Bus Information

Transport at the College is continually revised to maintain efficiency and safety. The College is served by both Metro Services and some private services.

Metro Services run to and from the City via Lenah Valley, Main Road, and Argyle Street to Springfield via Augusta Road and to and from the Northern suburbs covering Montrose, Rosetta, Chigwell, Claremont, Austins Ferry, Bridgewater and Gagebrook.

Private bus services include:

  • Service from the Eastern Shore via East Derwent Highway servicing Risdon Vale, Lindisfarne, Geilston Bay to Eastlands, Cambridge, Midway Point to Sorell and then to Primrose Sands and Carlton Beach. Afternoon connections to the Eastern Shore are via the city.
  • Service to and from New Norfolk.
  • Service to and from Brighton, Tea Tree, and Kempton.

Detailed schedules are available here or from Metro Tasmania. Please be aware that some routes are subject to change and we therefore recommend Parents contact bus companies directly for the most up to date information available.

Department of Transport Code of Conduct