Recent Information Sent Home

Information is sent home in a variety of ways, in a student's diary, a parental mail-out, via a student's class or pastoral teacher, or from the office, or through the new Parent Paperwork program.

Please notify the Business Office if you are a Dominic parent/carer who has for some reason missed an important mail-out, and especially if your contact details (address, mobile, email) have changed.

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Current Notices

5/6 Netball and Football Round Robin 28 May 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please see the attached information, team lists and rosters for this Friday's 5/6 Football and Netball round robin.  

Please direct any queries to

Kind regards,

Ms Nicole Millikan

K-10 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: Netball_Information_and_Rosters_5d1059c870010.pdf
Attachment: Football_Round_Robin_Teams_and_Information_5d105a302b3e1.pdf
Attachment: Netball_teams_5_6_round_robin_2019_5d105be96ef02.pdf

Goalsetting Day

The following email has gone home to parents:

The first day of Term 3, Monday 22 July, will be devoted to individual goal-setting appointments for all students in Year 3 to Year 10. Because we believe this process is important, the day will be a student-free day for K-10 students. K-2 teachers will work with Year 3-10 students, so K-2 students will not commence school in Term 3 until Tuesday 23 July 2019.

All Year 3-10 students have been allocated a teacher and will be asked to book in an appointment with that teacher.

Your son/daughter has been allocated a teacher to guide you both through this process, which will take around 25 minutes of the day.

This booking can be made now through SOBS. While we appreciate this may be difficult for some with work arrangements, we consider goal-setting an essential step on your daughter’s learning journey. We hope by giving you enough notice you will be able to make the necessary arrangements to enable your presence to support your child. If circumstances do not allow this, another family member as nominated by you, could be present instead.

Students from Year 5 – Year 10 are asked to bring their laptops to this appointment.

The goals set on this day will be reviewed at the end of Term 3 and Term 4 in their classroom with their class teacher or in their EMPOWER class.

We also look forward to welcoming you to Parent/Teacher Interviews which will be held on 29 July, 30 July and 1 August for K-6 students and on Tuesday 6 August for 7-10 students. The bookings for parent teacher interviews will open on Tuesday 23rd July.

We have been seeing the results of this endeavour and we look forward to implementing this valuable process with your daughter.

Yours sincerely
Beth Gilligan, Principal and Andrew Pritchard, Director of Pastoral Care K-10

Bravehearts - Ditto's Keep Safe Adventure Education Program

Wednesday 26 June 2019

Attachment: braveheart_note_2019_5cf88c33ae1d0.docx

Cross Country Information- Thursday 13 June- JSSATIS Cross Country

Hi All,

Please find attached the information for the second interschool Cross Country event for the 3-6 team on Thursday 13 June at the Rokeby Police Academy. 

Attached is all the relevent information for parents and students. An edsmart email will be sent out soon to all parents for permission to this event. 

1. Parent Note- Valuable information about both Interschool Carnivals

2. Maps for each Year level- times for events can be seen on the maps of the course. 

If there are any issues please do not hesitate to contact me.


Nicole Millikan- K-10 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: Note_1_2019_JSSATIS_Cross_Country_Dominic_team_5ceddce57dde5.docx
Attachment: Cross_Country_Gr_3_2019_PDF_5ceddcf2335c2.pdf
Attachment: Cross_Country_Gr_45_2019_PDF_5ceddcfc47f46.pdf
Attachment: Cross_Country_Gr_6_2019_PDF_5ceddd07c841d.pdf

P-4 Hockey Rosters

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Please see the attach PDF versions of the rosters.  You may find this easier than navigating the hockey website.

Kind regards,

Ms Nicole Millikan

K-10 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: 3_4_Hockey_Roster_5ce5299f2dc32.pdf
Attachment: P_2_Hockey_Roster_5ce529ba306c4.pdf

NSJSA Soccer Roster Link

Hi All,

Please find the link for the NSJSA Saturday Soccer roster. It is important you check this each week as changes can and will occur throughout the season. 


