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Current Notices

Archbishop's letter to the community

Dear Parents and Guardians

I hope you are all well and your children are enjoying the final two weeks of school for the year.

Yesterday afternoon, I received a briefing along with other Principals from the Executive Director of Catholic Education, Mr John Mula, on the Archbishop’s plans for the future delivery of education in Catholic Schools in southern Tasmania.

The letter sent to Principals, the Salesians of Don Bosco and intended for the broader community, can be viewed attached to this message.

The Archbishop and Catholic Education Tasmania have been developing these plans for some time, but the actual report and data have not been shared.

The possible changes sketched here are subject to detailed plans and business case development projected to conclude in 2019 and the Archbishop suggests no changes will occur before 2021.

As the Archbishop makes clear, he believes the delivery of education, especially in Years 11 and 12, needs to change to face the challenges from state education expansion.

Although there will be an enormous amount of speculation regarding these plans, it is quite impossible to comment on the implications without any detail or data or explanation. Hopefully, this will come from Catholic Education Tasmania soon.

The Salesians of Don Bosco, who own, oversee and govern Dominic College will continue to consider our context and the future developments of the College as appropriate for our school within the Tasmanian sector. The Salesians have always shown great prudence and wisdom in their decision making, enabling the school to thrive in every challenge we have faced since we were established in 1946.

Our immediate focus is on our K-2 development and plans for this development, commencing in 2019 will be shared with the community in due course.

As we move rapidly toward Christmas, I extend our best wishes and every blessing to you and your family.

Kind regards,

Beth Gilligan, Principal Dominic College

Attachment: Archbishops_Announcement_Greater_Hobart_Review_5c0719e3980fd.pdf

Updates at Dominic College for the 2019 Academic Year

Dear Dominic College Community,


I hope this email finds you well and that Term 4 is progressing nicely for you all. I am writing to let you know about some changes that will be taking place at Dominic College in the 2019 Academic Year.


We are pleased to officially announce that in 2019 we have secured a three stream Kinder class. Our 2019 Kinder students and their families have already joined us for a series of orientation days and evenings to prepare themselves for the new school year and are all very excited to be joining the Dominic Family. We will also commence the building of the new K-2 Learning Precinct which will take place where the current Year 5 and 6 classrooms are located. This is an exciting project that will see the building of state of the art learning spaces to cater for 21st century learning styles and provide more room and comfort for quality learning to continue to happen.


As a result of the increase of a stream in Kinder and the commencement of the new building program, we have had to make some changes to classroom locations for 2019.


With Kinder increasing to three stream:


Kinder A (Monday – Wednesday) will be located in the Magone Room

Kinder B (Wednesday – Friday) will be located in the MPC

Kinder C (Wednesday – Friday) will be located in the current Kindergarten Classroom


The Launch into Learning (LIL) Program will continue in 2019 with two sessions on Thursday and two sessions on Friday. This will take place in the Magone Room.


With Kinder A and LIL moving to the Magone Room:


Before and After School Care Program will now be located in Rooms 14 and 15 (current Year 6 classrooms).


Due to the commencement of the building program of the new K-2 Learning Precinct, we have had to reconfigure Year 6 into three groups. As a result, we will be moving our Year 6 (2019) students into the following Year 7-10 Classrooms for 2019:


Year 6A will be in Library Classroom

Year 6B will be in Siena 1

Year 6C will be in Bosco 5


Year 6 students will continue to have their Recess and Lunch breaks on the Oval.


As a result of moving Year 6 classes to the 7-10 area,  Year 7-10 Pastoral Groups (2019) will be relocated to the following rooms:


Siena 1 – Library

Bosco 5 – Little Theatre


We have tried very hard to ensure the least amount of disruption to learning as possible, hence the decision to move all Year 6 classes to one area to ensure that stability to learning remains. Year 5 (2019) will remain in the current Year 5 classrooms and will not be impacted by the building work. If you have any  queries regarding this please email the College:


I want to thank you all for your ongoing support in working in partnership with us and wish you all the very best in the lead up to the busy Christmas season.


Kind regards,

Stephen Casni

Girls JSSATIS Cricket Rosters- 3/4 and 5/6

Hi All,

Please find attached the 3/4 and 5/6 girls cricket rosters for the 2018 JSSATIS season.

