3-10 Cross Country Carnival

Congratulations to each and every one of our students who participated in last Friday’s 3-10 Cross Country Carnival. It was certainly a busy day for both students and staff alike, with not only running races underway, but also many novelty activities for students to try. Thank you to all staff for their roles in marshalling, managing students, running novelty events and the many other jobs that ensure the day runs smoothly!

Congratulations to Savio, who won the overall 3-10 shield and the 3-6 shield, and to Bosco who won the 7-10 shield.

From this carnival we were able to select our Year 7-10 Southern SATIS team consisting of the top-10 finishers from each race and our Year 3-6 Catholic and Independent teams consisting of the top-8 finishers.

Congratulations to all who have been successful in making our representative teams!

Photos from the carnival can be viewed on the College website: 3-10 Cross Country Carnival.

Ms Nicole Millikan - Coordinator of Sport K-10

The 2019 Dominic Cross Country Carnival held last week on Friday 24 May, was a great event, with lots of fun and games for everyone to get involved.

Year 7-10 students showed good leadership towards the Year 3-6 students and kept the atmosphere exciting by getting each House involved in cheering and supporting their peers.

Alongside the main events, we had a new addition to the novelty events including tug of war, football kick, vortex throw and a jumping castle for the younger students to enjoy.

We brought in a new innovation to the day, the Year 10 biathlon: a 400m run and 3-lap bike ride. Savio took first place thanks to Maddison Cockerill and Billie Green taking home a win with the biathlon. Overall the day was a great success with many smiling faces.

Overall, Savio won the 3-6 and 3-10 Shields with Bosco winning the 7-10 Shield. Congratulations to all the students who did their best and congratulations to the students who made the 7-10 SSATIS Interschool Team which was held yesterday.

Alyssa Mustchin - Guzman Sports Captain 7-10