Class of 1962 Reunion

Old Scholar Tony Webb, reported on the recent reunion:

Well, it was going to be great … some time together with ex-students from way back! Yes, around 50 years ago! That is so long ago!

I took on the role of chasing names down from a completely blank 1962 list – no addresses, no phone numbers and as I was to find out, any number of names in perhaps the wrong Year 10 leaving group. So I began, and it didn't take long before I realised just how long this might actually take!

I decided to change tact. I got the class lists for the leaving Year 10 students from 1961, 1963 and 1964 and made a start, intending to simply make a serious in-road into developing the contacts again with a view to having a combined reunion in 2013 for Old Scholars from the early 1960s.

Where are we up to? And I mean we because as my phonecalls continued, Old Scholars started to come out of the woodwork and pass on great contact details. So right now, across the 1961-1964, we have 27 good contacts with more rolling in each week; sadly, in addition, we have discovered 24 Old Scholars who have passed away.

On the advertised day of the 1962 reunion, I turned up just in case and who should walk in but non other than Alan Williams, brother of Old Scholars Paul and Steven, and the conversation flowed for many hours, including some great reminiscing on the tour of the College buildings.

And so the tracking down of Old Scholars from the earley 1960s continues….just wait for the next instalment!