7-10 assembly 22 May

Being Stewards of our Environment

At our 7-10 assembly this week, I reminded our students and staff about how blessed we are each day to come to school and work and be surrounded by such a beautiful natural environment.

From time to time we can forget how lucky we are and sometimes walk past the odd piece of paper on the ground, or forget to keep classrooms tidy. I presented a challenge to all Pastoral Classes to have a think about ways that all students can help to keep our school clean, tidy and organised each day so that engaging and vibrant learning can continue to happen each day.

World Challenge 2020: Cambodia

Students interested in a World Challenge trip to Cambodia in December 2020 are invited to bring their parent/carer along to an information session on Wednesday 29 May. This will be held in the College Library starting at 6.00pm.

Our World Challenge Representative, will be on hand to explain how this student led trip will work.

In Cambodia, students will have the opportunity to visit the breathtaking World Heritage site of Angkor Wat. They will travel by tuk-tuks, hike through the jungle and participate in a community engagement project.

Students must currently be in Years 8, 9 or 10 to be eligible to participate in this trip in 2020.

2019 Term 1 Diamond Awards

This week during our Year 7-10 Assembly we recognised students for exceptional application to their studies in Term 1. In 7-10 Expectation Reports, students receive feedback from all of their subject teachers in eight expectation elements.

Students who receive a perfect Expectation Report (maximum result in all eight expectations across every subject) are presented with a Diamond Award.

On Wednesday, we recognised 15 students who achieved a perfect expectation result. Congratulations to Sarah Fulton, Yi Chan, Makayla Modrijan, Priyanka Jibi, Abbie Hayden, Isabelle Selby, Jesse Whittaker, Alyssa Haremza, Sarah Fitzpatrick, Renee Eiszele, Lucy Zogopoulos, Lachlan Rowlands, Jessica Curtain, Kendra Nicholls and Harrison Johnston.

Mr Stephen Casni - Deputy Principal