AFL Best and Fairest

On Thursday last week, during lunch, The 7/8 and 9/10 AFL Teams came together to go through the 2015 Best and Fairest Count. This year was a successful year on the football field. In particular, our Year 9/10 Boys won a majority of their games. The Best and Fairest counts were very even across both teams.

For the 7/8 Team, Adam Blackwell was the winner, closely followed by Tom Allen. Seb Albiston was awarded Most Potential for being the leading vote winner amongst Year 7 students.

In the 9/10 Team, Luke Foster led the counting at the midpoint, but Jack Guesdon came through late, closely followed by Lucas Henderson. Josh Cleaver was awarded the Most Potential, polling very well in the count.

Thanks to all the parents and families that supported the boys this year, especially Todd Curtain who did an amazing job with the 9/10 boys.
Mr Aaron Davey, 7-10 Pastoral Care Coordinator and DOSA Roosters player