Animal kingdom

In our new Animal Husbandry and Marine Science 9/10 elective, nearly all the students have their animals on site.

Animals include rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, week-old calves, Alpacas, a miniature goat, Toggenburg goats, a pony, donkeys, sheep, homing pigeons and chickens. We also have frogs and soon will include dragon lizards.

Students are working hard researching and learning how to care and maintain the animals. This week saw our first birth from our Toggenburg goat “Kelly” - a baby girl, the name will be announced shortly. Students were able to witness and be part of the birth at school.

K-6 classes have also been up to see the animals and to ask the 9-10 students questions as part of their Science classes. It’s going to be a great year. Keep up the good work, biologists!

Ms Jane Myers - Director of Science K-10