Awards assembly celebrates achievements

The annual end-of-year Awards assembly saw record numbers of achievements celebrated, including the awarding of the prestigious Student of the Year awards in a variety of categories.

The assembly was held in the Savio Centre on Friday 28 November, for students in Years 6-10, their families and staff, though this year some Year 5 students also received special recognition, and their classmates watched from the dress circle.

The Awards recognise the outstanding students in each subject - some students received this award for the first time, while others had long standing academic success - but in all cases the College student body applauded the work of the winners, and in many cases student success was acclaimed by their classmates.

The College was grateful to host a large number of special guests to present the awards, including Mrs Elise Archer MP, Ms Madeline Ogilvie MP and Mayor Kristie Johnston.

Major Year 10 prizewinners included Dillon Wilson, Holly Van Lierop, Ella Ratcliffe, Renee Terry, Luke Foster, Shannon Harris, Joshua Russell, Shanae Immervoll, Oscar Elliott, Brayden Jenni and Shari Smith. The most prestigious award, the Br Peter Dezani Award for Best All Round Student, went to Dillon Wilson.

House trophies were also awarded, and Siena and Bosco ended in a tie for the House Shield. Year 5 students Harry and Oscar Breslin were recognised for their outstanding academic results, receiving the ICAS medals.

Year 8 student, George Pongco Jr was also recognised for his wonderful illustrations of the College's four Patron Saints. His illustrations were the foundation for the production of House banners, whose presentation to the College was the Year 10 Leaver's gift to the College for 2015. They look beautiful - thank you, Year 10 and George!

As this was the last time these Year 10 students would be formally present at school, the assembly included a ceremony of transferring of the leadership of the students from Captains and Vice Captains of 2015 to those of 2016. Dillon and Holly gave their final speeches as Captains and joined their peers in the audience as their places on the podium were taken by our new leaders.

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Thank you to the sponsors of our awards. Here is a list of these generous individuals and organisations: Award Sponsors acknowledgement.

Congratulations to all our award winners.