Miss Nicole Millikan- K-10 Sport Coordinator

Term 2 Assessment Schedule 2019

NSJSA Soccer Rosters

Hi All,

The soccer rosters for rounds 3-7 can be found following this link:


Miss Nicole Millikan- K-10 Sport Coordinator

Waterpolo Dominic College

Hi All,

Attached is the Waterpolo information for the 2019 season.

Rosters can be found folling this link-  

Attached is the schools handbook and the registering document for parents/players.


Ms Nicole Millikan- K-10 Sport Coordinator 

Attachment: Schools_competition_handbook_2019_5cca3c11e557a.pdf
Attachment: Registration_Document_Waterpolo_5cca3c18aa606.pdf

JSSATIS 3-6 Netball

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Please find attached all of the relevant information regarding the upcoming 3-6 netball rosters scheduled to commence in 2 weeks time.

We are seeking one coach for the 5/6 Black team.  Please let me know if you are able to assist!

Please direct any queries to

Kind regards,

Ms Nicole Millikan

K-10 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: Netball_Roster_5_6_Draft_5cca3aa3aecfd.pdf
Attachment: Netball_Roster_3_4_Draft_5cca3aa9310c4.pdf
Attachment: Dominic_Netball_2019_5cca3aefa2582.pdf

Primary Hockey Note

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Please see the attached note with relevant information regarding Term 2 K-4 Hockey.

Kind regards,

Ms Nicole Millikan

K-10 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: Hockey_parent_letter_teams_2019_5cc7cd18a9a8a.docx

2019 JSSATIS Netball Note 1 and Teams

Hi All,

Attached is the initial note and teams for the 2019 Term 2 JSSATIS netball roster for 3/4 and 5/6 girls who have signed up. 

The roster will be out early in Term 2. 

We are seeking coaches for teams still so please email me if you can assist. 


Ms Nicole Millikan- K-10 Sport Coordinator 

NSJSA Soccer Ground Directory

Hi all,

The NSJSA Ground Directory is attached.


Ms Nicole Millikan- K-10 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: Ground_Directory_2019_5ca5369499036.pdf

Saturday Soccer (NSJSA) K-6- Note 1 and Teams (UPDATED Regularly)

Hi All,

Attached is the initial note for the NSJSA Saturday Soccer for K-6 players. Also attached to this note is the teams for the season.

We are desperately seeking more coaches so if you can help out please contact me. There will be a training for all players on Monday 1 April at Dominic run by Mr. Golding and his team of helpers. 


Ms Millikan- K-10 Sport Coordinator ( or 64746000)

Attachment: DC_Soccer_Note_1_2019_For_App_Final_5ca3fc8d66e0d.pdf
Attachment: Dominic_Teams_5cca66e279975.xlsx

Past Notices

Year 6 Say It Loud

Say it Loud is an ongoing playbuilding project which all students in Year 6 have been developing in their Drama classes. The project culminates in a performance of their original work. This performance will be presented next Tuesday June 25. Each class has a difference performance time scheduled. All performances will be in the Oratory Space.

6C at 6pm.

6B at 6.30pm

6A at 7pm

Students are to wear a plain black t-shirt and shorts/pants/leggings.

Students need to be at school 30 minutes prior to their performance time. They are to go to their classroom to prepare for performance.

Each performance will run for approximately 20 minutes.

The Oratory Space is an ideal venue for our students, however, it has a limited seating capacity and due to the number of students and available seating, families and friends will only be able to view the performance of the student they are there to support.

Please use Trybooking to reserve your free tickets. 

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me on:

Ms Sam Healy - Drama teacher

Spam emails from Dominic College

Dear Families and Friends of Dominic College,

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to inform you that last night and during the course of today, you and some of your children may have received email spam messages from what looked like members of our Dominic community.

Our IT Department have investigated the matter thoroughly and it appears that the spam emails originated from a university on the mainland and targeted several of our staff and students, which in turn, may have impacted you and members of your mailing list if you clicked the link in the email.

To ensure the safety everyone’s email security, our IT Department have actioned the following:

  • quarantined any accounts suspected of being hacked;
  • reset affected accounts and passwords;
  • blocked the sites generating the false emails.
  • Please be aware that this was not an issue just for us at Dominic, but has cascaded across Tasmania and other states over the past week throughout many schools and other organisations.

