​K-2 Classes and their Learning Spaces

With the permission and support of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre, in 2019 Dominic College began naming its Early Years classrooms using palawa kani, the language of Tasmanian Aborigines.

The College embarked on this process in order to:

  • Heighten the significance of the amazing retrieval and revival of palawa kani, the language of Tasmanian Aborigines for Tasmania and our entire College community;
  • Affirm the role that language plays in sustaining culture and constructing history;
  • Celebrate one of the world’s oldest existing cultures, belonging to our First Nation Peoples and its continuation despite invasion and genocide;
  • Move a cultural construct at the College that favours European and Colonial descriptors for children to embed that which is indigenous to Australians (Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal).

Kindergarten Classes

Prep Classes

Year 1

Possum: timita (pronounced tee Mee tah)

Platypus: larila (pronounced Lah ree lah

Little Fairy Penguin: tuminana (pronounced too Mee nah nah)

Listen here for the pronunciation

Spotted tail quoll: luwayina (pronounced loo wah - yee nah)

Sand Crab: tuti (pronounced tu tee)

Caterpillar: nirina (pronounced nee ree nah)

Listen here for the pronunciation

Kelp: kalinkina (pronounced kah lee Kee nah)

Grass: nimina (pronounced née Mee nah)

Fern/fern tree: lakri (pronounced Lah kree)

Listen here for the pronunciation