40 am
10:5 0am – 11:20 am
11:25 am – 11:55 am
12:00 noon – 12:30 pm

Mr Willem Logan, an IT Teacher who has joined the E-Learning Team will conduct the training. Will has previously taught at Dominic full-time and has been contracted back to the Dominic staff. Please use the following link to book a 30-minute training session with Willem:

Willem will schedule a Microsoft Teams meeting with you.  He will call you through Microsoft Teams at the start of your selected session time.

Ongoing Support

If you have any support questions or requirements in addition to the above training and tutorial information, please email the E-Learning team directly at [email protected]

Parent & Teacher Meetings – Term 2

Parent and Teacher Interviews will be conducted next term and have been moved to Week 3 of Term 2 from Monday 11 May - Friday 15 May 2020. This change also enables us to monitor how each student is coping with remote learning.

Parents have already been advised about the process for booking appointments through the Expectations Report email on last Wednesday. Interviews will be run remotely through Microsoft Teams and schools across Australia have already utilized this framework most effectively.

Parent and Teacher Interviews will be undertaken with greater flexibility and will include at least one afternoon to 6.30pm. SOBS bookings open for parents and guardians to make bookings with teachers from 8.00am Thursday 30 April and will close 10.00pm Sunday 10 May.

Family Mail-Outs during Term Break

Student Attendance Procedures, Expectations of Students, Guidelines for Students and Parents in our Remote Learning Environment and Student Timetables will all be both mailed and emailed to students and parents in the second week of the term break.

Much thought and energy has gone into these materials – they are the result of excellent collaboration by many staff. When you receive these, we would be grateful if you go through these carefully with you child; teachers will do this as well. Students will reach and maintain high standards if they can mentally and swiftly adapt to this new model.

The new section of our College website to support our families during the pandemic while their children are learning in a remote learning environment, will be launched by the beginning of Term 2.

Mid-Year Assessment & Reporting Term 2

The requirement to facilitate effective assessment of learning and reporting on student achievement is a legislated requirement by the Australian Federal Government. Individual schools or ‘systems of schools’ do not have the authority to make decisions about abolishment of assessment of learning and reporting on student progress.

At the meeting of the Australian Education Council, two days ago, on Wednesday, 7 April, the continued delivery of school education for all students during COVID-19 was re-affirmed and furthermore, the Council stated that:  “Student progress will continue to be monitored and assessed by teachers, with progress reports provided to parents and guardians, noting that existing assessment and reporting processes may have to be adjusted to accommodate broader changes to the teaching and learning environment.”

This position is indeed welcomed by the College and parents can expect our ongoing assessment of learning and reporting on student progress at the end of Term 2 as usual.

Preparation for On-site Model of Remote Learning

At this stage, we anticipate that the bulk of our students will continue to learn at home, with Teachers and Teacher Assistants overseeing this learning. 

We are developing a model of appropriate, on-site learning support and supervision by Dominic College Relief Staff who are familiar with our students and our procedures. They will provide facilitated support to any students who need to be learning, following their remote program, onsite at Dominic College in Term 2 according to current social distancing requirements.

We anticipate that our on-site, K-10 educational program will be run out of the 7-10 Savio and Guzman area, utilizing the classrooms and recreational areas in that part of the College.

Our Deputy Principal, Mr Stephen Casni, together with our K-10 Administration, Coordinator Ms Erin Spencer are leading the development of this framework. Information and details about the on-site leaning model will be forthcoming in the final week of the term break.

We continue to extend our deep appreciation to all essential workers who are members of our school community for their dedication to our capacity to remain operational and functional as a city. Every citizen should be grateful for your ongoing support commitment.

Student-Free Staff Professional Days in Term 2

An additional Professional Learning Day for Teachers and Teacher Assistants has been scheduled in Term 2.The best use and timing of this day has been considered by the College Leadership Team.

With a continued commitment to hold a remote Staff Spirituality Day for our staff mandated  accreditation on Friday 5 June, just before the long weekend of the Queen’s Birthday, we have planned to hold our additional Professional Learning Day on Thursday 4 June, in Week 6.

This will allow teachers to be involved in moderation of student work samples and Common Assessment Tasks in Grade levels and in Faculty teams in readiness for reporting.

This means that students will have a mid-year break from the intensity of remote learning from Thursday 4 June – Monday 8 June. At this stage, if there are no directives regarding facilities closure, from the Tasmanian Government, families will be able to access care and support on Thursday and Friday 4 and 5 June on site at the College through Discovery’s Vacation Care Program.

The College Feast Day – Term 2

The College’s two Feast Days are priority days on our annual calendar. They celebrate our identity and mission. We would like to explore holding this special day remotely on the final day of Term 2, Friday 3 July. For various reasons, we won’t hold it on the Wednesday. We are hoping that we can come together as a community and be able to pull this off in a different way.

Reading over the Holidays

As our Director of Teaching and Learning K-10, Mrs Selina Kinne, has indicated, there is no better way to spend chilly autumn days while students are staying at home during the holidays than to read a good book.

Selina has reminded us in the College Newsletter, that while we are not able to travel and enjoy being out and about, we can journey to amazing and wonderful places when we read a book.

We would love to share on our Facebook page photos of our students enjoying reading and recommending great books to read. Send your photos to [email protected]

Commitment to Safety

We need to make every effort to socially distance and stay in our own homes and become even more vigilant about hygiene practices. Our lives and our community depend on each and every one of us doing the right thing. Please be cautious and be vigilant.

Families can expect to hear from me in the last week of the term break with any further updates.


As I write, we have 111 cases of the Coronavirus in Tasmania and we have community transmission. By all predictions this will worsen.  It is Good Friday around the world and we have never felt the suffering of Christ so intensely.

This is a time of both deep sorrow and abiding hope and we need to hold fast to the Easter message inherent in the Resurrection during these difficult times.

 May all in our community feel the loving presence of God this Easter and may you feel God come to you in daily experiences of the resurrection in your families and homes.

