Our Principal

Mr Stephen Casni is the second lay Principal of Dominic College since the school was established by the Salesians of Don Bosco in 1946. In 2002, Steve began his teaching career at St John Bosco College, Engadine, NSW, a Salesian school, as a teacher of History, English, Geography, Pastoral Care, and Religious Education. Over the years he has held several leadership positions including Head of English 7-12, Religious Education Coordinator 7-12, Director of Mission K-10, Director of Innovation and Learning 7-12, as well as roles in Pastoral Care, and as Acting Assistant Principal across schools in New South Wales. Steve began as Dominic College Principal in 2022 and prior to that was the College Deputy Principal between 2018-2021.

As Principal, Steve continues to teach at Dominic College, believing that working with students on a daily basis is the best way for a Principal to fully engage with his students, staff, and community and understand the changing needs that continue to emerge in education. A graduate of the Australian Catholic University, Steve is passionate about leading a K-10 coeducational College with vision and commitment to the Salesian charism and the College’s Catholic identity, along with a strong desire to work in a collaborative manner with all members of the school community. His clear witness to the faith, his love of learning, his commitment to the wellbeing of students and staff, and his ability to promote the College to the wider community ensures that Dominic continues to prosper and build on the fine work of past educators and leaders at the College who have served before him.

Principal’s Welcome

A very warm welcome to Dominic College, Glenorchy. As the Principal of Dominic College, it is my hope and wish that all students will embrace all the wonderful opportunities that our College has to offer and to grow and thrive as learners. It is my belief that by actively taking part in a range of activities, students will develop strong friendships and bonds that will help them to build confidence, resilience and feel a sense of belonging to our community now and into the future as Old Scholars. Our College is centred on Catholic values and the traditions of the Salesians of Don Bosco and the aim of all staff at the College is to ensure that our students 'know that they are loved' by establishing positive relationships with students that give witness to our Gospel values.

As one of many Salesianschools across the Australia-Pacific, at Dominic College we use the Charter for Salesian Schools and strive to be:

  • A home that welcomes
  • A parish that evangelises
  • A school that prepares for life
  • A playground where friends meet and enjoy themselves.

As a coeducational Kindergarten to Year 10 College, we provide a high-quality education where all students are encouraged to explore and develop their skills and talents to their fullest potential. We deliver innovative and academically rigorous learning and wellbeing programs to best prepare students for study and life beyond school and uphold high standards in relation to our discipline and expectations. All members of our community are dedicated to living by our motto – 'to live by the truth' and maintaining our expectations of being honest, respectful, responsible learners to the highest of standards, as a united Faith Community.

Our College has a reputation for excellence and our teachers and support staff have high capacity to work with students and continue to build their own knowledge and skills as learners to provide rich and contemporary learning opportunities for all students. Our staff also aim to make school and learning a fun experience for all students using St John Bosco’s mantra of being a playground where friends meet and enjoy themselves. Our rich and vibrant co-curricular programs and community events allow us to continue this great tradition of our Founder.

Our role as a school community is to be a school that prepares for life, and we work in partnership with families to help form and shape confident and resilient young people of faith who can be themselves and are who are equipped to be compassionate, confident and caring members of the wider community.

Being on one site equipped with quality learning facilities and grounds, our students have a consistent and supportive learning environment commencing from Kindergarten through to Year 10. This makes the transition from Primary to Secondary years seamless. As our students enter Years 11 and 12, this connected transition continues through the strong partnership with Guilford Young College that we have had since 1994.

I welcome you and your children to Dominic College and hope and pray that all our students enjoy every moment of their journey with us and embrace all the rich opportunities on offer.

Mr Stephen Casni - Dominic College Principal

B/Teach, B/Arts (Humanities), M Ed (Leadership), M Ed (Religious Education)

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