My thanks to everyone who quickly and promptly informed our staff of the false emails. The matter has now been rectified at a school level and we should experience no further issues. If you, your children or people on your mailing list receive similar emails, please ask them to delete the emails immediately and not to click on the links provided.

If you feel your child’s school account has been affected in anyway, please ask them to seek assistance from our IT Department as soon as possible located in the College Library.

I thank you for your continued support of Dominic College and wish you all the very best for the remainder of Term 2.

Yours sincerely,

Stephen Casni - Deputy Principal

STCPSSA Cross Country- Friday 7th June- Rokeby Police Academy

Hi Parents,

Attached is the relevent information about next Friday's 3-6 Catholic Cross Country. A reminder that this event is optional due to it being a students free day at the College and parents need to supervise their own son/daughters at the event if they attend. Your son/daughter has made the team if they finished in the top 8 at our school carnival (see attached sheet for team for both interschool carnivals).

Also for those who do attend the STCPSSA Cross Country next Friday 7 June you can arrive and leave at the time you wish as per your event on the day. This is up to parents discretion. The Dominic tent will be set up for those who are attending to use if they wish at a 'home base' for the event. 


1. Information for the day

2. Course Maps- 3/4 and 5/6

3. Dominic team

Apologies that Dominic staff will not be in attendace on this day but it is a compulsory staff PD day at the College for staff. Those who are able to attend this Cross Country event on this student free day are to remember you are still representing the College at this carnivals so great behaviour and exceptional sportmanship is of the upmost importance.

If there are any issues please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Miss Nicole Millikan- K-10 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: Dominic_3_6_Cross_Country_Team_5cedd0e3b0d9c.xlsx
Attachment: STCPSSA_Cross_Country_Event_Program_Information_5cedd12fe2948.pdf
Attachment: STCPSSA_Cross_Country_Event_Times_2019_5cedd13d64509.pdf
Attachment: STCPSSA_Cross_Country_3_4_Course_5cedd1496cbdc.pdf
Attachment: STCPSSA_Cross_Country_5_6_Course_5cedd150a8226.pdf

3-10 Cross Country Event

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

Please see the attached document containing information about the 3-10 Cross Country Event on Friday 24 May.

Kind regards,

Ms Nicole Millikan

K-10 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: 2019_Year_3_10_Cross_Country_5cde378050db1.pdf

K-2 Cross Country 2019 Note

Hi All,

Please find attached the K-2 Cross Country note for 2019.


Miss Nicole Millikan

Attachment: Cross_Country_K_2_Parent_Note_1_2019_5cd8f24e7fa95.docx

Circle of Life – sexual education and body program

On Monday and Tuesday 3-4 June 2019, students in Years 3,4, 5 and 6 will be attending a workshop that focuses on family and growth.

If you do not wish for your child to attend the sessions, please notify your child’s teacher via a note in their diaries or an email.

To support parents in these conversations we will be holding a Parent information session on Thursday 30 May 2019 in the College Library. This session is designed to clarify the content of the program for your child. If you would like to attend this session please book via the Trybooking link

Attachment: circle_of_life_letter_2019_Years_3_4_5cd8ec6612a7d.pdf
Attachment: Circle_of_Life_2019_Years_5_6_5cd8ec6d3d8ee.pdf

P&F K-6 Discos

Dear Parents & Guardians,
On Friday 17 May the Dominic College Parents & Friends Committee will be holding the K-6 Splash of Colour Disco! This event will run from 6pm-7.30pm. There will be two discos operating with students in Kindergarten to Year 1 located in the Savio Hub, which is located at the top of 7-10, and Year 2 to Year 6 in the Oratory Space. Signs will be out on the night to direct you.
Children can dress in bright colours but not compulsory and we ask they wear sensible footwear to dance in.
More information and ticket links are in the attached letter.

Attachment: 2019_Disco_Letter_5cd38fa59c7f6.pdf

Primary Hockey Round 2 Roster

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Attached is the roster for Round 2.  Rosters should be published in full next week.