My best regards, gratitude for your ongoing support and prayers,

Beth Gilligan

College Principal

Principal Update to Dominic College Families 4 April, 2020

Saturday 4 April, 2020

Dear Families,

Firstly thank you for the outstanding support extended to the College and the way you have worked in tight and faithful partnership with us in getting ready for remote teaching and learning by our teachers and students – this has now become a reality.

Announcement by the Tasmanian Minister for Education

Yesterday, on Friday 3 April, Jeremy Rockliff, the Tasmanian Minister for Education and Training, announced that: “We know the challenges resulting from COVID-19 are not limited to weeks, they will be over many months, and it is our expectation that most students will continue to learn at home during Term 2.”

Mr Rockliff further emphasized that “what we know, without doubt is that by staying home, Tasmanians are doing the very best thing to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and save lives.”

We now face this urgency together and our families and staff at Dominic must do everything in our power to keep our community well, safe and not at risk to the virus during this time of grave emergency that is predicted to be long.

This means our children staying home and learning from home and our teachers and teacher assistants staying home and teaching and supporting from their homes. Families must do everything possible to keep their children home.  No one is immune to this deadly virus.

Preparations for Remote Teaching and Learning for Dominic College

We have spent the last week at school preparing students and teachers for this situation to eventuate and we will be ready to implement full scale remote teaching and learning as Term 2 commences.

As you know, with a herculean effort, we were able to ensure that every student K-10 now has either an iPad or a laptop. K-4 parents were amazing in the way they quickly adjusted their schedules and got into school last Monday to pick up devices and learning packs. Their goodwill and positivity were gratifying to all of us.

Families began setting up work spaces for their children at home. Please see page 3 of the College Newsletter this week to see what this is looking like for different families. The adaptability of our families and students is so encouraging:

With very few students attending school on site, we set to supporting them in using their devices and supporting the majority of our students who were already at home learning. We collapsed and combined classes to enable our wonderful IT savvy staff to conduct professional learning workshops on SEQTA and MyedOnline, Seesaw and Mircosoft Teams with other staff. I did a workshop myself on Seesaw with our Year 6 teacher Vanessa Young, and this is a fantastic platform that will greatly enhance teaching and learning for all students. Mr Casni and I will be using this with our classes. We also held a successful Microsoft Teams meeting with one of our Year 10 classes.

In this past week, with the support of our amazing staff, the College Leadership Team prepared a policy on expectations of our Teachers and Teacher Assistants working remotely from home, commenced re-deployment of some staff as Teacher Assistants into Learning Support of students with additional needs, who will need much support during remote learning. We’ve planned for our Professional Learning days and developed Expectations of Students as remote learners and Guidelines for Parents and communications procedures. We’ve assessed and re-directed financial and human resources to our E-learning team.

Students and our families have been at the center of every piece of preparation work that our dedicated staff have undertaken with such collegiality in order to develop a strong framework of remote teaching and learning.

This coming week, all Teachers and Teacher Assistants are working four full days off site at home and we will be trialing the use of our online tools for our professional learning, team planning, meetings, and  using our online tools for practice teaching.

How Teaching and Learning will be facilitated

Our students are not yet independent, self-directed learners on the most part, particularly in our K-6. Our model will not be a distance education model which requires no ‘contact.’ Our students will continue on an adapted timetable with ‘Real Time’ teaching blocks of 45 minutes using Microsoft Teams (video link platform) and then time to do work on a range of other set learning that teachers have designed. ‘Real Time’ teaching will be when teachers will do all of their direct instruction but includes a variety of student activities and interactions.

We will continue to undertake modelling of staff and student timetables to ensure we can work to provide best contact time and check-in and student support without cognitively overloading students. The feedback from our senior students at the end of this week was that they were enjoying self-paced learning, and some have never worked so hard. We’ll need to keep adjusting the type and pace of tasks for all students based on their and parent feedback to ensure the work load is sustainable for students.

In Kinder-Year 3, each year level will have a simple timetable for students and parents to follow.  Focus will be on the core subjects with single ‘Real Time’ teaching blocks.  There will be time allowed for specialist classes within the timetable K-6.

Year 4-Year 10 students will follow their current timetable on SEQTA with ‘Real Time’ teaching blocks and then undertake further set learning activities. Students will not be having ‘Real Time’ teaching every current timetabled lesson as this will overload them, require excessive screen time and be too restrictive to on-line activities.

Our school day will commence with homeroom and class time and attendance and contact and check-ins every day will occur in the morning. Details about this will be forthcoming.

I know parents will be concerned about expectations we might have of them. Please be assured that parents and carers are not expected to become teachers– your most important role is to continue to encourage our students to engage with and continue their learning.

We are acutely aware that many parents will themselves be working from home and caring for and overseeing their children and even extended family at home. This is challenging and our partnership in your children’s education has never been more important.

My own advice to parents is to put the safety and well-being of your children first and do not expose them to the risks of COVID-19, that is, outside of home contact. Please urge your children, especially your older children to remain at home and not be tempted to wander. Their contact with their friends is being sorely missed but they must stay home and follow our government regulations regarding activities. These will become tighter and stricter and require our unconditional support and fidelity.

Children of Essential Workers

These are very challenging times for families who have one or both parents who are essential workers. Working schedules and shifts and looking after their precious families will be very challenging as well as managing their own deep concerns about personal and then family exposure to the virus.

Support for children of families who are essential workers will be provided by the College. With all of our teachers and teacher assistants working remotely at home, with the vast majority of our students who themselves are at home, we are developing a model of facilitated learning support on site unless schools are called to complete closure by the Government.

 At the moment we are looking to a model of providing this service with the employment of additional casual staff – teachers and/or teacher assistants on site, for students who are children of essential workers. The College Leadership Team will be working on this model this week.

We continue our thoughts and prayers for the health, safety and well-being of these outstanding members of our College community who are ensuring the maintenance of our livelihoods.

Communications with Families and Students

Apart from these regular communiques, our Newsletter will continue to be published each week during the term. Class teachers will be in constant communication and we are keen to receive feedback from families. We will most likely do this through surveys.

