The Dominic College Uniform

Since 1973, Dominic College has valued its school uniform, serving as a means of common ground for students that unites them into a single entity. Despite some changes, the purpose of the Dominic College uniform has always been to enable students to develop a sense of belonging to Dominic as a unique educational and faith community. The uniform acts as the most public symbol of the College community and reflects a connection to its values, history, and traditions.

It is our desire that our uniform inspires a commitment to quality and excellence and facilitates student pride in appearance in the school community. We believe that a strong culture of uniform quality and consistency supports a school environment that is calm, harmonious, and focused on student learning. The uniform serves to establish the College’s expectations of students and students’ expectations of themselves. When dressed to a high standard, students’ choices reflect those high standards.

Wearing the uniform correctly is an expectation of all students enrolled at the College. The uniform draws attention to the College, and great care should be taken to ensure it is worn with pride and respect. The choice by families and students to be a part of the Dominic College community is a choice to accept and actively support our uniform standards, expectations and regulations.

Dominic College uniform requirements must be followed at all times. All College uniform (except for shoes) is available from the Uniform Shop located onsite and operated by Perm-A-Pleat, one of Australia’s largest school wear specialists.

The College uniform expectations and code of personal appearance are detailed in the Student Code of Conduct.

Uniform Shop

All items of the College uniform, together with a range of ancillary wear, are obtainable through the College Uniform Shop.

Clothing prices, in general, are considerably lower than those of other commercial outlets. We do not sell or take second hand uniform at the shop. Parents often sell second hand uniforms on Facebook through the Parent page and other groups. Find the price list here.

The uniform shop is located next to K-6 administration.


MONDAY 8am-12.30pm

WEDNESDAY 12.30pm-4.30pm

FRIDAY 12.30pm-4.30pm

The uniform shop can be contacted directly on 03 61651539 or via email at dominic.uniforms@permapleat.com.au

How to register for an online appointment

  1. Click onto the online appointment button on the uniform shop page
  2. Click onto register now
  3. Fill in required fields
  4. A pin number will be emailed through to the parent

Making an appointment

  1. Click onto the new appointment tab – An online calendar with available dates blocked out in green will appear on screen
  2. Select highlighted date and time appointment is required
  3. Confirmation box will require students name (if parents have more than one child that needs an appointment a separate login will be required)

Appointment time will now be saved and can be deleted or modified at any time prior to appointment by the parent if needed.

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