Kind regards,

Mr. Cameron Golding- Director of HPE K-10 and K-6 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: JSSATIS_Girls_Cricket_FIXTURE_Yr_3_4_2018_V1_5bc53cb08296c.xls
Attachment: JSSATIS_Girls_Cricket_FIXTURE_Yr_5_6_2018_V1_5bc53cb7d9ee8.xls

Touch Football Note 2, Rules and Roster

Hi All,

Please find attached the note, rules and roster for the 5/6 Touch Football season.


Mr. Cameron Golding- Director of HPE K-10 and K-6 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: Touch_Football_Note_2_2018_5bc53a8c5b477.docx

3/4 JSSATIS Teeball Roster 2018

Hi All,

Please find attached the 3/4 JSSATIS Teeball Roster for 2018.


Cameron Golding- Director of HPE and K-6 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: 3_4_JSSATIS_Teeball_Roster_2018_5bc5388faa58a.docx

MMK Sessions Note Semester 2- Kinder Bears, Kinder Mice, 1A, 1B and 3B

Hi All,

Please find attached the notes for Mr. Golding's MMK classes in Terms 3 and 4- Kinder Bears, Kinder Mice, 1A, 1B and 3B.

Please be sure to look at the correct note. These notes have also been sent home with students. 

Kind regards,

Mr. Cameron Golding- MMK Teacher

Attachment: Mamma_Margaret_letter_Kinder_Bears_2018_5b57be543b5cb.docx
Attachment: Mamma_Margaret_letter_Kinder_Mice_2018_5b57be5b34463.docx
Attachment: Mamma_Margaret_letter_1A_2018_5b57be642ff84.docx
Attachment: Mamma_Margaret_letter_1B_2018_5b57be6d12383.docx
Attachment: Mamma_Margaret_letter_3B_2018_5b57be736f3b8.docx

MMK Cooking Sessions for Kinder Bears, Kinder Mice, 1A, 1B and 3B

Hi All,

Mr Golding is teaching MMK to Kinder Bears, Kinder Mice, 1A, 1B and 3B in Terms 3 and 4. The attached note has gone home to students today. Please make sure you are looking at the relevent note for your son/daughters class.


Mr. Cameron Golding- MMK Teacher

Attachment: Mamma_Margaret_letter_Kinder_Bears_2018_5b3afd030f3f7.docx
Attachment: Mamma_Margaret_letter_Kinder_Mice_2018_5b3afd0a943ce.docx
Attachment: Mamma_Margaret_letter_1A_2018_5b3afd15edadc.docx
Attachment: Mamma_Margaret_letter_1B_2018_5b3afd1f7b4dc.docx
Attachment: Mamma_Margaret_letter_3B_2018_5b3afd283062e.docx

Past Notices

Telephone Services

Dominic College telephone services have now been restored to full working order. The College would like to thank parents and guardians for your understanding as we worked through the issue.

Telstra calls inward

​Dominic College is currently unable to receive calls to our 03 6274 6000 number from some providers (Telstra), some users on other networks, Virgin etc, are able to call us.

The College is working with upstream providers to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Email is the current best contact method, please feel free to contact

Year 9 Exam Timetable

Year 10 Exam Timetable

JSSATIS 3-6 Athletics Program

Hi All,

Please find attached the program for this Thursday 13 November- JSSATIS 3-6 Athletics Carnival. Also attached is the cover page which has some important relevent information. 

Any issues please email


Mr. Cameron Golding- Director of HPE and K-6 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: JSSATIS_PROGRAM_DOMINIC_NAMES_ENTERED_5bea862346930.xlsx
Attachment: JSSATIS_Program_cover_page_2018_Final_1_5bea87c75cbd3.docx

Hobart Christmas Pageant

Dear Parents and guardians,

Marshalling for the pageant will be from 9am on Saturday 17 November. Our area for marshalling is number 7 and this is directly outside the hospital in Argyle Street.  An A3 map showing where this is has been given to your child’s teacher for display in the classroom should you need to refer to it.

It is important that students are there before 9.30 am, if you could ensure they have gone to the bathroom prior to meeting us that would be appreciated. All children will need to bring with them a drink bottle with water, please ensure this is CLEARLY NAMED.  We will have two carts to use in the pageant for drink bottles.