Parents will receive Student Expectations in our Remote Learning Environment, Parent Guidelines and more details of student timetables. We are developing a new section of our website to support our families during the pandemic that is specific to support parents as their children are at home in a remote learning environment.

We encourage parents to support each other and share experiences and information. This is a characteristic of any school community that values strong, caring relationships. This is a time when we must be united, extend mutual goodwill and have faith and trust each other. I urge parents to take great care with the use of Social Media. I know we can face any issue we have with goodwill and mutual respect. Please don’t hesitate to contact the College to talk with one of our staff leaders if you are worried or anxious.


By Easter, after the Staff Professional Learning Days, there will be more details forthcoming for parents about the learning frame. The Education Minister also indicated on Friday that all government school students will return on Tuesday 28 April, with Monday 27 April being a student-free day for teachers. We are unsure if we will take advantage of this day at Dominic or if we will gazette it later in the term. There has been no opportunity to discuss this yet and I will let families know in my next communique.

As students commence their term break on Monday, I hope they really rest. They are tired and have found these last few weeks very difficult and emotionally stressful. The social distancing has been so foreign for them and this has heightened their anxiety. They will need time to recover so they are ready for the energy and focus required for the first stage of adaption to remote learning. Everything you do for your family now matters a great deal. You have my admiration and absolute support.

Every prayer and blessing.


Beth Gilligan


Dominic College

Urgent Update for Dominic Families - K-4 Collection of Devices 29 March 2020

Sunday 29 March, 2020

Dear Families,

You have been wonderful in responding to the state’s changing directives as we adapt our College’s plans on a day-by-day basis as part of arresting the spread of COVID-19. Thank you too for the many encouraging messages to myself and our staff.

Most students quickly exited the College on Friday afternoon, going home to their families at the Premier’s request. Supervised learning is scheduled in classrooms this week, Monday 30 March to Friday 3 April. Students who are attending school are to go to their normal classrooms or homerooms.

Urgent Collection of Devices – Process for K-4 Parents & Guardians

Our E-learning team have worked tirelessly across the weekend to get electronic devices ready for K-4 parents to collect tomorrow, Monday, 30 March from 11.00 am – 6.00 pm from the Savio Centre.

It is vital that parents or guardians of K-4 students collect their iPad or laptop tomorrow. With the changes that happen daily – you could likely not have another opportunity.

All iPads and laptops have been issued in your child’s name. There will be a prompt sheet for accessing on-line resources and our trouble shooting email etc. There will also hopefully be a learning pack ready for Years K-4.

Parents are asked to come to the Savio Centre for collection. To manage human traffic on the College site we are asking parents to select a time slot to collect their child’s device from one of the following time-slots:

11.00 am – 11.30 am: Family surnames A-M
11.30 –12.00 pm: Family surnames N-Z
12.00 pm – 1.30 pm: Family surnames A-M
1.30 pm – 2.00 pm: Family surnames N-Z
2.00 pm – 2.30 pm: Family surnames A-M
2.30 pm – 3.00 pm: Family surnames N-Z
3.00 pm – 3.30 pm Family surnames A-M
3.30 pm ­– 4.00 pm: Family surnames N-Z
4.00 pm – 4.30 pm: Family surnames A-M
4.30 pm – 5.00 pm: Family surnames N-Z
5.00 pm – 5.30 pm: Family surnames A-M
5.30 pm – 6.00 pm: Family surnames N-Z
Obviously families need to make a judgement about when they can come that best supports their schedule tomorrow. If you can come only at a certain time, then please come when it does best suit.

We can only have 8 people in the Savio Centre at a time. Please kindly enter the Savio Centre when you are asked to, collect your child’s device which will be on a table under their class name and will be in alphabetical order. Staff will be present to assist. We would ask that you depart as quickly as possible, respecting all social distancing measures. I urge all K-4 families to make it their utmost priority to collect their device tomorrow but they will not be ready before 11.00 am.

Student Absence Notifications on Monday – Friday this Week

All families are asked to use the normal school attendance process to notify the College of your child’s absence for Monday until the remainder of the week. You only need to notify us once - ie on Monday if your child is to be away for the remainder of the week.

Please either call the College on 6276000 and leave a message or email us on: [email protected]

School Fees

We know some of our families have been financially impacted by COVID-19 and we want to assure you of our support during this challenging time.

We are currently reviewing the College’s Fee Assistance Policy on how we can best support unemployed families through these troubled times. This policy is  based on the values of equity, fairness, compassion and mutual responsibility. We will be considering the speed at which the economic and financial support package can be delivered to unemployed families through Centrelink.

School fees will continue to be charged, whether the teaching and learning of students is delivered onsite, online or remotely. College resources will be redirected to fully support best quality remote learning in the event that this happens.

If individual families have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at [email protected] 

Our Fee Assistance assessment process continues to be in place and we remain fully committed to working closely with our families on a case by case basis.

My sincere gratitude to all our Dominic College families for your steady and unwavering support of myself and the staff. You are all constantly in my daily thoughts and prayers as you work to give assurance to your children and maintain a strong and calm family during these challenging times.

With gratitude,


Beth Gilligan


Dominic College

Dominic College Principal Update to Families 27 March 2020

27 March, 2020

Dear Families,

Today the Tasmanian Premier Peter Gutwein announced that families who are not essential workers can keep their children at home commencing this Monday 30 March.

The ABC News has reported “Schools will remain open, but where possible from Monday parents should keep their children home from school.”

Next week we will continue to upskill our students who are on-site in using e-Learning devices and tools for the likely possibility of school closure commencing in Term 2. Classes will continue next week for students of essential workers and those who are not able to be supported or supervised in their learning at home.

Families will receive a further detailed communication regarding when and how devices can be collected for students in Kinder to Year 4.  Parents who are keeping their children at home should refrain from entering the school site until communication is received on how and when to collect devices.

As far as we understand, the school holiday period for Dominic students and families will continue to commence on Monday 6 April. Remote learning, if needed to commence, would commence on Monday 27 April.

In light of the Premier’s statement, any Dominic family who keeps their child home is asked to use the normal process of attendance and an absence will be recorded as resolved.

