The College's Mural of kunanyi

kunanyi’ is an original collaborative artwork that was created in 2019 by Tasmanian Aboriginal artist, Mr Reuben Oates, along with Dominic College Kindergarten to Year 10 Aboriginal students, in workshops during the College’s annual celebration of NAIDOC Week.

The artwork depicts kunanyi, the palawa kani naming of Mt Wellington. The artist chose to use widely used forms of non-Tasmanian Aboriginal techniques, including dot painting to represent some Aboriginal Tasmanian images as well as other native animals found across Australia.

kunanyi plays an important part in the story telling and culture of Tasmania’s Aboriginal people. One creation story passed down through families for generations describes lightning originating from kunanyi's summit.

kunanyi is a site where cultural responsibilities of caring for country must be upheld and She is considered a place where First Nation Ancestors' spirits rest.

Dominic College has the privilege of being sited at the foot of this ancient and sacred place.