Class of 2008 reunion

The ten years reunion of the Class of 2008 was held at Dominic College on Saturday 12 October 2018. Sam Broadby was the instigator and around 30 classmates enjoyed refreshments upstairs at Grantleigh and then a grand tour of the school. We thank Sam for her work in gathering the group together, as well as Mr Tony Webb, DOSA President, who welcomed students, Ms Beth Gilligan, our Principal, who was the knowledgable tour guide, and Mrs Chris Donnelly who joined the party.

The sightseeing included the many facilties and buildings constructed since they left, as well as the old classrooms, now updated with contemporary furniture, wi-fi and technology. As usual these ex-students were impressed especially by the shelter and microwaves in the student gathering areas, something they would have loved on cold wet days.

While many old scholars had not been back to visit since 2008 others had retained connections through younger brothers and sisters and through the Football Club and other community groups.

These young men and women were a very nice group, eager to embrace life, whether it be new family, careers or ongoing learning. Babies, interstate work, knee reconstructions... they were taking life in their strides! Ten years melted away as the boys played basketball on the top courts or table tennis in the Rathole.

You can see more photos on our gallery: 2008 Reunion.