Students who are being kept at home next week, are encouraged to engage with SEQTA in Years 5-10. Other students in Kinder to Year 4 are encouraged to continue daily reading, practice their spelling words, undertake creative story writing, use reading eggs and access Mathletics.

Please take good care, best wishes and prayers for your family.

Beth Gilligan


Dominic College

Dominic College Principal Update to Families 25 March 2020

Wednesday 25 March, 2020

Dear Families,

I send my best regards to you during these deeply anxious and uncertain times. I want to commend our students, families and staff for the calm and positive way they have approached the challenges of the spread and potential spread of COVID-19. Families have been very supportive of the College’s call for students to attend school each day and to remain positive about our circumstances and have been strong and constant.

Calls for Schools to Prepare for Closure in Tasmania

Today the Tasmanian Government announced that schools will bring Term 1 to a conclusion early, on next Friday 3 April, giving a three week holiday for students K-12 across the state.

This measure will enable schools to have the last week of Term1 to undertake staff professional learning to prepare staff for the potential delivery of teaching and learning remotely, should the looming possibility of school closure become necessary in Term 2.

Holiday Care Provision at Dominic College

We have negotiated with our partner, Discovery to ensure that they can commence their normal holiday program service before Easter, commencing Monday 6 April. Dominic families are advised to contact Discovery as soon as possible to book a place in the Holiday Care program, should they need this service.

Dominic College’s Plan for Delivering Remote and On-line Learning

As we have assessed our capacity for remote teaching and learning, in te event of closure, the equitable access to technology has been an important consideration and our E-Learning Team have undertaken an electronic device capacity audit.

Dominic College is in the extraordinary position to be able provide an electronic device to every student in the College K-10 to support their learning, if and when attending school remotely. At the end of this term:

All Kindergarten and Prep students will be issued with an individual College ipad.
Year 1 – Year 4 students will be issued with a College laptop, each with a touch screen.
All Year 5-10 students are already part of our one-to-one laptop program and have a device.
We are able to achieve this by pooling all faculty and year based resources and retired and reserved laptops, that have not yet been re-sold.

The College’s On-line delivery tools will be our current, well-established learning platform, SEQTA, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams and See Saw.  We will only need to seek a College license for See Saw which is a very interactive platform.

Student Readiness for On-line and Remote – An Urgent Plea 

Our Year 8-10 students are the most proficient and competent users of SEQTA, our Year 1-7 students however will need time to build their capacity to navigate their devices and the on-line platforms.

We believe, commencing tomorrow, we have only seven school days to advance all student skill level in knowing their devices and preparing to use these remotely at home. Teacher priority will now work to commence using these devices and integrating them into teaching and learning face-to-face in class

It is therefore urgent that as far as possible, students attend school now to receive this training. Teacher focus will be on students attending school, preparing them for full on-line learning at home.

Dominic College does not have the teachers or the resources to provide individual work to students who ae staying at home, other than those whose family or they themselves are medically compromised by the potential spread of the virus.

Today we had 75% student attendance. We can only teach and prepare students effectively for distance learning if they are at school.

A potential timetable is being designed to enable “real time teaching’ blocks, self-directed learning blocks, supported learning blocks and check-in times with students and teacher feedback . Student, Staff and Parent On-line and Remote Learning Rules are being developed.

It is anticipate that our K-2 students will be supported by emailed or mailed learning packs that can be used at home in tandem with their device. Much more information will be conveyed to parents in due course.

Social Distancing Measures

The College has now begun implementing further social distancing measures:

  • Teachers have been asked to continue to discuss with students the imperative for social distancing, in and out of class at the commencement of each lesson and before and after recess and lunch breaks.
  • K-6 teachers are now requested not to use mat time and not closely gather students on the mat. This is effective immediately.
  • New K-6 student movement and break routines at lunch will be implemented.
  • A new schedule in 7-10 has been designed to reduce the number of student movement from class to class and the use of different furniture and spaces. Year 7-10 core classes (Religious Education, English, Maths, Science, and HPE) have been reallocated to the same room and the teacher will come to the class. 7-10 will now be spread to a different year group in each block.   Japanese teaching is being moved to each classroom with minimal lessons in the LOTE room.

Information regarding Public Transport

Some of our families have expressed concern about their children, continuing to travel on public transport. I urge parents, if they are not confident with buses, to make every effort to get their children to school independently of the buses to build the skills they will need to be confident E-learners.

We have however been advised that all bus services are following the requirements of the Department of Health. These include restrictions on those subject to self-isolation or quarantine. Department of State Growth are liaising with bus companies to advise them on expectations as per the below link:

Cleaning practices undertaken by all of our bus companies include some of the following additional measures:

  • Cleaning of high-volume touch points morning and afternoon including hand rails, handles, vinyl seats and windows
  • Buses cleaned prior to deploying of a morning
  • Cleaning following any incident such as an uncovered sneeze
  • Clean school bus interiors on a daily basis
  • Social distancing measures are not always possible on school buses; however, all possible measures are in place to improve hygiene on public transport.  It is encouraged that all students use good hygiene procedures when using school buses.  

For families who are still concerned, then it is recommended that you seek alternative travel arrangements for your children to and from school in these next seven days.


Please be assured that we are doing all we can to prepare for school closure at the beginning of Term 2. The commitment and dedication of our staff to our students remains outstanding.  There will be ongoing communications about our on-line learning preparations. I commend the commitment of our families, especially those who have become unemployed and under-employed .You are showing inspirational strength and hope and commitment to your family and their education.

With every blessing,


Beth Gilligan

College Principal

Principal Update Dominic College Sunday 22 March, 2020

Sunday 22 March, 2020

Dear Dominic College Families,

My gratitude to all families for your positive support of our College during this unprecedented phenomenon of the spread of the Coronavirus and its impact on communities. I have written to families in the College Newsletter this week regarding this. The landscape of this enormous situation however is rapidly change by the day and by the hour.

The risks in Tasmania of contracting COVID-19 continues to remain comparatively low. The strategies of island border closures, group gathering controls and contraction and exposure tracking and isolation are being well received despite the ramifications and sacrifices for the people of our state.

