A Day at Shizuoka

A Day at Shizuoka Salesio with 8 C

7.55-8.05am Arrival. Students arrive in formal uniform and change into sports uniform for the school day. This is done every day.

8.05-8.15am Reading: Silent reading. The Bell: Chimes indicate end of sessions across the day. (It’s the first few bars of Ave Maria)

8.15-8.25am Study: Silent preparation for the school day.

8.25–8.40am Information. Notices. Prayer. (Announcements and messages for the day are given live over the PA system, followed by Prayer, led by a different staff member each day. Ends with a hymn, sung by everyone. All students keep a collection of hymns with music in their desks. Mobile phones are collected – to be returned at the end of the day.)

8.40–9.30am Lesson 1, PE - in the Gym. Students remain in the classroom for all classes accept specialist lessons.

9.30-9.40am 10 minute break. After each lesson there is a 10 minute break. Students stay in the class room or the adjacent corridor.

9.40-10.30am Lesson 2, Maths - Return of exams sat last week.

10.40-11.30am Lesson 3, English Speaking - Taken by Flora, (from San Francisco). Desks are easily moved and this lesson’s activity is in groups of 4. A fun language activity having to make impromptu English sentences, with a prize and penalties.

11.40-12.30pm Lesson 4, Social Studies - Return of exams sat last week.

12.30-13.00pm Lunch - Students eat at their desks, or go to the canteen which has a selection of boxed lunches.

13.00-13.15pm Cleaning - All students across the school spend this time cleaning classrooms and corridors: sweeping, mopping, cleaning windows and clearing recycling.

13.15-13.35 Break. Today Year 8 gathered on the athletic track to rehearse for Friday’s all day sports event. Exam week is in each term and ends with a sports day.

13.35-14.25 Lesson 5, Japanese: Return of exam.

14.35-15.25 Lesson 6, Science: The Human Body.

15.35-4pm Class Meeting - Students change from sports to formal uniform. Homework set for tonight has been noted on the blackboard through the day. Classroom teacher runs students though what is required by tomorrow. Notes given out. Mobile phones returned.

16.00-16.50 Clubs 1 Year 8C students went to different activities, including team sports, art, dance, drama, music, yoga, weightlifting or homework sessions in a classroom. These are just some of the options.

17.00 17.50 Clubs 2 Some activities go over both sessions. Some students will attend two different sessions.

18.00 Going home.

Mr Mike O’Brien - Dominic College Exchange Teacher in Japan