7-10 assembly 7 June

What a great assembly on Wednesday 7 June! It was made even better by the lovely performance of the 7-10 choir performing their section-winning award piece during the mid-assembly 'intermission.'

At this week’s 7-10 Assembly several students were acknowledged for service and achievements. Congratulations to Daniel Hunniford (V5), Connor Riza (S4) and Solomon Kidane (6C) who were awarded Certificates of Appreciation for services rendered, by the Glenorchy RSL.

During the ANZAC Day March this year, Daniel and Connor carried the banner for The National Malaya and Borneo Veterans Association on their behalf for the duration of the march and throughout the following service. Solomon carried their wreath at the head of their unit. Daniel and Connor received their certificates at a 7-10 assembly on Wednesday and Solomon will receive his next week.

Belated, but sincere, congratulations also to Sarah Fulton (V4) who was this week presented with a Diamond Award for her Term 4 results in 2016. Due to a computer issue, this was not discovered until this year.

Congratulations to Year 10 student, Bradley Atkinson, for receiving a School Sports Badge for his efforts and commitment to Dominic College sports. Bradley participates in a number of school sports teams and representative teams and is a very skilled athlete. Bradley is also the Bosco House Sports Captain.

Thank you to the students and staff involved in the HPE dance component - the whole assembly enjoyed the video of students dancing in class.

We enjoyed some thoughtful speeches by our College Captains, Felicia and Noah, and by Mrs O'Hea.

We also enjoyed a special presentation from Mr Davey entitled "Good Habits."

He reminded 7-10 students of the importance of creating Good Habits.

Habits are started by conscious effort and once they are ingrained they happen without thought or effort. Most people have some positive and negative habits. We know that many of our young people have created negative habits with their use of technology and sometimes their communication.

'We want to create a school environment that is welcoming and friendly,' said Mr Davey. 'Greeting someone in the morning is a small part of the day, but as our Mobile Phone Policy doesn’t start until the first bell at 8.35am, we see many of our students head down in phones or listening to music, not even noticing or realising those around them. We want to challenge our students to break this habit: To Look Up, Say Hello and Change their current habit.'

Students were given a basic five step process that teachers, families and students could all apply to try and improve the way they start the day.

Every morning:

  • Make eye contact.
  • Greet them with a smile.
  • If appropriate – touch – hand shake, knuckles.
  • Smile – with your mouth and eyes.
  • Consider your body language and your tone.

What a great way to start the day!

Mr Aaron Davey - Coordinator of Pastoral Care 7-10