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In Kinder Mice’s Japanese lesson on Friday, a little boy asks me if he can go to the toilet.

Thomas Golding pipes up, and using perfect Japanese, says “no, you have to say, ‘toire ni itte mo ii desu ka’”.

Astounded, I ask him how he knows how to ask “May I go to the toilet?” in Japanese, and he proudly says, “my big brother (Max Golding) taught me”.

Well, Max (and most of Year 1A) learnt it from a very enthusiastic Xavier Carroll, and Xavier was taught by his older sister Maddie Carroll who is in Year 3 (who was taught by me!)!

I was thrilled by this discovery as it is a fine example of how much we can learn from our friends and siblings!

I hope that everyone has fun during the break, practicing the Japanese they know together and looking forward to more exciting learning opportunities in the new year.

Merii Kurisumasu! (Merry Christmas)

Yoi otoshi o! (Happy New Year)

Mrs Belinda Kumashiro - Japanese Teacher