7-10 Sport in Term 1

This year we will be using a number of platforms to communicate information to students (and parents) regarding our sporting teams and events. These include:

  • 7-10 Sports Noticeboard, in the Siena Corridor, used to display team lists, rosters and other upcoming event information.
  • Daily Bulletin: it is essential students read this each and every morning. Parents can access this, too, through Parent Portal.
  • Dominic College App can be used to communicate to parents information such as match cancellations and roster changes.
  • The College Newsletter
  • SEQTA Alert text messages

Term 1 Sport

Registration and sign-up sheets have been distributed to students during Pastoral Group in the first few days.

Sports that will be available to students this term include:

  • Girls soccer (Year 7/8 Tuesdays, Year 9/10 Mondays)
  • Futsal – boys and girls (Fridays)
  • Boys basketball (Year 7/8 Tuesdays, Year 9/10 Wednesday)
  • Girls cricket (Thursdays)

Please note that while parent/guardian support (umpiring, coaching and supervising) in our program is always welcomed, both Futsal and Cricket MUST have at least one parent nominate as coach/supervisor for the team to go ahead and be entered in the roster.

If you think that you might be able to assist in some capacity, please contact me via email at kfarr@dominic.tas.edu.au.

Miss Keira Farr - Acting Sport Coordinator 7-10