7-10 House Athletics Carnival

We watched our brilliant friend, Year 10 student, Samuel Walker compete at the Commonwealth games on Monday night. Then on Tuesday, 10 April, we had our 2018 Athletics Carnival! Everyone had extra motivation from watching one of our own doing so well on the world stage. Well done, Sam!

We were very fortunate to have warm weather for the day. We also enjoyed a very close and competitive carnival with three houses in the lead at differing times during the day - Bosco, Siena and Guzman all had their chances.

In the end Bosco came through with the win, Guzman a close second, Savio in third and Siena fourth. Overall participation was excellent and there were several students who dominated on the day. Congratulations to Emily Self, Lachlan Majchrzak, Ella Freeman, Camden Clark, Ty Turner, Perri King, Thomas Atkinson, and Bayley Downham.

It was great to see the level of participation in the events, and the pride for each other radiating throughout the stands.

We would also like to thank Ms Farr for organising the carnival, along with the other teachers who helped marshal, administer and run the events, as well as the parents for coming and watching the competition.

It was a really good day, with lots of fun, which could not have occurred without everyone pulling together.

You can see many more photos on our galleries: Athletics Field; Athletics Track and Athletics Cheering.

Brianna Oates - Bosco House Sports Captain 7-10