If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email

Let’s sparkle! “Follow the Star”

Dominic College Year 1 & 2 walking entry Hobart Myer Christmas Pageant 2018 Saturday 17 November

There are about 60 floats in the parade Dominic College is entry No 7

We will be assembling outside the hospital in Argyle Street between 9am and 9.30am. The parade starts at 10.30am.

  • Bring a water bottle – clearly named
  • Wear a hat
  • Wear enclosed walking shoes
  • Black clothes with your star costume.
  • Bring a pram for little legs
  • All student medications for allergies, asthma or anaphylaxis must be carried on the child or their accompanying parent.
  • Also… remember your smile!

Please collect your child at the end of the Parade outside the Mantra Hotel in lower Collins Street (this is closed off to public for the duration of the pageant).

 Please ensure you see the Marshalling teacher when you drop off and collect your child

Parents are encouraged to join in the theme and walk with the students 

Best wishes,

Olivia Stephen and Allison Lowe, Coordinators of Pastoral Care K-6

A Special Breakfast Invitation

The College Principal, Ms Beth Gilligan warmly invites Year 5-10 boys and their fathers, or carers, grandfathers and uncles to our International Men’s Day Breakfast to celebrate the achievements of men past, present and future.

The event will be held in the Savio Centre, Dominic College, 204 Tolosa Street, Glenorchy on Wednesday 14th November 2018 at 7.15am for breakfast being served at 7.30am. Proceedings will conclude by 8.30am.

Guest Speaker: Old scholar Massimo Mele

Cost: $10.00.     


7-10 Swimming Carnival

Please find attached  information in relation to  the 7-10 Swimming Carnival to be held on Thursday 8 November at the Aquatic Centre. 

Attachment: 7_10_Swimming_Carnival_Letter_to_Parents_2018_003__5bdfc49772104.pdf


A reminder that on Wednesday 31st October, the Creative Arts Captains are holding Spooktober for all 7-10 students.

Students are encouraged to bring a gold coin and dress up in something scary for Halloween.

A competition for the best dressed will be held.

Please note this is only for Year 7 – Year 10 students.

More information about Colour Run

This letter was emailed home to parents this afternoon:

Dear parents and carers

On Wednesday 24 October, the Dominic College P&F are running the Run4Fun Colour Explosion on the College oval.  All students from Kinder to Year 10 will have the opportunity to participate.  The run will commence at 1.30pm.  Here are a few reminders about the event:

Please register your child for the colour run using this link:
All Students are encouraged to raise a minimum of $10 to help cover costs of the colour run.
Students not registered will not be able to participate in the run and will be supervised in another part of the College.
Your child should come to school in old clothes
If your child catches the bus please ensure that they have clothes to change into after the colour run.
If you are picking up your child then you might like to bring a towel for them.
We look forward to this event and hope to see many smiling faces on the day.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Selina Kinne, Director of Teaching and Learning K-10 & Admin Coordinator 7-10
Mrs Olivia Stephen, Coordinator of Pastoral Care K-6 & Admin Coordinator K-6


Colour Run P&F Fundraiser

Dear Parents, Students and Staff,

It’s almost time for our “Colour Explosion” - which is on Wednesday 24 October. One week to go!

Please register your child for our “Colour Explosion” via  It will ask you for a code. If you have misplaced your booklet, please skip this step.

We ask that every student raise $10. By registering online and donating $10 the supplier then sends direct to the school the following for your child:

  • A pair of sunglasses
  • A colour run wrist band
  • An icy pole once finished running 
  • And enables the correct ordering of colour powder!

By each student paying $10, they participate, cover the cost of the colour pack and receive a prize. This is all about raising funds so our students receive the benefits over the whole College.

We want to make this an amazing event but we also need to cover the costs associated with this.  Should you have queries on this please email us at

Kind regards, The Parents and Friends Committee

K-2 Athletics Carnival 2018

Kinder to Year 2 Athletics Carnival 

Wednesday 31 October

11.00am - 3.00pm

Attachment: Athletics_Dominic_College_K_2_Note_2018_Final_5bc54a2b8d2d9.pdf

5/6 Indoor Cricket Note and Roster

Hi All,

Please find the 5/6 Indoor Cricket note and roster attached.


