2018 Awards Assembly and the Hall of Achievement

Last week our Year 10 students ended their time well at Dominic College. Thank you to all members of our community who were part of their graduation and celebrations and also part of our 2018 Awards Ceremony. It was so rewarding seeing our students in Years 6-10 being recognised for their success and achievements.

2018 Hall of Achievement

In our Awards Ceremony, we took the opportunity to induct two Old Scholars of the school into the Dominic College Hall of Achievement (HoA). The HoA aims to celebrate the history of the school and the lives of the people who have been shaped by their education at the College.

The HOA recognises and acknowledges significant achievements by Old Scholars who have upheld the spirit and values of our founder, Don Bosco, including hard work, honesty, respect and good citizenship.

We took great pleasure in inducting Dr Alison Magill (Class of 1993) and Dr Keith McVilly (Class of 1983) into the HoA.

Dr Alison Magill

After her education at Dominic College, Dr Magill completed a Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours, followed by a PhD in Chemistry which she completed in 2005. Her thesis title was: Synthesis and Decomposition of Methyl Palladium II N-Heterocyclic Carbene Complexes.

Alison has worked at the University of Tasmania and the Universities of Sydney and New South Wales, where she has continued as a postdoctoral Research Associate and as a Senior Research Associate.

Her work has involved processes of making chemicals which combine with organic fragments, then using these compounds to break apart carbon dioxide and nitrogen, to help research global warming solutions and create more energy-efficient fertilisers for a hungry planet.

Dr Keith McVilly

On completion of his secondary education at Dominic, Dr McVilly studied Psychology and Sociology at the University of Tasmania and completed his Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology in 1998.

Keith completed his doctoral studies at the University of Sydney in 2005. His thesis, which was titled ‘I get by with a little help from my friends; adults with intellectual disability and loneliness’, was awarded the Australian Psychological Society’s Best PhD for 2005 in addressing the Psychology of human relationships.

Keith has worked as a researcher at the University of Sydney’s Centre for Disability Studies, and in a number of overseas universities. He currently works at the University of Melbourne as the Foundation Professorial Fellow for Disability and Inclusion in the School of Social and Political Sciences.

Both inductees acknowledged the significant role that Dominic College had played in forming them as young people and their interests in their chosen fields. They attributed their passions to key teachers and educational experiences.

We hope our students will be inspired by these two old scholars to continue their hard work and aspire to high levels of academic achievement as our 2018 HoA inductees have gained.

Beth Gilligan - College Principal