Animal holiday

Over the holidays the animals are having a rest getting ready for the new students starting or returning students continuing the Animal Husbandry in 2018.

Animals need daily care especially as the alpaca Izzy is due to drop her Grow in the next few weeks. Dominic will be separated at the end of January to be placed in the paddock with his father Ollie and the Dorper sheep.

The alpacas have been shorn and with Hilton, our show winning Alpaca, we have kept his fleece ready to enter in shows this year.

Melanie Cook and her mother Sharon and Sarah Hawkins with her mother Lara came up and visited their animals. They are some of the many Year 9 students choosing to do the subject again in Year 10.

This is not their first visit - they have been in close contact with their animals and have made many visits. The dedication and love from these and other students is just wonderful. I am really looking forward to 2018 as we gain more goats, sheep, alpacas and a miniature pig.

Parent, Sharon Cook, said that having the opportunity to visit the animals at Ms Myers property allows students (and parents) to interact and have some fun.

'It also emphasises that their care is a full time responsibility and that there is always plenty of poop to scoop!'

Ms Jane Myers, Director of Science K-10