Class of 1982 Reunion

A small but enthusiastic group from the Year 10 Class of 1982 celebrated their 30th anniversary reunion Saturday 19 May 2012.

Matt Curtain, who recently gained his pilot's license, flew in from Melbourne, and Damian Rutledge escaped Canberra's political intrigue for the weekend.

Maria Gerathy wagged it, not for the first time, before the Principal's guided tour (she probably had a deadline). Bernadette Smith and Grant Norton raised a few eyebrows, arriving together and looking a bit coy, till we realised they'd been married for many years.

Stephen Gardner was late, yet again, and is facing a lunchtime detention.

Old, but still fresh, teachers Mr Brian Brennan and Mr Michael Woolford joined the reunion and recognised most of the culprits immediately, requesting outstanding homework be handed in.

Fr Frank Bertagnolli and Principal Beth Gilligan warmly welcomed the students and discussed the evolution of the College over the past 30 years.

A majority of the group planned on continuing the party into the night.