Kind regards,

N Millikan

K-10 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: Primary_Hockey_Rosters_Week_2_5cd382cca6fdd.pdf

P&F Mother's Day Stall

 2 May 2019

Dear Parents/Carers

Parents and Friends Mother’s Day Stall

Next Wednesday 8 May 2019, the Parents and Friends are running their annual Mother’s Day stall.  Students will have the opportunity throughout the day to visit the stall with their class to purchase a gift.  All gifts are $5 each.  Children are able to purchase more than one item. 

If students wish to purchase a gift, they need to bring $5 IN A NAMED ENVELOPE/SNAP LOCK BAG and give it to their teacher.  Teachers will distribute the money back to the children as they go to the stall.

We ask that for younger students purchasing more than one gift to write on the envelope or snap lock bag who the gifts are for so the P&F can direct children to the right tables.

If your child would like to take their gift home in a ‘shopping bag’ especially those purchasing multiple gifts, please also send along a reusable bag.

As always there will be some lovely gifts available for the students to choose from.

Kind regards,

Mrs Allison Lowe and Mrs Olivia Stephen

Coordinators of Pastoral Care K-6

Japan's Children Day

Sunday 5 May - Japan's Children's Day Celebration at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

MEETING PLACE: Near the big "200" - close to the Japanese Garden


10:00am - Briefing, sound check, stage entrance/exit practice

11:00am-1:00pm - School Performances (with a 30 min break partway through)

The Junior Japanese Singing Group (Years 2-4) will sing two songs near the beginning of the program.
The Japanese Signing Choir (Years 2-6) will sing one extra special song towards the end of the program.
The Senior Taiko Group will perform straight after the intermission.
Students with speaking roles will perform during the first half of the program.
Please consider bringing the following with you, for the comfort of you and your child/children:

  • drink bottles/thermos
  • snacks/picnic lunch (there will be two food vans onsite if you wish to purchase food)
  • a picnic mat
  • rain jackets/warm layers/hats


CAR PARKING - The Lower Entrance and car park will not be available for use on the day. Please use the Main Entrance and car park.

BAD WEATHER - In the event of bad weather, this event may be relocated to City Hall, 57-63 Macquarie Street, Hobart. A notification confirming the venue will be posted on the event website and on the City of Hobart Facebook page by 7am on the morning of the event, Sunday 5 May 2019.

UNIFORM - Years 2-6 students need to wear full formal school uniform. 
(Students playing taiko drums will need to wear black t-shirts and black trousers. Dominic College happi coats will be provided by the College).

SUPERVISION - Supervision of children at the event will be the responsibility of each family. Staff will greet and marshal students for the performances, but are not in a supervisory role at this event. Please help us all to enjoy the event by making sure that your child/children are adequately supervised at all times.

Susie (Aran sensei) and I are looking forward to seeing everyone at the event, and celebrating our wonderful children together! We hope that you will be proud to see them share the skills that we have been developing together.

Best wishes, Belinda Kumashiro (and Susie Allan)

Fire Drill

Fire Drill Parent Communication:

Dear parents/guardians

I hope this email finds you well.  I am writing to inform you that there was a scheduled fire drill this morning.  If your son/daughter mentions there was a fire evacuation at school there is no cause for concern.  Fire Drills are part of our regular safety monitoring processes and provide us with valuable feedback to assist us in reviewing these safety processes at our College.  The safety of your child is our utmost priority.

If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to contact me by replying to this email or contacting me on 6274 6048.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Selina Kinne - Acting Deputy Principal and Director of Teaching and Learning K-10

Girls AFL Gala Afternoon Roster

Hi All,

Roster attached for this afternoons AFL Gala Afternoon for 5/6 Girls.



Attachment: JSSATIS_AFL_Girls_Gala_Afternoon_Venue_Dominic_College_5cad2703c1a3b.docx

NSJSA Soccer Roster Round 1 and 2

Hi All,

Attached is the NSJSA Soccer Roster for rounds 1 and 2. 


