Dominic College was established and is run by the Salesians of Don Bosco. The School is governed by the Salesian Provincial, College Council, the Rector and Principal. Operationally the school is administered by the College Leadership Team, Principal, and Rector.

  • The College Council works collaboratively in an advisory and supportive role for the Principal of the College. The Council's main function is to provide advice on matters the Principal determines as necessary for the future planning and long-term strategic thinking of the College, in realising the Dream, Vision and Mission, and Charter for the staff and students at Dominic College. The membership of the College Council consists of the Salesian appointed chairperson, Rector, Parish Priest, Principal, Chief Financial and Operations Officer, parent representative and members with particular expertise e.g. legal, educational, marketing, business/finance and building/development (as deemed appropriate by the Principal and Chairperson).
  • The Rector is the Salesian appointed by the Provincial to lead the local Salesian community and has responsibility for the apostolic work of that community.
  • The Principal is appointed by the Provincial and is the educational, pastoral and spiritual leader of the School. The Principal is the competent juridical authority of the school and is an executive officer of the College Council.