Pedagogical Framework

Since 2018, the Dominic College teaching staff have been explicitly working on their competencies in understanding and delivering ‘high impact’ teaching. We have worked with Qld Education Consultant, Yvana Jones on this professional learning. In 2019, the College’s Teaching and Learning Team K-10 worked with Yvana on translating and shaping this work into the foundations of a Pedagogical Framework.

Foundations of the Dominic College Pedagogical Framework

We set the foundation stones of the Pedagogical Framework as:

  • High Expectations
  • Active Engagement
  • High Impact Teaching
  • Connected Learning

These are underpinned by Positive Relationships. Our teaching staff worked in January 2020 to shape the priorities in these pillars. Then across 2020, Yvanna working with the Teaching and Learning Team K-10 to document the pedagogical framework. By January 2021, the draft was ready for teacher consideration and feedback. After that feedback, adjustments were made to the draft and it has since been considered by the College’s Parents and Friends. It has now been approved and endorsed by the College Board.

Dominic College Teacher Use of the Pedagogical Framework

Since the beginning of 2021, the expectation has been set that every teacher at the College is responsible for ensuring that their teaching and their students’ learning are designed around the College’s Pedagogical Framework. Individual and collaborative planning by teachers and teams must use the Framework to ensure a commitment to the pillars and principles within it.

The College’s Quality Teacher program of Classroom Observations by teacher peers and supervisors now focus on aspects of the pillars and principles of the Framework for teacher reflection and feedback. The College’s Pedagogical Framework is a significant development in our commitment to best practice and overall school improvement.

Dominic College Pedagogical Framework