Safe School Policy

The College values reflect those of the Gospels and are based on principles of self-respect and respect for others. They enable our College to be a place where students experience and develop a sense of personal worth. Students who take an active role in extra-curricular activities and projects, and help those in need, will enrich themselves and the College. Our students are encouraged to be considerate of others and are given ample opportunity to develop leadership and decision-making skills, through "buddy" systems, peer support and leadership programs, student representative bodies and community service activities.

Dominic College's Safe School Policy reinforces an environment where bullying is not accepted, is easily reported and is dealt with quickly. The policy has direct consequences for those who bully and harass and proclaims to the entire school community how seriously Dominic College takes bullying and harassment issues.

For more detail please see the the Safe School Policy or the downloadable brochure.

Our vision is to be a community that welcomes, that nourishes our Christian values, that prepares students for life and a place where friendships are forged within a spirit of joy and hope.