Learning and Wellbeing

Learning and Wellbeing is at the heart of daily life at Dominic College. Our aim is to create and maintain a happy and harmonious atmosphere in which there is sensitivity to the needs of young people and encouragement to study and strive for the highest standard of academic achievement. Dominic College has set in place a supportive structure to assist us in ensuring each student feels welcome and accepted in our community. This structure is facilitated by the College's House organisation and vertically streamed 'Oratory' groups. Our commitment to Religious Education, the College Counsellor and our vigorous Safe School Policy are all features of our effective Learning and Wellbeing Program.

The Year 7-10 Homerooms are grouped according to a vertically streamed House basis. This means that there are students from Year 7 to Year 10 in each Oratory Group, allowing for the development of friendships across year levels and a sense of belonging and support.

The Oratory Teacher is the member of staff who takes primary responsibility for the welfare, achievement and behaviour management of each student and is the first point of contact between a parent and the College. Each House is under the control of a House Teacher who manages the staff and students within the House.

In Kindergarten–Year 6 the students are grouped according to Year level. We believe strongly that each student is a 'Dominic' student and therefore, although the class teacher takes primary responsibility, every student is considered an integral part of the Dominic community and is cared for by all. We have a behaviour management team who require and encourage positive behaviour based on defined rights and responsibilities.