Community Events

The Dominic College community comes together for a variety of important events throughout the year. We'll include notable events for 2022 soon, once the calendar is finalised.

The below events are from 2020 but, of course, in March 2020 COVID19 wreaked havoc on our plans for two years! We hope 2022 will be different!

Opening College Mass
In the Savio Centre at Dominic College, Wednesday 12 February 2020

International Women's Day breakfast at Dominic College
This function was held in the Savio Centre Wednesday 12 March 2020, with a very special old scholar guest speaker, Dr Joanna Vince, senior UTAS lecturer and international oceans administration expert. You can see a gallery of photos here: IWD2020.

Dominic and DOSA Trivia Quiz Night
We were looking forward to this so much, but sadly it has been cancelled and will no longer be held in the Oratory Space, Friday 27 March.

'The Odd Couple' by our senior Drama students
Our drama students performances are always enjoyable. So much talent! This year's presentation of the wonderful neil Simon's (female) Odd Couple should be rewarding. Book free tickets at at and read more at a

Music & Dance Showcase
Our annual music and dance extravaganza gives our larger groups the space to entertain our communtiy. A wonderful creative event! Held Thursday 30 July at the Don Bosco Creative Arts Centre at GYC Glenorchy.

The 2020 Creative Arts Festival
Every two years our students take over the Long Gallery in Salamanca for our Creative Arts Festival. The launch evening is Wednesday 9 September and there will be art and media displays, music soirees and drama performances.

The big Community Fair
Friday 6 November 3.30-7pm Fun, games, food, music, craft, treasure, friends.

International Men's Day breakfast
Tuesday 10 November 7.15-8.30am with a very special guest speaker.

Old scholars Christmas Eve Mass
in the College Chapel, Thursday 24 December 9.30pm Christmas Carols, then Mass, then supper!
Not just for old scholars either... Old scholars, and all members of the Dominic College community, are invited to worship and celebrate Christmas at the traditional Christmas Eve Mass in the College Chapel. First carols then Mass and with supper afterwards, in the closest Siena classroom, you'll even have the chance to catch up with some old faces.