Class of 1973 reunion - 27 July 2013

The boys and girls of Year 10 1973 linked up again on Saturday 27 July upstairs at The White House at Dominic College. Joined by current Principal Beth Gilligan, current Rector Fr Frank Bertagnolli and former Deputy Principal Fr Lawrie Moate, along with Old Scholars Chairman Tony Webb, the group shared photos and stories, and admired each others ability to age very, very slowly over 40 tumultuous years.

All the girls were from Holy Name - some from 1st class in St John's Primary, and so when the Colleges united in 1973 they remained in the new senior campus (shared with the boys) in Bowden Street, now GYC. Nevertheless, many had links with the current premises, as they helped Br Peter with the old scholars work, events and magazines, or socialised with the DOSA football club when it was based at Dominic College.

Looking at photos upstairs in The White House
Beautiful new building: the Br Peter Dezani Design Centre - same woodwork benches though!
The Rat Hole

Thanks to Anne Loring, Tom Jarvis and Carolyn Telha for helping to get the group back together. They want to stay in touch with each other, and to hear from others in their classes who couldn't make it this time.