Cameron Golding- Director of HPE K-10 and K-6 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: JSSATIS_Term_4_Indoor_Cricket_Roster_2018_5bce3839d04b6.docx
Attachment: JSSATIS_Indoor_Cricket_RULES_5bce389cb071a.docx

Term 4 Assessment Schedule 2018

Colour Run4Fun letter from P&F

The P&F is organising a fundraiser for Wednesday 24 October and have sent home this letter for the information of parents.

Attachment: School_Colour_Explosion_Kick_Off_Parent_Letter_5ba4f1e384745.pdf

Year 3-6 Athletics Carnival 2018

3/4 Sports Day Booklet

Hi All,

Please find attached the Dominic 3/4 Sport Day booklet.



Attachment: Dominic_3_4_Sport_Day_Booklet_2018_Dominic_Teams_included_5b90671a4d0c3.doc

3/4 Sports Day Teams 2018

Hi All,

Attached are the teams for the 3/4 Sports Day on September 7.


Mr. Cameron Golding- Director of HPE and K-6 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: 3_4_Sports_Day_Teams_2018_5b8f60e4233e5.pdf

P-6 Sport and Co-Curricular Photos 2018

Wednesday 5 September – Year P-6 Sports Photos and Co-Curricular Photos

•             Full Formal Uniform required for co-curricular photos

•             Full Sport Uniform required for sports photos

If students are not involved in any photos on this day, then please treat this as a normal day with the normal required uniform for your son/daughter.

Attachment: Photo_Day_note_home_2018_5b85e2d15fd79.pdf

Book Week parade

Dear Families,

The Children’s Book Council of Australia recently announced the theme for Book Week this year is:   

                              ‘Find Your Treasure’

As a part of our celebrations throughout the week in the K-6 area, we will be having a Dress Up Day on Wednesday 22nd August 2017.    

Come dressed as a book character from…

  • an Australian Author’s chapter book or picture book.
  • this year’s favourite book.
  • as something from an informational book.

We will be holding a house competition again for the most creative costume.  We don’t want parents to feel they have to spend a lot of money and we encourage involving the children in designing and making costumes using items from home.  We would ask you to stay completely away from much loved “onesies”.  Points will be awarded to each house group by classroom teachers and an overall tally will determine which house wins the Book Week Cup for 2018.

We encourage students to bring in the book their costume is inspired by so we can share these during the day.  Students will have the opportunity to parade their costumes and carry their book after recess where the winners of the house competition will be announced, in the K-4 courtyard (weather permitting).

We look forward to celebrating this special week together and encourage you to look at the website for the amazing books that have been shortlisted for awards this year!

Kind regards

Miss Sarah Webb – College Librarian

Uniform Shop closed today: Wednesday 15 August

We are sorry to our customers, but the Dominic College Uniform Shop is closed today due to illness.

Messages or enquiries can be left at the Student Services office.

Hockey- 3/4 Term 3 Roster- Friday afternoons

Hi all,

Attached is the Hockey note that is going home to players in the Term 3 Friday afternoon 3/4 roster.


Mr. Cameron Golding- Director of HPE and K-6 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: Hockey_note_1_Term_3_34_Roster_5b690852b0e6d.docx

NSJSA Gala Day Soccer Roster and Map

Hi All,

Please find attached the Gala Day Soccer Roster for the NSJSA. This is the last round of the season on the 25 August at the Metro Soccer Club, Allunga Road, Chigwell. 


Cameron Golding- Director of HPE and K-6 Sport Coordinator 

Attachment: Gala_Day_Roster_2018_with_venues_FINAL_5b7cd2cd3e288.xlsx
Attachment: Gala_Day_Metro_25_Aug_GROUND_MAP_5b7cd2dc51565.pdf

Dominic Basketball Rosters Year 3-6 Boys and Girls (JSSATIS)

Hi Everyone,

Please find the rosters for the JSSATIS Basketball Roster Attached.

If there are any issues or queries please call or email Cameron Golding. 


Cameron Golding- Director of HPE and K-6 Sport Coordinator or Phone: 62746089

Attachment: 3_4_Boys_JSSATIS_Roster_2018_5b639bb28e8f9.docx
Attachment: 3_4_Girls_JSSATIS_Roster_2018_5b639bb8d2807.docx
Attachment: 5_6_Boys_JSSATIS_Roster_2018_5b639bbec387f.docx
Attachment: 5_6_Girls_JSSATIS_Roster_2018_5b639bc816240.docx

Year 3-6 JSSATIS Basketball

Hi All,

Please find attached the note going home to all JSSATIS 3-6 Basketball players.

