A Blessing in Disguise

Over the past few weeks our Year 6 instrumental/band students have been spending time in the Fra Angelico DAW

(digital audio workspace), recording small ensemble pieces. Here they learn the language of a recording studio with the help of Band tutor Mark Schmalfuss.

Mark has significant experience in audio production, having recorded his own music under his professional name, Mangus as well as with many other music artists.

Students have been making the most of the state-of-the-art facilities in the Fra Angelico recording studio. As well as being introduced to the technical aspects of music production, students have had an opportunity to hear their work played back allowing for analysis and reflection of their performance.

The current restrictions on attending live music performances has been a small blessing in disguise as it has given our music ensembles the impetus to learn about and engage with the process of recording.

This week we will be recording the Senior Concert Band and a small chorus of vocal students to include music for a prerecorded liturgy to be streamed across the College on the final day of term. There are also plans to record the Stage Band and Clarinet Ensemble, so look out for those videos on the school’s social media platforms.

Mr Martin Smith - Creative Arts Teacher