Dominic College Self-Isolation Requirements

Whilst the Tasmanian Government has advised that people living under the same roof as somebody who is required to self-isolate, are free to move throughout the community as normal, the Tasmanian Catholic Education Office (TCEO) has advised that such students and staff are not to attend school as a means to add an additional layer of protection to Catholic schools.

Dominic College has also invoked this pre-cautionary measure. If one of our College families has a visitor or family member returning from international or interstate travel coming into their home, any such Dominic student or staff member must not enter Dominic College for a period of 14 days. All families and students must adhere to the isolation policy.  It is better to explore how to isolate the incoming traveller beyond one’s home.

They can only return into our school once:

Ø  the 14-day self-isolation period has expired with no member of the household having COVID-
19 symptoms, or

Ø  receipt of a negative COVID-19 test result, or

Ø  a medical professional has advised there is no risk that a member of the household can
transmit the COVID-19 infection. if they have a medical clearance.

Members of the College community must inform the College if they are required to: self-isolate, undergo a COVID-19 test, or have tested positive for COVID-19. They can only return into our school if they have a medical clearance. Please contact the College by phone and seek advice immediately from Maria Walker: [email protected]

There have been no reported cases of COVID-19 in the College community. If there were, parents and all members of our community would be immediately informed and containment strategies enacted. Families can be assured of full disclosure and transparency about these matters.

Student Attendance

Student attendance at Dominic College continues to be imperative. Teaching and learning continues apace with our ongoing and progressive skills and knowledge development and assessment.

On average, across the year our student attendance at the College is normally hovering around 92%. On Wednesday 19 March we had 84% attendance and on Friday 20 March it was 85% attendance. The majority of Dominic College students are at school and most of those not in attendance are students taking temporary cold and flu pre-cautions.  Our students are fully engaged in ongoing learning and our parents are supporting full attendance.

I commend our families for supporting the College and our government in our directives that all students who are well, continue to attend school and enable continuity in their learning.

There is currently quite a lot communications around student attendance. The normal processes of notifying the College of student absence regarding phone or email will continue.

However, from Monday 23 March, the oversight and management of K-10 student attendance will be centralised under the leadership of a member of the College Leadership Team, Mrs Alicia McMahon. If you have any significant concerns about your child attending school, please contact Alicia [email protected]

If any student who is being kept home and their absence has not been an authorized medical absence by the College, they will not be provided with individual work by teachers. Please do not ask for it. Teachers are using all their energies and resources on those students who are in attendance and supporting the directives and expectations of the College and planning for future contingencies.

Unwell Students


If a student is unwell, the College has the authority and duty of care to send them home.  It is important that families liaise with staff in Student Services if in any doubt or if they have concerns about a student.


Personal and Group Hygiene and Cleaning Regimes

We are being very proactive to implement particular hygiene and cleaning procedures within the College based on advice from health authorities. There are key actions everyone can and should continue to do both at home and at school:


Ø  Follow protective coughing etiquette (cough into an arm or tissue);

Ø  Follow protective sneezing etiquette (sneeze into an arm or tissue);

Ø  Regular washing of hands using soap and water or hand sanitizer;

Ø  Soap and water is more effective for washing hands;

Ø  Washing in warm water is not necessary, cold water (15°C) is sufficient;

Ø  Regular daily wiping down of surfaces; sanitizing wipes are effective for this purpose.


A week ago, the College cleaners commenced the cleaning of touch points (door handles, light switches, desks etc) and will continue to do so.  Cleaning has been increased in communal areas.  Our Administration Team have gone to extraordinary lengths to source nationally scarce cleaning products. Cameron Berry is the centralized leader dealing with all issues regarding College cleanliness. Please contact Cameron with any concerns: [email protected]

Social Distancing

Social distancing within the College community and broader community is an important principle and we have applied bans on gatherings and all activities of large-medium groups of students and contact with people external to the College. We continue to review recommendations from health officials and the College has, where possible, implemented the recommended social distancing strategies for schools in line with the Department of Health advice.

Ø  We are well under the public guidelines of permissible groups and we are committed to sustaining activities to single class activities.

Ø  Our College and class masses have been cancelled in the chapel. Fr Peter Rankin SDB has called for meaningful liturgies with spread of single classes only, without the sign of peace, communion or blessings.  Liturgies commenced last Friday.

Ø  All College participation in sport (contact and non-contact) has been cancelled. The College will not participate in any team or inter-school sporting activities.

Ø  It is anticipated that all winter sports will be cancelled.

Ø  Our teachers are working hard to discuss with students the need for social distancing that goes against ingrained cultural practices for children and young people.

Ø  With the age range of our students and the physical environment in which we are working, our teachers are committed to implementing this principle.

Ø  The College Leadership Team will be reviewing this this week to try to achieve swifter changes in cultural practices amongst students.  Please contact with any concerns for K-6: Mrs Allison Lowe and Mrs Olivia Stephen [email protected]; [email protected]  and 7-10 Mr Aaron Davey: [email protected]

Cancellation of Events


We are all disappointed that much anticipated and valued College events and activities have been cancelled. It is not feasible to reschedule and push these into other terms without putting further pressure on staff and the College resources. The College Leadership Team (CLT) have decided that we will not be re-scheduling activities.


Ø  Families should anticipate now that Term 2 events will most likely be cancelled. Staff are asked not to spend their time and resources planning for these events that will most likely be cancelled.

Ø  Robotics has been cancelled commencing this week and updates about further cancellations will unfold.

Ø  The CLT will contemplate a possible re-scheduling is the Year 7 Camp in Term 4.  This is a priority community development activity for students transitioning in their secondary education. However it may not be possible.

Parent Connections & Meetings with Staff

Ø  Parents are asked to move swiftly in and out of the College as far as possible.

Ø  On-site ‘parent help’ will be discontinued immediately.

Ø  Mamma Margaret Kitchen Program will be discontinued immediately.

Ø  All Parent –Teacher meetings or interviews will be conducted by phone or skype, effective immediately.