Also on page 2 of the note are the team for this season. 

The second attachment are the rules for JSSATIS Basketball.


Mr. Cameron Golding- Director of HPE K-10 and K-6 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: Note_1_2018_JSSATIS_Basketball_Season_Dominic_5b57bd5ff29c5.docx
Attachment: Basketball_rules_2018_5b57bd8cb058f.docx

Term 3 Assessment Schedule 2018

Goal Setting Session Reminders

A reminder that the Goal Setting Day for Year 3-10 students is being held on the first day of Term 3, Monday 23 July 2018.  Please read attachment for more details.

Attachment: Goal_Setting_Session_Reminders_Year_3_6_5b3c5dbd57f23.pdf

Auskick Flyer

Hi All,

Please find attached an Auskick Flyer that has been sent home to all Kinder and Prep students this week.


Mr. Cameron Golding- K-6 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: Auskick_Flyer_Term_2_Term_3_2018_5b3afe4bbc2c5.pdf

Naming spaces and places

Dominic College, like many schools, has the opportunity to name its buildings, facilities and spaces to commemorate important links, events and individuals in the life of the College, its history and traditions. 

Recently we named our new art and music facilities after Dominican artist Fra Angelico. Our Oratory Space, for example, is named after the title our Founder St John Bosco gave to his school – an integrated and creative home, school, playground and parish in Turin. Our K-6 Kitchen is named after Don Bosco’s mother Mamma Margaret.

Through the naming of buildings, facilities and spaces, the College reinforces its identity and uses this as another medium through which to tell the story of our founders, their associates and saints who came after them. It also allows us to transfer the story of the Catholic Church.  

Some time ago the College developed a policy to ensure that buildings, rooms, grounds and facilities are named in a manner consistent with our purpose and history as a Catholic school in the Salesian and Dominican traditions. 

Recently at our Whole College Staff meeting we devoted time to thinking about what we might call some of our spaces such as our library, our driveway, our ovals bordering on Tolosa Street and our creek.

The staff named lots of worthy and esteemed figures in the Salesian and Dominican stories such as St Mary Mazzarello, co-founder of the Salesian sisters; Blessed Phillip Rinaldi, successor to Don Bosco and the first Salesian Cardinal and loved pupil of Don Bosco, Giovanni Cagliero. 

Some of our Dominican saints were discussed such as St Thomas Aquinas, St Rose of Lima and St Martin de Porres. Students will be asked for their ideas as well.

This coming week our K-6 staff will be working together on potential names for each of our K-6 classrooms. We hope to name our classrooms after our saints and those who have been named as blessed or have been venerated by the Church. We hope that this will be an embedded way our students can learn about their classroom patron each year. 

If parents at this stage would like to make suggestions to add to our initial list for consideration and discussion please don’t hesitate to contact me via email:

Ms Beth Gilligan - Dominic College Principal​

5/6 Football and Netball Round Robin

Hi All,

As you know omorrow is the 5/6 STCPSSA Football and Netball Round Robin. Football will be played at Dominic and Netball predominately at Creek Road with some overflow matches at the Moonah Basketball Stadium.

Netball- Departs DC at 9.00am sharp, returns to DC at 3.00pm

Football- Stay at DC with Mr. Golding and staff for the whole day. If boys have footy boots bring them along. If not runner will suffice. 

Reminder- Students are to wear full sports uniform and bring a healthy packed lunch and plenty of water.

Attached are the 2 netball rosters, the football roster and the updated teams for the day. 

Thanks to the teachers and assistant who are helping and making the day possible. 

If there are any issues please email or call 62746089. 


Mr. Cameron Golding- K-10 Director of HPE and K-6 Sport Coordinator

Attachment: Netball_and_Football_teams_Dominic_College_2018_Final_5b34969471980.xlsx
Attachment: 2018_GRADE_5_ROUND_ROBIN_ROSTER_5b34969b473a6.docx
Attachment: 2018_GRADE_6_ROUND_ROBIN_ROSTER_5b3496a5949c4.docx
Attachment: Roster_STCPSSA_Footy_Round_Robin_Dominic_College_Fri_29_June_2018_5b3496b702611.docx