3-4 Sports Day - schools join in the fun

Students from 4 local catholic schools joined Dominic College Year 3 and Year 4 students for a day of friendship, participation and good competitive fun as we hosted the Year 3/4 Sports Day.

Students from St Therese's primary, St Paul's Primary, St brigid's Primary and St John's Primary enjoyed games if soccer, football, netball and t-ball in a round robin on our beautiful oval, sportsgrounds and courts. Games were held in all parts of the K-10 school and students were enjoying the facilities in good weather.

Popular sports, such as netball were able to hold four games on full-sized courts simulataneously, while there were five simulataneous soccer games. Games were short to make sure enough players experienced the action, but there was plenty of opportunity to renew or make new friendships.

Studnets and staff from the visiting schools also appreciated some lovely sandwiches, muffins and all enjoyed an excellent sausage sizzle - special thanks to Dominic past parent and current grandfather, Mr Michale Golding on the barbecue.