Awards recognition at 7-10 assembly.

In the second last week of Term 3, we held a Year 7-10 assembly which focused on academic improvement and success.

Mr Fulton thanked students for their participation in Year 7/8 House Debating and announced the winning Houses: Savio House in the Year 7 competition, and Siena House in the Year 8. 'Both teams were especially impressive in their organisation and preparation of the topics,' said Mr Fulton, 'and their ability to engage critically with the arguments of the opposing team.'

Each team was presented with a debating ‘Bell.’ These bells will be incorporated into a junior and senior trophy awarded at the end of the competition each year.

Mr Swan congratulated the winners and runners-up in the inaugural chess competition. 4th place was secured by Chloe Wells and 3rd place by Kosta Vasileiou. The top two players, Matthew Palmer and Trung Tran, were tied on equal points. Mr Swan explained Matthew and Trung played a tie-breaker the next day, but that game itself was tied. Then the day after, another tie-breaker saw Trung prevail to a very gracious opponent. 'The 2015 individual Dominic College chess champion is Trung Tran,' Mr swan declared.

Only two points separated first and second placed houses. In second place on 27.5 points was Siena, and the winning house on 29.5 points was Bosco.

College student leaders spoke about their varied and rewarding Year 10 work experience placements.

Mrs Fraser, Mrs Kinne and Ms Gilligan congratulated a large number of students who had achieved multiple academic awards, including four students who had achieved a remarkable seven subject awards each.

Ms Gilligan spoke about the path to achieving consistent academic success. Mr Davey congratulated all students and challenged them to care for each other as individuals and as a community, and to support his beloved DOSA team in its grand finals this weekend.

You can see photos from the assembly on our website Photo Gallery: Year 7-10 assembly.