NAPLAN Cancelled

Last week, a decision was taken by the COAG Education Council meeting, which includes Commonwealth, state and territory ministers, not to proceed with NAPLAN in 2020.

It was announced that amongst a range of reasons, that this decision has been taken to assist school leaders, teachers and support staff to focus on the wellbeing of students and continuity of education, including potential online and remote learning.

Avoidance of School Closure

I have spoken with our College Governing Body, the Salesians of Don Bosco and our College Council Chair, Fr Bernie Graham SDB.

Ø  There is absolute commitment by the Salesians that the College will be guided by national and state directives to virus containment of its spread.

Ø  Whilst we are an independent Catholic school, we will not break ranks with our national and state Governments and our partners in Tasmanian Catholic Education, who are calling for cohesive, unified and strategic action and collective planning.

Ø  To act alone and independently would be irresponsible and go against the social and moral teachings of the Church – to act in the interests of the Common Good.

Contingency Planning for School Closure

A pre-mature and unwarranted closure of schools is not in the interests of our students, families and staff. Dominic College will only close if requested by the Tasmanian Director of Public Health.

Ø  It is expected that a closure at this stage would be in relation to a suspected or confirmed case of Coronavirus by a staff member or student. Closure would be for an anticipated 48 hours to allow Public Health to trace who has been in close contact with the infected person and for us to thoroughly clean the College.

Ø  It is reasonable to anticipate identified close contacts would be directed by Public Health to self-isolate for 14 days in order to ascertain if they are infected with COVID-19.  Once the tracing and the self-isolation of close contacts has been completed it is anticipated that the College would reopen. NSW schools who have needed to temporarily close have provided us with a framework for this.

We need to use the time we have to plan for the advent of a possible school closure and use planning time for teachers smartly. Teacher meetings are being immediately devoted to this.

Our Year 5-10 students have their own individual laptops. We are currently focused on potential on-line learning for Year 4-10 and teacher-parent/family-student interactions for K-3 students that will also use technology. Families can expect a survey regarding their technology capacity at home.

We are very fortunate to be well placed for our students with a wonderful on-line learning platform – SEQTA. Year 5-10 students will be targeted to develop their capacity to use our on-line learning platform.

Remote Teaching and Learning Model

How teaching and learning will look being delivered remotely is unfolding for us and all school communities. We were fortunate that we held on-line meeting last week with our K-10 Director of Science, Jane Myers, who is on leave and is currently teaching in Vietnam for the year at a K-12 international school. They have been in school closure with on-line learning for 7 weeks. We have gained great insight from her and lessons learnt from the school’s experience. Our focus will be on crucial upskilling of our students and staff in remote learning. This will be implemented with what we are teaching and learning now and is one of the crucial reasons students need to be at school if they are well.

Potential short term or prolonged school closure is very worrying for most working parents, especially those who have no immediate family or those who have grandparents but do not want to put them at risk. I would encourage families to think now about how they might manage this.

Social and Emotional Well-being of our Students

There is no doubt that the spread of COVID-19 is increasing levels of anxiety amongst our students. Our staff are doing a first class job in assisting students to be calm and really reinforcing student responsibility for safe hygiene and social distancing. Our K-6 Coordinator of Pastoral Care, Mrs Allison Lowe has written in the College Newsletter this past week highlighting the social and emotional well-being of our students and potential resources to use at home.

Retaining a sense of belonging, keeping connected and intentional interaction are key pillars in designing our model of on-line and remote learning. Students need to continue to have fun in their learning.


At this time all of us need to be committed to maintaining as much harmony as possible throughout the College. This is not a time to commence divisive conversations or fuel a ‘them and us’ paradigm within the school community.

If you have any concerns, regardless of how large or small, please personally touch base with delegated leaders across the College. At any time, but especially in times of heightened anxiety and worry, person-to-person dialogue works in the best interests of our community. Speak via phone.

I would be most grateful if community members refrain from sharing their personal views about the College’s decisions on matters, especially on social media. At this trying time, we need to be a tight community. The vast majority of our families know how best to be an educational partner with us and do it so well.

Please do not hesitate to contact the College if you have any queries: [email protected]

I intend to do a weekly update to our families.

My gratitude for your on-going support at this anxious time. Please continue your prayers for all our health workers and our state and national decision-making bodies.

With kind regards,

Beth Gilligan

Principal Dominic College

Communication from Dominic College Principal - Coronavirus

Dear Dominic College Families,

Firstly thank you to all families for your positive support of our College decisions undertaken in the light of the national and state directives for the management of the Coronavirus and its impact on communities.

The health and safety of our students and staff are upmost in all decisions undertaken by the College Leadership Team. Decisions have today been confirmed to both support directives from our state government and health authorities and implement their advice to reduce the rate of spread in the wider community, while enabling quality teaching & learning to continue.

The risks in Tasmania of contracting COVID-19 remain very low, the risk of increased person-to-person transmission however does continue to increase.

You will no doubt be aware that large scale events involving hundreds of people in Hobart and Australia have been cancelled as a proactive means to prevent possible community transmission if it commences.

Social distancing within the College community and broader community is an important principle and we will apply bans on gatherings of large-medium groups of students.

School Attendance

  • School attendance by all students is imperative – daily learning is continuing. Students need reassurance and in these anxious times, normal routines are important in providing calm and harmony. Students should not be kept at home, creating gaps in their learning, through fear of exposure to the virus.
  • Students with compromised immune systems should seek medical advice about school attendance and their absence will only be authorized with a Medical Doctor’s directions and certificates

On-site Precautions

  • We continue to guide students with their personal hygiene with regular soapy handwashing and protected coughing & sneezing.
  • Social distancing makes a difference when people have become unwell, seating and desk arrangements in classes will be re-configured as necessary.
  • Access to hand soap and sinks in K-6 classrooms, toilets and communal areas in our 7-10 will continue with vigilance.
  • Increased cleaning of classrooms and touch surfaces will continue.
  • Students will be involved in cleaning desks each day and in Morning Pastoral Group, using sanitizing wipes.
  • Collaborative group activities between students will continue in classes as part of regular lessons.
  • School photos will be postponed and delayed until later in the year to avoid congregations of students.

