Strategic Plan


Our vision is to be a community of compassionate and reflective learners who strive to flourish and grow to achieve their fullest potential.


We are a diverse and contemporary Catholic College in the Salesian tradition who works in partnership with students, staff, families and the broader community to enable students to be confident, honest, loving and resilient citizens centred on Christ’s model of service.

Dominic College Strategic Plan 2023-2026 - Learning and Flourishing at the Oratory

The ‘Learning and Flourishing at the Oratory’ Strategic Plan consists of FIVE Strategic Areas for 2023-2026 that stem from the Dominic College Vision and Mission Statements. Each of these areas contains a goal and FIVE key priorities that will help us to achieve each goal. The Strategic Plan will be implemented through our Dominic College Annual Plan each year and will help us to develop improvement plans targeting the needs of all parts of our College community. As part of our Governance reporting protocols, we will undertake reporting to the Dominic College Board that provides evidence of the achievement and improvements in each of the FIVE Strategic Areas.

Key Strategic Goals

The following key goals will allow us to continue to celebrate the achievements of the past and to meet the needs of our students, staff and families into the future as expressed in our Vision and Mission.

  1. Faith, Mission and Identity - Reimagine a deeper, grounded, contemporary spiritual life in keeping with the Salesian and Dominican traditions, and Christ’s example of love and compassion.
  2. Leadership for Learning - Develop a culture to build leadership capacity and responsibility, to challenge, form and equip staff, students and families to be change agents in the lives of young people and the wider community.
  3. Innovative Learning and Wellbeing - Nurture young people to become courageous and confident lifelong learners with empathy, purpose, passion, responsibility and resilience, to move towards independence of thought and action.
  4. Community Partnership - Facilitate strong partnerships between families and the College, and explore local, national and global connections to allow students to flourish in their learning and wellbeing.
  5. Compliance, Resources and Systems - Maximise efficient and effective resource management to provide the best quality education and facilities that enhance the sustainability of our environment in a manner that nurtures a positive attitude to risk management and compliance.