In the words of Albert Einstein, 'The formulation of a problem is often more essential than its solution, which may be merely a matter of mathematical or experimental skill. To think of new questions, new possibilities and to regard old problems from a different angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advances.'

Science is not just about learning a list of facts or understanding principles. Every child is a scientist from an early age as he or she observes, collects, questions, compares and describes. An effective program develops this sense of curiosity, awe and wonder, interconnectedness and respect for the way all creation works together.

At Dominic College, an exciting 'hands on' practical approach is integrated into all disciplines. Students are challenged to explore and question through experimental and investigative projects. As science affects all our lives, we include in programs examinations of the benefits to society and moral responsibility connected with scientific inventions. 'Respect for life, and above all dignity of the human person, is the ultimate guiding norm for any sound economic, industrial or scientific development' (Pope John Paul II).

Students participate in a variety of external competitions which may include the Australian Titration Competition, The Australian Brain Bee Competition, Australian Science Competition or the National Chemistry Quiz. In elective courses, students may continue enrichment and research into such areas as Forensic, Antarctic and Marine Ecology or Ecological Stability. Students participate in field trips to venues such as CSIRO, the Marine Centre and industries around Hobart.

The Science department will offer three elective courses in 2015; two college preparatory electives, and a general Science elective. The Physical Sciences (Physics & Chemistry) elective and a separate Life Sciences (Biology) elective will be offered to those students who wish to prepare themselves for these college courses, with both mirroring the TQA3 course to help students make the transition to college. The Science Extended elective will offer a more hands on and practical approach to general science concepts, providing enrichment to those students interested in extending their appreciation of Science.