Class of 2004 reunion 2 August 2014

Year 10 2004 met on Saturday 2 August for their first reunion. Plenty of the group have stayed in touch, and Laura Curtain did a champion job organising them all, and planning for a big Saturday night on the town.

Most participants were surprised at the developments at the school, commenting at times they weren't sure where they were, with the great new facilities and buildings.

It was funny to hear these young men and women reminiscing about the old days! But as soon as they entered their old classrooms, they began to run amok.

'I don't know what happened,' one student explained. 'I woke up this morning an adult, but when I turned up here, I wanted to be a kid again!'

Thank you to all the participants, and especially to Ms Beth Gilligan, the College Principal, Fr Frank Bertagnolli SDB, the College Rector, and Mrs Chris Donnelly who represented the current teachers. Mrs Donnelly recalled the group and their expedition to Queensland with pleasure.

You can see photos in our Photo Gallery: 2004 Year 10 reunion (This needs updating to the new website)