​2022 Leaders Induction Ceremony

On Friday 12 November, the College held its annual Student Leadership Induction Ceremony in the Savio Centre. Our new 2022 College leaders were formally presented to the school body, received their leadership badges and their ties of honour. Our 2021 student leaders passed the mantle of leadership to their successors within a College ritual that reminds the school community of the role and work of student leaders. In the handover of student leadership from our current team of Year 10 College leaders to the next, the College uses three powerful symbols: the Book of the Gospels, the College Candle and the College Flag.

The Book of the Gospels

The Book of the Gospels is used to symbolize student leadership of the College as a faith community. Student leaders are invited to accept this symbol of the Word of God and in particular the model of service exemplified by Jesus’ washing of his disciples’ feet as recorded in the Gospels. Because the life and teachings of Jesus are found in the Gospels – these are handed to the leaders as the source of their faith and inspiration for their way of life as a leader.

The College Candle

With Jesus’ message: ‘I am the Light’, the College Candle is passed to the new student leaders to accept the light of Christ burning strongly in their hands. By accepting the Candle, students accept their role to be the example of the College motto – ‘the light of truth’ and to carry the tradition of the torch represented in the College crest to all. They are invited to let their light shine to guide the path of other students.

The College Flag

Finally, the College Flag is presented and entrusted to the new leaders. The flag, again emblazoned with the College crest represents the continuity of the rich traditions of the school that are being passed on. It reminds students of their call to uphold our tradition to learn, study and seek new knowledge; the place of faith in their lives, friendship and kindness as the basis of a strong community; sportsmanship; the creativity needed to express meaning, and the call to stand in solidarity with those in need.

Student Leaders Dedicate Themselves to a Commitment

In the presence of the whole College community and their families, new student leaders were invited to make a public dedication. Their dedication binds them to honour their badge and role:

We accept the honour given to us by our fellow students and staff. We commit to upholding the Expectations of the College in our respect, responsibility, honesty and learning within Dominic College. We understand that others will look to us for example, initiative and guidance. We promise to be leaders who are honourable and conduct ourselves with integrity.

We commit to model the values of the College in setting standards, living out the College values and being servant leaders seeking ways to contribute to the development of our school.

We look to the year ahead with optimism and hope, secure in the knowledge that we have the support of our peers and the example of Christ to guide us.

We commit ourselves to strive to serve the community and bring honour to the College in all we do and to the very best of our ability to Live by the Truth.

May all of our newly inducted 2022 leaders be blessed in this commitment and may the Spirit of God be their light and guide, as they seek to serve others in our community. I commend them on this resolve and congratulate them as our 2022 Dominic College Leaders.

Ms Beth Gilligan - Dominic College Principal