School reunions are a fantastic way to catch up with your old classmates and teachers to find out what your school colleagues have been doing since graduation. Dominic College actively supports the organisation of school reunions and encourages anyone planning a reunion to contact our Old Scholar Coordinator.

The College will assist where possible in providing organisers with the details of past students and teachers to initiate contact. We request that any changes to the contact details of past students and teachers that are found by the organising committee, be passed onto the College to update our database and assist with future events.

The College is also happy to help with the promotion of the event through our school newsletter, Facebook and via the College website so please ensure details are passed on as early in the planning process as possible.

Facebook groups and events are associated with these activities and the organisers will let you know or you can search up the entries.

Reunion program for 2018

Various groups are getting very well organised for 2018 reunions. Here's what we know about so far:

2008 10-year reunion: Saturday 13 October 2018
Sam Broadby has set up a Facebook group - search for "Dominic College Leavers 2008" or follow this link: 2008 Reunion. Email Sam on

1998 20-year reunion Saturday 27 October 2018
Matt Taylor is all set up with some lovely helpers, too. Search for "Dominic College Class Of 1998" or follow this link: 1998 Reunion. Email Matt on

1988 30-year reunion TBA
We are hoping to get some volunteers for this one. Anyone want to make contact? Email us on

1978 40-year reunion Saturday 27 October 2018
What a greta group this class is, having already met once or twice to discuss! Main contact is Cathy Minnucci on We'll update their Facebook details when received.

1968 50-year reunion TBA
There are some whispers about the possibility of a meet up of Savio College and Holy Name co-ed experimental classes. Hmmm, Sounds intriguing! Stay in touch!

Reunion in 2017

Mariel Butterworth organised the 10 years reunion for the Class of 2007 and the group celebrated 14 October. If you missed out contact her on and to let the school know your contact details: email

You can see some photos here: 2007 reunion.

The Class of 1987 celebrated their 30th anniversary in style in the midst of black fashion week (aka Dark Mofo) at T42 on Saturday night, 17 June 2017. Chief organiser Jason Rice said it was a great night catching up with everyone again.

‘We had around 35 there. Quite a few who couldn’t make the 25th reunion ten years ago. Some even managed to stay out until 3am. Not bad for a bunch of 45 and 46 year olds. Good on you Jason and classmates!

Congratulations to the Year 10 Class of 1977 for hosting a very warm and success reunion on Saturday 9 September.

Upstairs at Grantleigh was the scene for about 40 ex-students, with lots of hugs and a fair bit of double checking of people's identities, as it was up to 40 years since seeing each other!

The class generously brought along extra food and drinks, adding to the refreshments the College provided - including pies, sausage rolls and tomato sauce, in honour of their lunchtimes!

The organisers, Mandy Taylor and Louise Shaddock (nee Bratt) did a great job in coordinating the event, and many students flew in from interstate, including Julie Kelly and Steve Hyland from Victoria, Phillip McDermott from NSW, Sharon Wilson and Cathryn Geraghty from Queensland.

Julie Kelly had actually left in Year 8, while Mark and Chris Kolodziej hadn't started at Dominic till senior school (as boarders) so there were even some classmates who hadn't met - no wonder they didn't recognise each other!

The attendance of old teachers, Fr Lawrie Moate, Fr Nick Castelyns, Mrs Bobby Court and Mr Michael Woolford was also very much appreciated as was the attendance and assistance rendered by Mr Tony Webb on the serving table.

There were many laughs, and a sincere appreciation of school spirit - the tour of the school led by our Principal, Beth Gilligan, certainly impressed the old scholars with how far developments at the school have modernised the facilities for the benefit of students today. You can see more photos on the we gallery: 1977 reunion.

We've had a few expressions of interest from the Class of 1997. Kath McCann was looking to organise an event page and checking with people about what they wanted to do. Is there anyone else keen? Email to get in touch.

Are you interested in a future reunion? We'd love to hear from you. Email

Other recent reunions

In July 2016 we hosted a reunion for the 40 years anniversary of the Class of 1976 at Dominic College. You can see some photos from the afternoon drinks and the College tour here: 1976 reunion. Thank you to Nick Webb for helping to organise and for also organising the event in Salamanca in the evening.

Recently we had the Class of 2006 reunion, organised by Anthony Coster and Vanessa Hoddy. We had a nice tour of the school with refreshments to kick off proceedings. You can see photos here: 2006 reunion tour.

Year 10 Class of 1986 - Saturday 29 October 2016
Contact Leesa Baker -
2pm Dominic College - refreshments and tour
7pm The Tug Bar, T42, Elizabeth Street Pier

Photos are on our gallery here: 1986 reunion.

Year 10 Class of 1996 - Saturday 19 November 2016
Contact Claire Ferri on
3pm Dominic College - refreshments and tour
6pm Post Street Social 11-13 Franklin Wharf

You can see photos here: 1996 reunion.

The following old scholars organised their class reunions in 2015

These were all very enjoyable occasions. You can contact them to join their Facebook groups or make sure you can come to their next get together in five or ten years!

Past Reunions