International Travel

  • We have earlier made decisions at Dominic not to pursue any overseas travel in 2020 to Japan or Cambodia.
  • The government directive to all people travelling overseas, is that they must self-isolate for 14 days after arrival back in Australia; at Dominic this will be strictly tracked and enforced.
  • Families are encouraged to delay any holiday based international travel now and into the future.

Interstate Travel

  • OZBosco for SYDC and other students in Year 10, has been cancelled in Melbourne.
  • Our scheduled Year 9 trip to the Northern Territory and the Year 6 trip to Canberra have been cancelled due to possible travel exposures and risks and non-refundable monies for families. Any deposits made will be refunded.
  • Participation in the Melbourne Writers’ Festival will not proceed at this stage due to non-refundable monies involved.
  • Staff will not undertake interstate travel for professional learning or meetings.  

Interschool Sport

  • The SSATIS Swimming Carnival has been cancelled and all inter-school sport rosters have been cancelled – effective last Sunday 15 March.
  • The Southern Tasmania Netball Club Roster has been cancelled for the winter and Karana’s booking for the Savio Centre has been suspended.
  • Students are encouraged to keep fit through regular walking or jogging with their families or in- house exercise.

Off–site Visits

  • Planned excursions to off-site facilities for various subjects, are cancelled indefinitely.
  • The Year 10 Marine Science Camp has been cancelled.
  • The 7-10 Athletics Carnival in the last week of Term 1 is cancelled.
  • The School Dance Eisteddfod held at the end of Term 2 has been cancelled by the Eisteddfod Committee and therefore the College will not be participating in the event.
  • The College will not participate in Model United Nations (MUNA) at Deloraine.
  • RYPEN for Year 9 students has been cancelled.
  • Dance classes will continue in the nearby JDW’s studios with the studio maintaining high cleanliness and hygiene standards.
  • Staff will not attend inter-school meetings.

School Assemblies

  • We have discontinued school assemblies: K-6, 7-10 and whole school assemblies indefinitely.
  • Any planned K-6 assemblies provides an opportunity for our K-6 teachers to continue our EMPOWER program.
  • For planned 7-10 assemblies, the period will become a supervised study period for students.
  • Year 5-10 EMPOWER assemblies will be discontinued and replaced by an EMPOWER Class.
  • The P&F will continue its Easter Raffle but the draw will not involve a K-6 assembly.

Public Masses & Religious Ceremonies

  • The St Vincent de Paul Society cancelled its Youth Induction Mass scheduled for Monday night (tonight).
  • Scheduled single class masses in our Chapel will continue.
  • Catholic Education and associated Masses have been cancelled by the Archdiocese.
  • Classes will have their own small Easter ceremonies in class or in the Chapel as directed by the TCEO. The Mission Team will liaise with teachers.

Visitors on Site

  • Launch into Learning has been suspended – effective today 16 March.
  • Visitors who are guest speakers or facilitators are being cancelled.
  • Karana Netball training in the Savio Centre has been cancelled.
  • The Tasmanian Community Language classes held on the weekend in our LOTE Centre have been cancelled

Parent Connections

  • Parents volunteering in the MMK Program cannot bring their babies or younger children to the program.
  • Parents are asked to arrive on time and not wait around K-6 class room entrances for long periods of time before and after school commences.
  • The P&F will review its planned meeting schedule; its meeting this week has been cancelled.

Public Events

  • RSL Tasmania has cancelled Anzac Day ceremonies due to both the nature of the public gathering and risks posed to elderly veterans. We will therefore not be having contingents of students at the various traditional sites of the ceremonies. Planning for these is therefore suspended.
  • The DOSA Quiz Night has been cancelled and will be held on another occasion.
  • ‘The Odd Couple’, to be performed in the Oratory Space has been indefinitely postponed.

Co-curricular Programs

  • With the exception of Sport, most of our co-curricular programs will continue for our students on site: band, choir, drama, art, chess, robotics etc will operate as normal.

Avoidance of School Closure

All education authorities across Australia are weighing the disadvantages and benefits of school closure. Dominic College has always had disaster plans for possible school closure since the bushfires several years ago. We are proactively refining these contingency plans as all schools are doing at the moment.

One of the greatest threats to our effective state and national management of the virus and containment of its spread is pre-mature and unwarranted closure of schools.

At this stage none of the schools in the state need to close our doors.


Dominic College is a community whose students are deeply enriched by its many diverse opportunities. Whilst it pains us to cancel events and activities, we do so with the safety of our community as the focus. Families will be further informed of other events and gatherings as time progresses.

Please do not hesitate to contact the College if you have any queries: [email protected]

My gratitude for your on-going support at this challenging time. Please continue your prayers for all those suffering through the Coronavirus.

With kind regards,

Beth Gilligan

Principal Dominic College

Urgent Notification Year 7 Camp

Dear Parents and Guardians of Year 7 students,

Fifteen minutes ago, I spoke with Mr Sean Gill,the Deputy Executive Director of Catholic Education Tasmania who told me that he had spoken with Mr Tim Bullard, the  Secretary  of the Tasmanian Department of Education, only 30 minutes ago. There is a directive that all schools in Tasmania discontinue immediately any plans for camps and other specific activities in relation to the management of the Coronavirus.

It would appear that this directive was to be released to schools tomorrow (Monday) but has been intercepted by local media causing considerable confusion and distress amongst parents, staff and students.

Dominic College will comply with Tasmanian Government directives and the Year 7 Camp will be cancelled immediately. I am very sorry that parents are receiving such late notice but this has been beyond our control. Several Catholic Schools were setting off on camp tomorrow.

It will be classes as normal for Year 7 students this week.  Further notifications will be forthcoming to all parents.

Kind regards,

Beth Gilligan

Principal Dominic College

Update Dominic College and Coronavirus Communications

Dear Dominic Families,

It has been a challenging few days as we have watched the global spread of the Coronavirus over the weekend.

We need to pray for those people and families locally and globally afflicted by the virus and who have lost their loved ones.

