Class of 1993 reunion - 24 August 2013

Nineteen ex-students from the Year 10 Class of 1993 returned to Dominic on Saturday 24 August for a reunion. Many of the old scholars had not been back to Tolosa Street for 20 years, as they had their time till Year 9 here, then were at Bowden Street for their senior years, Years 10 to 12.

A few old scholars were familiar with the scene though as they are current parents - and the Principal, Beth Gilligan, said how much she loved it when children of old scholars are enrolled at Dominic College, and she assured the group 'those children would get an even better education than their parents!'

The ex-students were pleased with the material changes at the College, the new facilities, and technology, now integrated into the classrooms, together with the laptop program.

There was some catching up, and Nathan brought along some spectacular movies of their Northern Territory trip and the final Fashion Parade of 1994.

Thank you also to Erin for her help in getting her classmates together and keeping them in touch.

There are more photos on our website: 1993 Reunion Gallery