Key Enrolment Dates

Enrolment applications can be submitted all year round for any year level and year of entry. It is never too early to apply for enrolment.

Kindergarten and Year 7 enrolment applications are highly encouraged to be submitted at least 12-18 months prior to the date of commencement to ensure they are received before the closing date.

Enrolment applications for other year levels for the following year are highly encouraged to be submitted by the end of Term 2 prior to the year of commencement.

During the school year at times enrolment vacancies do arise in some year levels. Families are encouraged to submit enrolment applications asap in preparation for these potential vacancies.

Key dates for specific year levels and entry years

Kindergarten 2018

  • Interviews commenced February 2017
  • Enrolments due May 2017
  • Letters of offer to be sent May 2017

Year 7 2018

  • Interviews commenced January 2017
  • Enrolments due March 2017
  • Letters of offer to be sent April 2017

Transition and Orientation Event details …