Mr. Golding- Director of HPE K-10

Attachment: NSJSA_Soccer_Roster_Round_1_and_2_2019_5ca5e885c404b.pdf

Flippa Ball Update

Hi All,

Please see the attached information regarding updated training and match times as published on the Water Polo Tasmania Facebook page.


Ms Nicole Millikan

K-10 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: 20190402_152938_5ca2f9d2abc5f.jpg

STCPSSA Swimming Note and Program

Hi All,

Please find attached the note, program and team for the STCPSSA (Catholic) swimming carnival on Friday 5 April.

The team is slightly different due to the events being different at the STCPSSA carnival compared to the JSSATIS carnival. 

If there are any queries or issues please don't hesitate to email me. 


Ms Nicole Millikan- K-10 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: Parent_Note_1_STCPSSA_2019_5c995698259b2.docx
Attachment: Catholic_Gold_Program_2019_Dominic_Names_Entered_5c9956a28c213.docx
Attachment: Dominic_Swimming_Team_STCPSSA_Carnival_5_4_2019_5c9956aa0609f.xlsx

School Photo Reminder

School photo envelopes are due back by this Thursday 28 March.  No envelopes will be accepted after this date, parents/guardians will need to contact the photographer Pied Piper Portraits directly for late orders.

Dominic 7-10 AFL Venue Changes

Dear Parents/ Guardians and Students,

Please note that due to resurfacing of our AFL field, all of Dominic's home games will now be played at Montrose Bay HIgh School. the SATIS website and roster will be updated soon. A Redline bus will transport players to the matches each week. Students will need to be collected by parents from the venue at the conclusion of the game.

This week's matches:

9/10 Boys - Tuesday 26/3 - 4:15pm @ Montrose Bay High

7/8 Boys - Wednesday 27/3 - 4:15pm @ Montrose Bay High

Please email if you have any queries.

Kind regards,

Ms Nicole Millikan

K-10 Sport Coordinator

Uniform Shop Closed today

The Uniform Shop is closed today Monday 25 March due to staff illness.  I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Kind Regards

Tracey, Uniform Shop Manager

Relay for Life letter to parents

Dear Parents/Carers

Thank you for your support of the Cancer Council and Dominic College’s 2019 Relay for Life Team. This is an amazing community event for a sensational cause. We are very proud that we have exceeded our $20,000 fund raising goal for this important cause.  Please continue to donate and support the team and the Cancer Council.  If you have any associates that are interested in contributing to our team total please pass on the Dominic College details and/or my details.

Supervision of students during this event will be paramount and we are very grateful to the large number of staff that are giving up their weekend to support this event to spend time with our students.  Parents will be required to sign students IN and OUT at the Dominic Tent and students will be asked to list their PERSONAL Mobile Number when signing in, so they can be contacted at all times.

Students are asked to bring their College Blazer, so they can wear this over their Free Dress/Relay for Life Top at all the major ceremonies.  Students will be required to bring anything they believe they will need during their stay. This includes: Warm Clothes, Raincoat, Sleeping Bag/Pillow (if staying overnight) and Solid Walking/Running Shoes.

Please update any medical information with the College and ensure all medications are given to staff at the event.  Medications should be placed in a clip lock bag clearly marked with the student's full name.  Include instructions about the amount and frequency of dosages so staff can manage these with students throughout the event.

Food is not provided, so students can either bring their own food or purchase from the variety of food options at the event. We will organise a dinner Pizza Order for students who are staying overnight.

The Dominic Tent will be located near the 100m start at the Domain Athletics Centre – next to the food stalls, left of the entrance.  If you need to contact me during the event please use the contact details listed below.

The Program for the Event can be found at:

Please note the key event, the Luminary Ceremony, will be held at 8.30pm and is an emotional and touching celebration dedicated to those affected by Cancer.

A request for permission for your child to attend has been sent home through the normal EdSmart email to parents.

Mr Aaron Davey - 7-10 Coordinator of Pastoral Care  0421 963 922

Flippa Ball Training Tonight


Please see the attached Facebook message from Water Polo Tasmania regarding training tonight.