May they feel God’s strong and constant presence during this time of alienation, isolation and despair. We need to have faith that this virus can and will be conquered swiftly.

The Australian Government, as you know, has put in place a number of measures to work to contain the spread of the virus.

A number of external events in which the College would normally be involved have already been cancelled to proactively contain potential disease spread: SATIS Swimming Carnivals and SATIS Sports, Inter-school Debating, Vinnies Youth Mass, Dance Eisteddfod, Taste of the World Festival at Moonah etc.

Our Year 7 Camp however will proceed this week on the basis that it is an in-school, small scale activity with least and low risk to our students and staff.

The College Leadership Team (CLT) are prepared and members have been working over the weekend on our measures regarding protection of students and staff  and possible  containment if there ever is any exposure to the virus in our community. The CLT  will meet again on Monday (tomorrow) and information and directions will be provided  to all in our community  by evening. I anticipate that communications will be on-going.

A reminder that if your child is unwell, as normal, they should be kept at home in order to recover.

We are committed to being calm, centered and well-informed in all our decision-making. I am grateful for your ongoing support. If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or by email:  [email protected]

Beth Gilligan

Principal Dominic College

Principal Communication re: Confirmation of Year 7 Camp

Dear Parents and Guardians of Year 7 students,

I hope you are all well. As you know, the College has been proactive in the education of our students to sustain good hygiene practices during the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19.

So far, all five cases of COVID-19 in Tasmania have been related to overseas travel, rather than local transmission within the community.

We have made decisions at Dominic not to pursue any overseas travel in 2020.

You will no doubt be aware that large scale events involving hundreds of people  in Hobart and Australia have been cancelled as a proactive means to prevent possible community transmission if it commences.

Schools have been currently advised to be cautious regarding hygiene practices and to operate with business as usual unless directed otherwise by our state health and education authorities.

The Year 7 camp, a small scale group activity to be held at Fortescue Bay will proceed this week as planned.

There are no reasons to cancel or postpone the camp. Hand hygiene and protective covering of coughing & sneezing will continue to be emphasized at the  camp.

Additional supplies of hand sanitizer will be taken to the camp  and these will be placed in the camp toilets as well.

As normal, any staff or students who are feeling unwell, should not proceed to go on the camp.

All internal and external activities will continue to be reviewed at the College as the health and safety of our students remains our top priority.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our Health and Safety Officer Maria Walker [email protected] if you have any concerns.

Yours sincerely,

Beth Gilligan

Principal, Dominic College

Coronavirus - Principal's Update

Dear Parents and Carers,

Recently, the first cases of the Coronavirus were established in Hobart and the public notified via the media.

I wanted to write to you to ask that all of us in the Dominic College community be vigilant with and use the same common-sense measures that we would use for all infectious diseases.

As you will be aware, the Coronavirus can make people sick, usually with a mild to moderate upper respiratory tract illness, similar to a common cold. The symptoms can include a runny nose, cough, sore throat, possible headache and a fever that can last for a couple of days.

The advice from all health advisory bodies for any student or staff member who feels unwell is to not attend school and to seek immediate medical advice. I would recommend that we be particularly careful and more cautious than usual if our children are presenting with the above symptoms.

At the College, we will implement a campaign this week of Protective Coughing & Sneezing and Protective Hand Washing. We will use the posters from the World Health Organisation to reinforce best hygiene practices.  I would greatly appreciate if you could reinforce this at home.

We do not want to frighten our students but we do want to be careful and students will be encouraged to not hold hands to avoid spreading germs. 

I want to also assure you that we are increasing our daily cleaning regime both inside and outside the classrooms. This will include the cleaning of student and staff desks in classrooms and touch surfaces in high traffic areas in the College.

We are seeking to secure additional soap and hand sanitisers so they can be placed in classrooms and toilet areas for ease of access by our students and staff.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are concerned about your children. Ms Maria Walker is our College Health and Safety Officer and can be contacted [email protected] You can also call the College on 6274 6000.


Yours sincerely,

Ms Beth Gilligan

College Principal

3-6 Swimming Program

Dear Parents,

The excitment is building for Year 3-6 students with the Swimming Carnival scheduled to take place at Clarence Pool tomorrow.

Attached is the final program for the day. Printed copies will also be available.

Any late changes will not appear on the program but can be made on the day if required.

A reminder that the bus will be departing Dominic College by 9.00am.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me, [email protected]

Kind regards,

Talia Stopp

Acting K-10 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: Program_FINAL_2020_5e5eccc48efa6.pdf

7-10 Assessment Schedule 2020

Dear Students, Parents and Carers

Please find a link to the 2020 Assessment Schedule for students in Years 7-10 below. Students are encouraged to use this information to help them plan and organise their work. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns related to this information.


Sincerely yours

Janet Marcenko

7-10 Coordinator of Teaching & Learning

Attachment: 2020_Assessment_Schedule_PDF_5e5c4bf65fd30.pdf

DRAFT Dominic 3-6 Swim Program

Dear Parents,

Please find attached the DRAFT of the Swimming Carnival program for next Thursday 5 March.

This is the initial DRAFT and there will be many changes that will occur. Some parents failed to fill in the ‘edsmart’ information in time so their son/daughter may not be in the program or there will be errors that we have made. Please do not stress about this, all changes can be fixed by emailing the K-10 Sport Coordinator Miss Talia Stopp ([email protected] ) who will then make the updates.

A reminder that students swimming in a 50m event ‘cannot’ swim in the 25m event of the same stroke. (or vice versa)

Students swimming in any stroke event cannot enter the kickboard/novelty events. The kickboard/novelty events are strictly for students who cannot swim stroke events.

The relay teams will be filled in at House Meetings so please do not email about those. The House Teachers will fill in the relay teams for the students at these meetings.

All students will have ample free swim time at the end of the day which will cater for all swimming needs.

Thanks for your patience and understanding in this process and we look forward to a successful carnival next Thursday.


Cameron Golding- Director of HPE K-10

Attachment: Dominic_3_6_Swim_Carnival_DRAFT_2020_5e58c7f7995eb.pdf