Kind regards,

Ms Nicole Millikan

K-10 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: Flippa_Ball_Training_5c8b1010c738a.jpg

3-6 JSSATIS Swimming Carnival- Representative Team

Hi All,

Attached is the initial note to the swimming team for next Thursday's JSSATIS swimming carnival. Also attached is the team list and the program and program cover page for the day. Some minor changes may occur to the program on the day which will be done by the teachers attending with the team. 

For parents wanting to know exact times of events please refer to the column on the side of the program or the program coverpage which gives exact times. 

If your son/daughter did not make the team it may be due to there being heats in their events at the Dominic Carnival and unfortunately not having a time in the top group over the heats. 

Good luck to the team at training next Tuesday and the carnival on Thursday. 


Ms Nicole Millikan- K-10 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: Parent_Note_1_JSSATIS_2019_5c8afda0b864e.docx
Attachment: JSSATIS_Swimming_Program_2019_5c8afdafaa933.xlsx
Attachment: Dominic_Swimming_Team_JSSATIS_Carnival_21_3_2019_5c8afdba0a083.xlsx
Attachment: 2019_JSSATIS_SWIMMING_PROGRAM_5c8afdc932393.doc

7/8 Volleyball Roster


Please see the attached roster for our 7/8 volleyball team.  The first match is scheduled for Monday 18 March.

Kind regards,

Ms Nicole Millikan

K-10 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: Volleyball_Fixture_2019__5c89cdd50e898.pdf

Pied Piper Portraits Class and Family Photo Days

Attached is the information regarding the School Photos for 2019.  This year photos are to be ordered online or by cash with your unique ID, which is on your envelope.  Family photos are available from the K-6 and 7-10 offices.  All photo envelopes are due back on Thursday 28 March.  Late orders will not be accepted by the school. 

Attachment: School_Photo_Letter_2019_5c89c91fd64c5.pdf

Parents & Friends Easter Raffle 2019

The attached letter was sent home with students  along with 10 tickets for you to purchase/sell to be in the draw to win one of many Easter  prizes.  

Attachment: Easter_Raffle_Infomation_2019_5c8889d1c49e4.pdf

Program for 7-10 SSATIS Swimming Carnival


Please see the attached program and estimated timing of events for Wednesday's Southern SATIS swimming carnival.


Ms Nicole Millikan

K-10 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: 2019_ssatis_swimming_sessiontimes_v05_5c877e732ce9b.pdf

Updated 3-6 Swimming Program

Hi All,

Attached is the Updated 3-6 Swimming Program. 


Nicole Millikan- K-10 Sport Coordinator 

Attachment: 2019_Swimming_Carnival_3_6_Program_5c7f1fad4504d.docx

Flippa Ball Match Times

Dear parents/guardians,

Below are the flippa ball match times for tomorrow (Sunday March 3):

3/4 Black 7pm

3/4 Maroon 8pm

5/6 Black 7pm

5/6 Maroon 7:30pm

Good luck!

Ms Millikan & Mr Golding

7-10 Girls Cricket Rosters

Please see the attached updated cricket rosters.  Please note there are changes from the original.

Please email if you have any queries.

Attachment: fixture_2__5c774feeed459.pdf

Flippa Ball Note 2- 2019

Hi All,

Please find attached the Flippa Ball Note 2- 2019. 


Nicole Millikan- K-10 Sport Coordinator 2019 

Attachment: Note_2_Flippa_Ball_2019_5c7491fbd451a.docx

Rosters for JSSATIS Midweek Soccer

Hi All,

Please find attached the rosters for JSSATIS midweek soccer which starts this week. Please make sure you are looking at the correct roster. 


Ms Nicole Millikan- K-10 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: JSSATIS_Yr1_2_Boys_SOCCER_FIXTURE_2019_Final_5c73c40449653.pdf
Attachment: JSSATIS_Yr1_2_Girls_SOCCER_FIXTURE_2019_Final_5c73c40838f1a.pdf
Attachment: JSSATIS_Yr3_4_Girls_SOCCER_FIXTURE_2019_Final_5c73c410f2111.pdf
Attachment: JSSATIS_Yr5_6_Girls_SOCCER_FIXTURE_2019_Final_5c73c413870cb.pdf